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Nosara 3 Person Roof Top Tent With Annex - Anti-Condensation Mat & 2 Shoe Bags Included - by Guana Equipment


The Nosara rooftop tent is the second model created by the guys at Guana Equipment. It's built with excellent materials, ideal to camp during the 4-seasons, and offering great comfort to couples or groups of 3 people camping.

The tent itself will fit comfortably 2 adults and 1 child, or pet, on a 2.5" thick high density foam mattress. On top of that, it includes a 1/2" anti condensation mat which will allow you to have a much better night of sleep.

The newest edition includes an annex room, which is the perfect private changing room. It easily attaches to the tent with a YKK zipper. It has an entrance door with see-through-mesh, as well as another entrance leading to your vehicle, and a window also protected by a see-through-mesh layer.

The materials of the tent are excellent, it comes with a body tent canvas of 420D waterproof ripstop polyester oxford canvas with taped seams and PU coating. The base of the RTT is made of diamond plate anti-scratch aluminum, and the skeleton consists of 1" thick aluminum poles.

It now has a 600D waterproof ripstop polyester oxford canvas with taped seams and PU coating for the rainfly. Also, the rainfly has a silver coating underneath it that provides much better insulation for colder months, as well as letting less light go through it. That way you'll have better shade and sleep better!

The base is made of diamond plate aluminum, the thickest and strongest in the market, protecting the tent from scratches as well as dents or any piercing. It now comes in black, for even less scratches and better insulation for winter time!

Because Guana Equipment focuses on details, you'll be glad to hear about getting 2 boot bags for free, ideal for you to climb up or down the sliding ladder, with your shoes at arms reach.

Finally, we offer FREE Shipping!

Features Of The Nosara Roof Top Tent:

  • 3 Person Capacity
  • 4-Season Camping RTT
  • Tent Color: Grey
  • Body Tent Canvas is made of 420D waterproof ripstop polyester oxford canvas with taped seams and PU coating
  • Black Rainfly made of 600D Waterproof Polyester Oxford with a special silver coating underneath for better insulation and light protection
  • Black Diamond Plate Anti-Scratch Aluminum Base
  • 1" Thick Aluminum Poles
  • Alloy Brackets
  • 304 Stainless Steel Hardware Bolts
  • Edge Protectors for the base of the tent to avoid tearing the canvas
  • Heavy Duty 1000D PVC Black Travel Cover
  • Anti-Condensation Mat Included
  • 2 x 600D Ripstop Canvas Shoe Bags Included with Guana Equipment Logo
  • 1 Skylight for the tent
  • 1 Utility net on tent base for more storage room
  • 2.75" thick high density foam mattress with washable cover
  • YKK Zippers
  • All mounting hardware needed is included
  • Annex made of 600D Ripstop Canvas included
  • Annex floor included
  • Annex room has an entrance leading to the vehicle
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Tent Open: 56.3" (143cm) W x 96" (244cm) L x 49.5" (126cm) H
  • Tent Closed: 56.3 " (143cm) W x 48" (121cm) L x 12" (30.5cm) H
  • Mattress: 2.75" thick high density foam
  • Ladder: Aluminum Sliding Ladder 82.5" (210cm) long
  • Weight Of Tent: 128 lbs or 58kg
  • Footprint of the Annex: 85" x 68"


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    Step-By-Step Guide On How To Mount A Roof Top Tent:

    1. All tents have a similar installation process, but they might vary a little, that is why we recommend you reading carefully THROUGH EACH PRODUCT MANUAL, as well as watching their videos (most are online, or you can ask us to send them to you).

    1. Tools needed: A Phillips head screwdriver, a box cutter, a second 13 mmm ratcheting wrench, a 10mm ratcheting wrench and a heck saw.

    1. Before mounting them onto a roof rack, flat rack or crossbar, the first step is removing your newly bought RTT from the box, as well as all the bits and pieces included (all RTTs WILL include all the necessary installation parts and a manual).

    1. Take the tent out of the box and place it on a clean surface with the straps faced DOWN. Set aside the mounting racks. Remove the protective plastic from the tent with the box cutter. Undo the straps from the sides of the tent and across the base.

    2. Open the tent, and take from inside of it all the contents. Most brands will include a tent cover, rainfly, ladder, mattress, and a pouch with the hardware, tools and parts.

    1. Most RTTs will include the following tools and hardware (see Image as an example): 2 bungees, 2 ladder brackets, 8 aluminum channel sliders with bolts and nuts, 4 end caps, four steel mounting plates, the needed wrenches, and four medium sized bolts with washers.

      tools included inside roof top tents
    1. Then, time for the action. Grab the mounting tracks of the RTT; place them on the tent base parallel to the hinges, aligning the holes in the tracks with the holes in the base.

    2. Grab the nuts, remove them from the four medium sized bolts and slide them into the mounting channels, as to align them to the holes in the base.

    3. Then take the bolts each with two washers, and slide them between the mattress and the tent base.

    4. Screw them into the pre drilled holes and the nuts you just put in the tracks.

    5. Once the tracks are on, you need turn/flip the tent over to install the ladder.

    6. Grab the Ladder Brackets and unscrew the bolts on each bracket, so that you can position over the pre-drilled holes at the edge of the tent base.

    7. Take the longer bolts each with the washer, and slide them between the mattress and the tent base, into the pre-drilled holes and up through the ladder bracket.

    1. Attach each one with a nut and leave them loose.

    1. Then grab the ladder and through the holes at the end of it, join it to the by passing the remaining length of the bolt through the holes in the ladder end. Then add another nut and tighten it on both sides.

    1. Then rotate the ladder a few times, before tightening the bolts of the brackets to the base.

    1. Then secure the ladder with the straps (most tents should have them), and then reattach the side straps of the tent to secure it. 

    1. Once all the parts have been installed, make sure you put the travel cover on top of the tent. It is a very easy process that barely needs explanation; just make sure you close the zippers carefully to prevent the tent fabric catching to the zipper.

    1. Time to place the tent on top of the vehicle. Since they weigh over 120 lbs, you will want the help of someone to do it. 

    1. Mounting the tent mounting tracks depends on whether you have side rails or cross bars, and if you want the tent to open towards the side of the car or towards the back. In this step-by-step guide we will use a side mounting as an example on top of cross bars.

    1. Place the mounting racks in the base of the tent, PERPENDICULAR to your roof rack bars.

    1. Then, fit two aluminum channel sliders and bolts into each end of the mounting track, so that there is a bolt on either side of the roof rack bar. Repeat this process at each of the 4 points where the racks and mounting racks cross.

    1. Once this is done, fit a steel mounting plate on the bolts and under the roof rack bar, and secure them with nuts and tighten them with a wrench.

    1. Insert the rubber end caps into the end of the mounting tracks to avoid water or other materials going in there. You might need to hammer them in, but don’t be too aggressive.

    1. It is INSTALLED!

    How To Open The Roof Top Tent:

    1. Now, to open it, release the side straps, pull back the ladder until it locks out and use it as leverage to open the tent.


    1. Make sure all rungs of the ladder are locked into the edge.


    1. Before getting into the tent, make sure the hinges are properly engaged.


    1. Then unclasp the awnings and find the predrilled holes for the rainfly rods.


    1. Insert at a 45-degree angle and hook through the grommet.


    1. You are READY!

    Guana Equipment Nosara 55" Person Roof Top Tent Setup - 3 Person Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Guana Nosara with annex

    Tent was delivered 2 days ago and so far I would never buy another one. First issue: The tent came damaged. Two holes on the floor on 1 side and multiple dents on the other. I am sure this is from the machines that have to move it around, but it is not packaged securely enough to move it around without it getting damaged, imo. The company tells you to check the box, no one was home when it was delivered. I have submitted a claim, but have no idea what will occur with it.

    Getting it on the roof of our cargo trailer was no easy task. We had several additional steps because it goes off the back, not the side. We have ladder racks on the roof and the bolts aren't long enough to connect the tent - so we had to buy an additional $15 in hardware.

    If you are going to put it on something tall, like a cargo trailer, keep in mind that you have to zip the cover off on 3 sides, unhook straps on all sides and then pull it open by the ladder, which doesn't give you enough leverage from the ground. We may get better at the process but so far it takes at least 2 adults on ladders on each side and it isn't an easy task.

    Next was the annex. I have found zero information about the annex or how to attach it, despite many searches. The back side doesn't go through the channel. As far as I can tell, the expectation is that you remove the cover out of the channel to put the annex in. There is nothing convenient about that. The corner of the channel is plastic. Where the metal and plastic meet, the annex fabric gets caught up. We spent entirely too much time trying to get it hung properly and finally gave up. I had hope that it would serve as a roof and walls over the back of our cargo trailer. The door of our trailer folds down to make a floor and the kitchen is across the back of the trailer. The zipper part of the annex on the back isn't large enough to make this work - our design error, not theirs. The annex is also not long enough because the tent is so high on top of the cargo trailer. We may end up hacking it up and then attaching it with velcro since the channels it slides into are useless in spots and extremely time consuming. If I had to put the annex in the channel everytime I set this tent up I would never use it. Time will tell if we are able to adjust it to make it usable. If I did this all again, I would build a platform on our roof and put an easy up tent on it when we needed it. I could have done that for $300 or so. $1659.00 later, this certainly wasn't the most cost effective route and has been frustration after frustration.

    We haven't used the tent yet, but it appears stable and comfortable once you get through the hassle of opening it. It would be cozy with 2 adults. We plan to use it for the kids. The tent appears well made and sturdy. The metal rods used to put the awnings over the windows and doors aren't very user friendly so far, but it is possible we get the hang of them. They are difficult to get in place to begin with, but with our set up you have to do it on a ladder, which is an added challenge.

    I hope this review is helpful and stays posted. Everywhere I have read, this tent gets a 5/5 stars. I can't imagine I am the only disenchanted customer.

    Unfortunately I didn't take a picture once we got the tent on the roof, but added the picture of our cargo trailer for a visual of where we put the rtt.


    It's sad and upsetting to hear that the tent was delivered with damages and the carrier company just dropped it off without you being there. We spend hundreds of $$ paying carriers and then hearing they damaged an item, is very frustrating. Please, email us pictures of the damages and we will gladly handle the claim for you, so you don't have to go this frustrating process.

    As to the annex, thanks for all the feedback. There are improvements that must be made to the annex, we will make sure to forward these to Guana Equipment so they know what to do and how to craft a better tent in the future.

    As to the height it's installed, and the fact that it's complicated for you to set it up and close it, unfortunately there isn't much we can do. I hope you get better at it with practice, which I'm certain you will.

    Great Purchase!

    We just recently took our first trip in our Nosara 55’ and it was amazing! We love the tent and also loved our experience with this company! We had some trouble with setting up the tent and whenever we called we got great customer service within minutes! Very happy with this purchase and this company!


    Great product and great service!

    Off Road Tents

    Customer service is key to this company. Before even purchasing a tent they answered many questions that I had about rooftop tents in general as well as purchasing the right tent for my vehicle. Also ABS was awesome. I was concerned because all I have ever used is UPS and FedEx but this company did a great job. Finally the tent. It did take some time and the instructions with the tent are a little lacking but with the help of my nephew we figured it out. Also we used heavy equipment to get it on the roof because it is quite heavy. The tent itself is so easy to open and I cannot wait to finally get to camp in the Guana.

    Great products and customer care

    This Nosara is a great roof top tent for budget minded folks or someone just getting into vehicle camping or overlanding. There’s no compromise to the materials and upgrades here. And compared to many competitors, I don’t think you’ll be displeased. Set-up and installation is rather easy for someone with very limited resources and experience. A project two friends or a couple could knock out in just a few hours.


    Ask a Question
    • how long does it take to set up the tent; does it pop up when you pull ladder down, or do you have to install the poles each time you set up or take down? what kind of cover does it have for traveling on top of Jeep? Thanks

      Hi, to set it up it takes around 3 minutes. It does pop once you pull the ladder down. The springords (small emtal poles that help open up the windos) you can put them if you want, at last two at the entrance will be needed, but you can also roll-up the windows and that's faster. It has a dully waterproof PVC black travel cover as shown in the pictures, and it's perfect to go over a Jeep!

    • Would this fit on 2door Jeep wrangler

      If your Wrangler has a rack that can hold at least 165 lbs load rating, then yes.

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