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ARB Series III Simpson Roof Top Tent & Annex - 2-3 Person Capacity

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Series III Simpson Roof Top Tent - Annex Included - by ARB

ARB is one of those brands that doesn't need introduction. Its world wide leadership and recognition are well deserved. Top of the line quality and classy, well thought design have maintained the Australians on the top, tendency-setting area of the 4x4/offroad/overlanding industry. 

This roof tent is truly special, it evolved from its predecessor the series II. It's re-design took more than 6 months in the making and a new factory for improved quality assurance. The update incorporates a new design and better materials to increase weight limits, strength, UV rigidity and water resistance as well as an Annex.

This tent is made to provide the most convenient and easy to use experience while car camping where ever you go. It opens and folds in minutes using its bungee cord system that keeps the walls tucked in to speed up the process so you can be back on the road as soon as possible.

The ARB Series III Simpson Roof Top Tent is made by extreme overlanders and thought for the same kind, its construction was guided by people who know by experience what, when and how we need a RTT to be, from its structure and canvas to its outer looks and materials.

It will give you that feel that all ARB products have; high quality and durability. This off the floor tent will fully protect you from the outdoor elements and wildlife. Just imagine your next journey with such a great tent, classy, durable and high quality. Its 2.5" thick, high density foam mattress will make you sleep like in home even in the most extreme of off road adventures. 


  • Includes Annex: 100% waterproof, made of poly-cotton and offers UV-protection.
  • Manufactured from high quality, waterproof, poly/cotton rip stop canvas - 300GSM PU impregnated canvas
  • Incorprates oxford polyester flysheet with excellent water shedding ability - 1000mm/3ft water head
  • Taped sealed seams for double protection & all weather vents for reduced condensation
  • 1" diameter anodized aluminum retractable ladder support up to 265lbs
  • 2.5" high density bonded chip foam mattress with removable cover for increased comfort and durability. Bonded chip foam evenly spreads weight from the body better across the mattress
  • Incorporates unique twist lock pull out all weather awning and true optional zip-on annex
  • Fine insect screened windows and door protecting from the smallest insects for better night sleep
  • UV stabilized laminated welded PVC cover with high quality vision zippers. Triple strap design.
  • Quick pack bungee cord system to assist when packing down tent, speeding up pack up time.
  • Easily mounted to ARB's purpose designed roof racks or most rated cross bar systems.
  • Unique configuration to unfold off either the side or off the rear of the vehicle.
  • All weather entry door with grab straps to help assist getting into the tent.
  • All Aluminum Components Feature an Anodized Finish for Improved Corrosion Resistance and Appearance
  • Comes Complete with Mounting Hardware, Wrenches, Ladder, Travel Cover and Comprehensive Instructions
  • ARB Awnings can Also be Paired with the Rooftop Tent
  • Fully backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Free Shipping!


  • Open Size: 55" (1400mm) wide x 94.50" (2400mm) long x 51" (1300mm) high
  • Closed Size: 55" (1400mm) wide x 47.2" (1200mm) long x 12" (300mm) high
  • Total weight 154lbs/70kg

Escape your daily hustle and go car camping! In any place or in any weather, with this ARB Series III Simpson RTT you will enjoy an unforgettable camping experience! And we ship all the way to your home!

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ARB Series III Simpson Roof Top Tent & Annex - 2-3 Person Capacity Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
excellent for me

tent is lightweight, although a bit tall.. I run on KBvood High rise bed bars, and puts the tent at about shoulder level. easier to fold up, and put away, but does not allow us to use the annex. tent works great, although after 6 months, I am seeing wear to the rain fly in spots where it rubs while traveling. more or less my problem, not the tents.

ARB Simpson 111

Installed with the help of my girlfriend. Took a couple hours. Definitely watch the YouTube videos. Made it so much easier. The quality is outstanding. I’m a Colorado bow hunter and avid Mtn biker in the back country. Used it the first weekend at about 9200 ft in the Colorado mtns, with wind gusts up to 80 mph and blowing rain and stayed high and dry. Love the tent, the material and can’t wait for archery season in the mtns. I would definitely recommend this product.

Very happy with the Annex

Bought this model instead of a Smittybilt because of two things: the included annex and because the guys from Off Road Tents told me it was a better quality tent. I've read reviews online for the Smittybilt and everyone prefers this ARB. I can't compare them, but I can say this tent has been very good, comfortable and the annex is a very good feature. I'm happy with it as I used it as a changing room and it was easy to be standing up changing clothes and all. I want to thank Off Road Tents, great service since day one. I called them and they were truly helpful with everything I needed. Thanks!


Ask a Question
  • Is an extension for this ladder available?

    Yeah of course, it's included as a variant in the product itself. Please check the drop down menu which reads "ladder extension".

  • Hello, I can't really decide between ARB or TuffStuff roof top tent for 3 people. Both comes with Annex which is good as if my all kids will go with us it has extra space to sleep. Any suggestions? Plus may be something else with 3 people plus Annex. I open to listen your suggest beside those two tent. Thank you

    Hello! Well, both are very good options. Very similar in quality and both great brands. Between these two, I'd say that you should go with the design of tent you like the most. For example, I preffer the entrance canopy design of the Tuff Stuff.

    Now, I do have one recommendation, check out the Wanaka Roof Top Tent by Guana Equipment. (Link below). I suggest this one because it has an XL Annex that will work great for when you go camping with kids, also the quality of the tent is a step above, and it comes as a full setup with a bunch of accessories that neither of the mentioned by you have, so in the end, price-wise it is very good.

    Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have more questions.   

  • What type of rack do you recommend for a hardtop wrangler Jeep to mount tent. I have a Yakima that I carry a canoe with but sure roof won’t handle load of tent and 2 people

    Hi, we definitely recommend a full roof rack if you're going to be using a Roof Top Tent. Our recommended rack would be a Front Runner Outfitter Slimline II. There are quite a few, depending on what Wrangler you ahve, we should have it. Look here: 

  • Will you RTT fit on my 2015 Ford Explorer Sport? Also, I saw a Youtube video showing your RTT with the ladder and door on the back of the vehicle instead of the side. Is that feasible with my Explorer? I like your product. Thanks in advance for your response.

    Yes, this RTT will fit perfectly on your vehicle. You'd just have to find a good roof rack, and you're good to go. And yes, you can set the tent to open either to the side or to the back. Send us an email to if you wish more info, we'll be happy to help you out.

  • What color is the tent cover for when the tent is closed?

    The color of its travel cover is gray.

  • What is the length of a full extended ladder. ? I modified my set up and now it is 91" off the ground. Will I need an extension? Thank you - Chris


    Yes, you'll need an extension unfortunately. The ladder will work with setups up to 85-87".

  • What are the dimensions closed?

    The Closed dimensions are: 55" W x 47.2" L x 12" H

  • Does the Annex have a floor or is it open to the ground?


    Great question. Nope, the annex DOES NOT have a floor, it is open to the ground.

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