Tundra Bed Rack

    Toyota Tundra Bed Rack Review

    Toyota Tundra has been one of the most popular off-road and overlanding vehicles for quite some time now. It is reliable, sturdy, and can go on pretty much any type of terrain. But in order to have a tru overlanding vehicle you have to upgrade it!

    One of the most popular types of upgrades is a good and reliable bed rack system. And that is exactly what we are going to talk about here. We’ve created a list showcasing what we think are some of the best Tundra bed racks out there in hopes that you’ll find the one best suited for you.

    Keep in mind that we have many more Tundra bed rack models that we didn’t include in this list but you can check them all out below it! But with that being said, let’s get to it!


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    Why Get A Tundra Bed Rack? Toyota Tundra Bed Rack FAQS
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    Leitner Tundra Bed Rack With Tonneau Cover

    Toyota Tundra Bed Rack With Tonneau Cover

    This Tundra truck bed rack is not only stylish but also boasts impressive strength and a lightweight design, complemented by a retractable cover. It is a relatively new bed rack system that has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its durability and ability to withstand extreme conditions. With a static weight capacity of 800 lbs and dynamic weight capability of 400 lbs, it is capable of carrying a wide range of items.

    Constructed from an aluminum alloy, this overland bed rack strikes a balance between exceptional sturdiness and a lightweight build, weighing only 85 lbs. The rack stands at a height of 23" from the top of the bed caps to the robust 2" square load bars. The load bars feature a load pad and a rubber wind diffuser to prevent your cargo from shifting during transportation.

    Featuring a quad-rail load beam design, this Leitner bed rack offers limitless mounting options and can be upgraded with a growing selection of accessories. It is compatible with various accessories from brands such as Thule, Rhino Rack, and Yakima. Adding a roof top tent is a great idea for extended overlanding trips, in addition to mounting additional equipment. The steel brackets are dual-stage powder coated for enhanced durability.

    Equipped with a tonneau cover, this Tundra bed rack allows easy access to the bed with the push of a button. It provides ample storage space both above and below the rack. The Leitner gear pods are an excellent accessory that can be installed on the bed rack to increase storage capacity. We highly recommend checking out this top-quality Tundra bed rack, as it stands among the best options available and comes with our strong endorsement.



    RCI Toyota Tundra Overland Bed Rack

    Tundra Bed Rack Overland

    RCI has been making some of the highest quality bed rack systems for a variety of vehicles and this Tundra bed rack is no different! It is a bed rack that sits 18” tall and has enough space beneath it to store away any gear that you might have for you overlanding trip. It was tested in some of the harshest environments to ensure its durability.

    This bed rack is a heavy-duty option made from durable 3/16" thick aluminum and features 14GA steel telescoping braces. It has been coated with black powder to provide protection against scratches and prevent erosion, particularly in muddy environments. Despite its lightweight design, weighing just 43 lbs, this rack is incredibly strong and can support an impressive weight capacity of 1500 lbs.

    The Tundra bed rack offers numerous mounting points, allowing you to attach various overlanding accessories such as hi-lift jacks, fire extinguishers, roto-pax, spare tires, and recovery gear. Additionally, it provides ample space on top to accommodate a larger roof top tent. One of the key advantages of this bed rack is that it still allows access to the truck bed and enables storage of extra gear underneath.

    As mentioned earlier, this rack is adjustable, with the ability to modify its width from 54" to 64". It can be easily assembled and mounted on your truck bed in under an hour. The installation process involves using C clamps to secure the bed rack, eliminating the need for drilling. Known as a popular choice for Toyota Tundra bed rack systems, this option is highly regarded and offers excellent value for the money. Don't hesitate to take a closer look!



    Front Runner 1st Gen Tundra Bed Rack 

    Toyota Tundra 1st Gen Bed Rack System

    Front Runner, a reputable manufacturer known for producing high-quality off-road and overlanding gear, presents their 1st Gen Tundra bed rack. This bed rack is designed with a relatively low profile, optimizing aerodynamics and minimizing wind resistance and road noise. Even with the bed rack installed, your Tundra's truck bed will still have ample space to accommodate additional gear and equipment. It has undergone rigorous testing in demanding environments to ensure its durability while maintaining a lightweight and sturdy construction.

    Constructed from T6 aluminum and stainless steel, this Tundra bed rack is built to withstand rugged conditions. It features a black epoxy powder coat finish, providing protection against scratches and erosion when traversing muddy terrains. The platform bed rack has a weight capacity of approximately 660 lbs, allowing you to load up your belongings, attach various accessories, or even set up a roof tent.

    To enhance your upcoming off-road adventure, this Toyota Tundra bed rack is compatible with a range of Front Runner accessories and gear attachments. It is designed for easy assembly and installation, eliminating the need for drilling. You can easily complete the installation within an hour, making it a convenient DIY project.

    Front Runner stands behind the quality and durability of their bed rack by offering a limited lifetime warranty. However, it's important to ensure that you do not exceed the recommended weight limits or overload the rack with excessively heavy loads. With its outstanding features and reputation, this bed rack ranks among the best options available. Feel free to explore it further and consider it for your needs.



    Cali Raised LED Toyota Tundra Bed Rack System

    Cali Raised Toyota Tundra Bed Rack System

    Let’s take a look at one of the cheapest Toyota Tundra bed rack systems on our list. It is the Cali Raised bed rack that was made to fit the Tundra models from 2014 up to 2021. It is incredibly lightweight yet strong and was made in USA!

    This Tundra bed rack was constructed out of heavy-duty aluminum and has a black powder coat finish to prevent erosion and protect it from any scratches that may occur during your next off-road trip. It weighs only 55 lbs but it can withstand the weight of pretty much anything you put on it.

    That means that you can use this Toyota Tundra bed rack system to mount things such as kayaks, boards, bikes, extra luggage and gear, and even a roof top tent! It is easy to install and depending on your needs and preferences you can order it in different heights!

    Just be sure that you have a bed rail system because without it you won’t be able to install this Tundra bed rack!



    CBI 2023 Tundra Bed Rack

    Toyota Tundra 2022 Bed Rack System

    Let's examine the CBI bed rack system designed specifically for Toyota Tundra models ranging from 2004 to the present. CBI is known for producing exceptional bed racks that have undergone rigorous testing in challenging environments to ensure their durability. This particular rack is available in two different heights: one matches the roof rack height, while the other aligns with the roof height.

    Both options offer unique advantages. The taller Tundra bed rack allows for extending the roof rack and connecting the two, enabling the transportation of larger loads. On the other hand, the shorter variant improves the vehicle's aerodynamics, reducing drag and noise when driving, especially with additional items mounted on top.

    Regardless of the height chosen, both versions provide ample space beneath the bed rack to store items that fit within the truck bed. Constructed from high-quality, durable aluminum, these bed racks are coated with black powder to safeguard against chipping, scratching, or erosion caused by muddy conditions. The CBI bed rack boasts a maximum load capacity of 320 lbs when weight is evenly distributed across the crossbars.

    Installation of this 2022 Tundra bed rack is straightforward and does not require drilling or modifications to your vehicle. The kit utilizes clamps to secure the bed rack onto the truck bed rails. With the holes present in the bed rack legs, you can easily mount various accessories and accessory mounts that will prove useful on your upcoming off-road adventures.

    Thanks to its lightweight design, this bed rack won't significantly increase the overall weight of your setup. Offering exceptional quality, the CBI bed rack kit serves as an excellent addition to your off-road rig. Don't hesitate to explore it further!



    Toyota Tundra Bed Rack Accessories


    Prinsu Quick Release Awning Mount Brackets


    Prinsu Quick Release Awning Mount Brackets

    This product is quite self-explanatory, as the name suggests. Introducing the Prinsu awning mount brackets, specifically designed for compatibility with Prinsu roof racks. These brackets are lightweight, sturdy, and boast a simple installation process, conveniently provided in pairs.

    To enhance their durability, the brackets have undergone a black powder coating treatment and are constructed from 1/8" thick steel. The specific placement of these quick-release awning mount brackets will depend on the size of your roof rack and the chosen awning.

    Installing these Prinsu quick-release awning brackets is a breeze and won't consume much of your time. Additionally, they incorporate an integrated lock tab and rivets for added security against tampering. Despite their robust construction, these brackets remain lightweight, weighing only 4 lbs.



    Front Runner Quick Release Tent Mounts

    Front Runner Quick Release Tent Mounts

    Similar to the previously mentioned product, this item is also quite self-explanatory. Introducing the remarkable quick release roof top tent mounts by Front Runner. With these tent mounts, the struggles of mounting and dismounting your RTT become a thing of the past.

    Say goodbye to the challenges of wrenching in tight spaces, as these mounts provide a convenient solution for swiftly attaching your roof top tent to your roof rack using the integrated tabs. The installation process is a breeze and can be completed within minutes.

    Crafted from durable 3CR12 stainless steel and enhanced with a black powder coating, these brackets offer increased longevity and protection against erosion in muddy environments. Despite their robust construction, they are lightweight, weighing just 14 lbs. It's important to note that these brackets are designed specifically for mounting on Front Runner roof racks.

    This fantastic and budget-friendly piece of overlanding gear eliminates the need for modifications or drilling during installation. Don't hesitate to explore this product further; it's definitely worth considering.



    Why Get A Tundra Bed Rack?

    We want to emphasize that having a bed rack is not a necessity for a successful off-road trip. You can still have a great adventure without one. However, if you choose to invest in a bed rack, it can greatly enhance your vehicle and the overall experience of your next journey. A bed rack offers several benefits, such as increased carrying capacity, the ability to attach various accessories, and more.

    One significant advantage of having a bed rack is the ability to mount a roof top tent, providing a comfortable sleeping space during longer overlanding adventures. Even with a bed rack installed, you can still utilize your truck bed for other purposes. The main difference is that you gain the ability to carry additional items and extra gear that may not fit inside your vehicle.

    It's important to note that a truck bed rack typically doesn't add excessive weight to your vehicle, so there's no need to be concerned about that. Some bed racks are designed to sit below the truck cab, reducing aerodynamic drag and wind noise. Others are positioned above the truck cab, enabling the transportation of longer items like ladders, kayaks, or construction materials that may not fit inside the truck bed.


    Toyota Tundra Bed Rack FAQS


    What is the best Tundra bed rack?

    The thing is that there is no best Tundra bed rack model. That all depends on you and your needs and of course your budget. But we’ve made this list showcasing what we think are some of the best ones so you can take a look and decide for yourselves!


    How to install a Toyota Tundra bed rack system?

    Most of the Tundra bed rack systems do not require any drilling in order to be installed. They are held onto your truck bed using clamps and installing the bed rack is pretty easy and it does not require a lot of time!


    Is there a Tundra Crewmax bed rack?

    All of the mentioned bed racks can be mounted on your Tundra Crewmax!


    Is there a Toyota Tundra ladder rack?

    Any bed rack that sits on the same level as your Tundra cab can be used as a ladder rack! The ones that sit below it cannot.


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