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    Rav4 Roof Tent Review

    We’ve taken the time to write this article and show you the list of what we think are some of the best roof top tents for Rav4 that will make a great addition to your next overlanding or off-road trip. Now we know that you can sleep inside your Rav4 as it is a spacious vehicle but as some of you might already know that will not be exactly a good night's sleep.

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    Why Get A Roof Top Tent?

    We know that a roof top tent is a big investment depending on the model you choose of course. You also need to have a proper roof rack that can support the weight of your roof top tent and the people inside it. Many people out there would also say that it is unnecessary to have it because you can always sleep inside your vehicle.

    Sure, you can spend the night inside your car by lowering your seats but if you have already tried doing that you probably know that it is not as comfortable as when you have a bigger and flatter surface where you can sleep.

    If you are the one that twists and turns when trying to fall asleep you will surely benefit from having a roof top tent as you do not have to worry if you are going to hit something on your car's dashboard and damage it. A roof top tent will also provide you with a nicer mattress that will help you fall asleep faster.

    With that being said take a look at our list and hopefully you’ll be able to find a roof top tent that will suit your needs.


    Best Roof Top Tent For Rav4

    iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Rav4 Roof Top Tent

    iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Roof Top Tent For Rav4

    You have undoubtedly heard of Skycamp 3.0, one of iKamper's most well-known roof top tents. It is definitely not a cheap roof top tent. It's one of the priciest tents currently on the market and for a good reason. And we're here to explain why. Let's start with the fact that this RTT is an all-season tent that can accommodate 3 to 4 adults.

    It is also one of the market's toughest and most reliable tents. It takes less than a minute to set up and about the same time to take down. Amazing features of this Rav4 roof top tent include the 300gsm poly-cotton canvas that serves as the tent's body and the waterproof polyester 750 ripstop rainfly that has an eco-friendly water-repellent DWR treatment. The material used to make the tent is also excellent since it blocks out sunlight, allowing you and your camping partner to sleep until long after dawn. The term "blackout cloth" refers to this material.

    Given that it can hold up to 4 people, even though it is not the lightest tent available, it is not very hefty. It weighs 165 lbs. and has a footprint of 44.3 square feet. The interior of the Skycamp 3.0's hard shell is lined with quilted insulation. This reduces moisture and keeps you warm during cooler conditions. The floor is made of aluminum honeycomb plates that have excellent insulation, keeping you warm as well. The durable outside of this Rav4 tent is constructed of two layers of fiber-reinforced polyester and one inch of air insulation.

    It can resist the coldest nights and the roughest weather. The tent will keep you warm, that much is clear, but will it also provide you with a comfy bed? They did take it into account, which is why there is a 9-zone, 2.5" thick polyfoam mattress inside the tent with an insulated layer to keep moisture out. Also, this Rav4 Roof Tent's new and improved zipper and window designs let you open both the canvas and mesh windows at once. If necessary, the outer canopy can be used as blinds. Like many other roof top tents, this one has a sky-view window so you can see the stars at night.

    This is by far the highest quality Toyota Rav4 Roof Top Tent on the market right now and while it is more expensive than a majority of roof tents out there it is worth every penny. Feel free to check it out! 

    Why do we like it?

    • Highest quality RTT on the market
    • All-season roof top tent
    • Can fit up to 4 people
    • Has blackout canvas
    • Easy and fast setup
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions  Warranty
    4 Person 165lbs

    Open: 83" x 77" x 48"

    Closed: 55" x 85.5" x 13"

    2 Year Limited



    Lightest Hard Shell Roof Top Tent For Rav4

    Skycamp 3.0 Mini Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

    iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Mini Rav4 Roof Top Tent

    This is a slightly condensed version of Skycamp 3.0, as the name would imply. Despite this, it is nevertheless equally durable, sturdy, and long-lasting as the aforementioned iKamper Skycamp 3.0. The Skycamp 3.0 Mini is a side-opening hard shell tent with its typical iKamper side design that is ideal for installing on practically any vehicle and comfortably sleeping two people.

    This 2-person RTT is all-weather, all-season, and includes quilted insulation on the inside. This decreases condensation and keeps you warmer when the temperature drops. Also, it contains a thick 300gsm poly-cotton canvas that is light-blocking so that you (or your kids) may sleep well past morning. A waterproof polyester 750D ripstop rainfly with an environmentally friendly DWR finish is also included. It weighs only 125 lbs. and has closed dimensions of 55"x57.5"x13/5.

    To keep you even warmer at night, the hard case's shell is made of a double-layered fiber-reinforced plastic with 1" of air insulation. The Skycamp 3.0 Mini has a modernized zipper and window design that enables you to simultaneously unzip the canvas and mesh windows. You can even use the exterior canopy as blinds. A sky view window is also featured, which provides additional light throughout the day and is excellent for stargazing at night.

    A cozy 9-zone, 2.25" thick, insulated polyfoam mattress with a condensation-controlling design can be found within the tent. This tent is most obviously not cheap and was not designed for low-cost camping trips. This RTT, on the other hand, is among the most modern types and was built to be as durable and reliable as possible to survive almost any weather situation.

    To open and close this tent, you would need approximately a minute. This is one of our top recommendations, as it will be a fantastic addition to your car and improve your upcoming off-road trip. Feel free to check it out!

    Why do we like it?

    • Lightweight roof top tent
    • Can be used for all 4 seasons
    • Features blackout fabric
    • High-quality build
    • Has insulated interior
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions  Warranty
    4 Person 125lbs

    Open: 83" x 52" x 48"

    Closed: 55" x 57.5" x 13.5"

    2 Year Limited



    Highest Quality Rav4 Tent 

    FSR Evolution V2 Pop Up Tent For Toyota Rav4

    FSR Evolution V2 Rooftop Tent For Rav4

    This is yet another hard shell roof top tent that is not meant for low-budget camping as it is pricey, however, it does have many great features to offer that will make your next overlanding trip a lot more enjoyable. This is a pop-up 2-person roof top tent and it is the upgraded version of the FSR Evolution RTT. It is an all-season roof top tent that has a fast setup time and high-quality construction. But let’s see what else it has to offer.

    The body of this Toyota Rav4 Roof Top Tent is made out of tri-layer material which consists of 3 layers of 150D poly-oxford fabric that also has a 90g/M2 poly-fil. Thanks to that you will be kept warm even during the coldest of nights. This tent also features air vents that will cycle the air and keep the inside of your tent well-ventilated, especially when it is hot outside. That will also help with the condensation that will build up in the tent.

    This is a pretty low-profile roof top tent when closed that will not affect the aerodynamics of your vehicle and will not make noise when driving on the road. It also weighs 184 lbs and on top of that you can even mount a few items on the integrated crossbars that sit on the hard shell casing of this roof top tent. The tent comes with an aluminum telescoping ladder which can be extended up to 8 ft and is able to accommodate most vehicle heights.

    Another thing that is upgraded from the FSR Evolution is the mattress. The Evolution V2 features a queen-size, 3” thick, Air Core mattress that can be inflated or deflated to your desired comfort. You can even get an optional pump for it so that you can do it faster. This Toyota Rav4 tent has many interior pockets that let you organize your stuff and keep your tent neat. It also comes with shoe pouches that sit outside the tent.

    Even the zippers have been upgraded so that you can open the meh and the tri-layer fabric windows separately. All the windows can be completely covered with said fabric if you want to completely block out the sun so that you can sleep well past sunrise. This Rav4 roof top tent also comes with an integrated light bar so that it can illuminate the inside of your tent at night. It is one of the best 2-person roof top tents on the market right now so feel free to check it out! 

    Why do we like it?

    • One of the highest quality RTTs on the market right now.
    • Features tri-layer technology
    • New and improved Air Core mattress
    • One of the lowest profile roof top tents
    • Fast and easy setup
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions  Warranty
    2 Person 184lbs

    Open: 47”h X 60”w X 88”l

    Closed: 9.75”h X 60”w X 88”l

    2 Year Limited



    Rav4 Premium Rooftop Tent

    FSR High Country 55 Rav4 Roof Top Tent

    FSR High Country 55 Premium Rav4 Tent

    This is yet another FSR Rav4 Tent and it has a sleeping capacity of 3 people. You can also use it for all weather conditions as it has a sturdy and reliable build and can be used for any season throughout the year. It is a soft shell roof top tent that also features the tri-layer technology but contrary to the popular belief, instead of 3 layers it now consists of 4 which will keep you warm even during the coldest of nights.

    The Body of this premium roof top tent is made out of 150D poly-oxford with a 90/M2 poly-fil which will provide the necessary insulation during cold weather conditions. This tent was designed to provide amazing airflow and ventilation thanks to the huge windows on all sides of the tent. Except for the airflow you can also use those windows to enjoy the scenery around you and even look at the stars at night thanks to the sky view window.

    This tent weighs 150 lbs and has a weight capacity of 750 lbs which is more than enough to sleep 3 people inside it. Speaking of sleeping, the tent features a 2” thick, high-density foam mattress, and on top of that it has a 2” thick EPE foam flooring that will help with the condensation and will provide that extra comfort you need and will also keep you warm.

    The outer construction of this soft shell RTT was built from an extruded aluminum alloy and when not using the tent you can store it in the durable PVC cover that the tent comes in. This roof top tent also comes with an aluminum telescoping ladder that acts as a support beam when the tent is deployed but you will also receive 2 additional aluminum support beams if you ever have more than 3 people sleeping inside your tent.

    One great thing about almost all FSR tents is that they tend to take out all the unnecessary material from the tent construction as they can so that they will be lighter without compromising structural integrity. This tent is no different. When doing that they also create a better airflow from beneath the tent. This is yet another great Toyota Rav4 roof top tent that will make your next overlanding trip a lot more enjoyable so feel free to take a look at it!

    Why do we like it?

    • Has tri-layer technology
    • Can sleep 3-5 people
    • Lightweight
    • All season roof top tent
    • Rugged and durable construction
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions  Warranty
    3-5 Person 150lbs

    Open: 55"L X 98"W X 47"H

    Closed: 58"L X 52"W X 14"H

    2 Year Limited



    Toyota Rav4 Rooftop Tent With Annex

    Tepui Autana 3 Soft Shell Rooftop Tent For Rav4

    Thule Tepui Autana 3 Rav4 Roof Tent

    This is another soft shell roof top tent and this one was made by Thule. It is designed to sleep 3 people and even comes with a rugged annex that can be used by a few more campers as their sleeping quarters or even be used to store away some extra gear or clothes. Thule has been making high-quality gear and roof top tent models as well and this one is no different. So, with that said, let’s take a look and see what else this Rav4 roof top tent has to offer.

    The ruggedized series, which includes the strongest roof top tents now available, includes this RTT. The 360g polyester cotton canvas used to construct the Autana tent's body is reinforced with a 600D ripstop fabric that is UV and mold resistant and has dual-stitched taped seams. The canvas also has a ventilate coating that is water resistant. The 420D polyester oxford rainfly of this RTT has taped seams and is PU coated. In order to prevent damage when not in use, this tent also includes a 1000D PVC cover.

    The base of this roof tent is constructed out of a heavy-duty aluminum tube frame with diamond plate cap sheets while the internal frame is constructed out of ¼" aluminum tubes. Inside the tent there’s a 2-½“ thick foam mattress which comes with a removable cotton cover, and you will also find storage pockets that will help you organize your camping gear, technology, or even toiletries and keep the inside of your tent nice and clean.

    To promote privacy and prevent those bothersome insects from entering your RTT, all of the windows have mesh coverings. There is even a sky view window Even a sky view window is provided so that you are able to observe the stars at night and let in that extra sunshine during the day. Thule made the entry point, which is accessible from the underside of the tent, to provide you with greater privacy when entering and exiting the tent.

    It won't take you more than a few minutes to set up this roof top tent. Overall, if you decide to get it, this tent is fantastic to have and would make a wonderful addition to your car. So please feel free to check it out.

    Why do we like it?

    • Durable materials used
    • Comes with an annex
    • Fast setup time
    • All season roof top tent
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions  Warranty
    3 Person 192lbs

    Open: 56" x 48" x 12"

    Closed: 56" x 122" x 52"

    2 Year Limited



    Most Affordable Rav4 Tent

    OVS TMBK 3 Person Roof Top Tent Rav4 

    OVS TMBK Rav4 Roof Top Tent

    This is one of the most affordable roof top tents on this list and is also one of the lightest ones as well. It is a Rav4 roof top tent that was made by OVS and is able to sleep up to 3 people. It is a soft shell tent that is very rugged and has a durable construction that is able to withstand any weather conditions for all 4 seasons throughout the year. So let’s dig right in and see what else makes this RTT so great.

    The body of this roof top tent Is made out of marine grade 600D rip-stop polyester fabric that is waterproof and all-around weather resistant. It also features a 430D polyester oxford rainfly which is also waterproof. This tent has mesh windows on all 4 sides so that you can enjoy the scenery around you, and you’ll also see the sky view window that gives you the ability to let that extra sunlight in and also gaze at the stars at night.

    As we already mentioned this is a soft shell roof top tent and its base is made out of insulated stainless steel which will keep you and other campers inside the tent warm during colder weather. This Rav4 has a sturdy aluminum pole construction that can withstand even the strongest of winds. Inside the tent you will find a 2.5” thick high-density foam mattress that comes with a removable, machine-washable cover.

    When not using the tent you can keep it stored under the 1000G PVC black cover that has reinforced corners and is able to withstand pretty much any outside conditions without being damaged. The aluminum telescoping ladder that comes with this RTT will make going in and out of the tent a breeze. Another great thing about this RTT is that no drilling is required when setting it up.

    This is an amazing roof top tent, especially for the price, and will absolutely be a great addition to your next off-road trip so feel free to check it out!


    Why do we like it?

    • One of the cheapest tents on the market
    • One of the lightest RTTs
    • Can withstand any weather conditions
    • No drilling required when mounting
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions  Warranty
    3 Person 108lbs

    Open: 56.5” x 94.5” x 50.25”

    Closed: 57” x 49”.5 x 11.5”

    2 Year Limited



    Best Soft Shell Roof Tent Rav4

    Wanaka 55 Toyota Rav4 Rooftop Tent 

    Guana Equipment Wanaka 55 Roof Tent For Rav4

    The last roof top tent on this list is the Guana Equipment Wanaka roof top tent for Rav4. This is yet another soft shell roof top tent and it is made to sleep 3-4 people. It is a durable and affordable RTT that can withstand any weather conditions and can be used for all 4 seasons and on top of that it even comes with an annex. This roof top tent has so many great features to offer so let’s get to it.

    Let's start by pointing out that this Rav4 tent is available in the shade of tan and is made of 600D waterproof ripstop polyester with taped seams and PU coating. Given that they both use the same building materials, Annex is no different. This tent includes an anti-scratch diamond plate aluminum base that is durable and strong, and it also has edge protectors on the base of the tent to prevent canvas tears.

    With a 3" thick high-density foam mattress and an anti-condensation pad underneath, this tent is exceptionally pleasant to sleep in. Three large entrance points are covered by a see-through mesh and additional fabric that may be used as an awning on this soft-shell roof top tent. The mesh is also intended to keep critters like flies and other pests out of your RTT.

    The YKK zippers, which are the best of all brands and are included with both the annex and the roof top tent versions of this Toyota Rav4 tent, are another plus. Nobody likes a muddy tent, so Guana Equipment incorporated two shoe bags inside for storing your boots and keeping your tent tidy as well as internal pouches for holding your camping supplies or toiletries.

    The LED strips inside the tent, which will assist illuminate both the tent and the annex, are yet another fascinating element of the Wanaka 55 RTT that should not be overlooked. Additionally, this roof top tent includes windows on all four sides and even a sky view window, which may allow in even more light during the day and offer a breathtaking stargazing experience at night. Feel free to check it out! 

    Why do we like it?

    • Affordable roof top tent
    • Comes with one of the biggest annexes out there
    • Comfortable mattress
    • Rugged RTT construction
    • Easy setup
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions  Warranty
    3-4 Person 155lbs

    Open: 56.3"W x 122"L x 49.5"H

    Closed: 56.3 "W x 48"L x 12"H

    1 Year Limited



    Rav4 Tent FAQS


    Can you put a rooftop tent on a Rav4?

    Yes you can! All of the tents we’ve mentioned on this list can be mounted on the Toyota Rav4 and there are a lot more roof top tents out there that can be mounted as well!


    What is the best roof top tent for Rav4?

    There is no right answer to this as everyone has different preferences but some of the best tents out there in our humble opinion would be the iKamper Skycamp 3.0, FSR Evolution V2, and the Guana Equipment Wanaka 55.


    Is Rav4 good for camping?

    Yes it is! Toyota Rav4 is a sturdy and relatively large vehicle that is good for off-road terrain and overlanding trips. You can sleep inside the Rav4 however we do recommend that you invest in a roof top tent for it as it would be a lot more comfortable!


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