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    Toyota Tacoma Roof Racks, Bed Racks & Crossbars

    One of the best pick-up trucks in the market, as well as one of the best sold in America, the Toyota Tacoma has built a reputation for being a strong, reliable, durable and outstanding truck.

    This rig is perhaps one of the most reliable trucks when it comes to overlanding or off-roading. The Taco has delivered over time, becoming a type of legend in the off road or 4x4 community.

    Made in USA, the Tacoma truck can be considered one of the best and preferred vehicles to play in the mud, modify with aftermarket accessories and go wheeling, the hard way. It's even tough to think a Taco will get stuck. Tacomas are built for the trails.

    The TRD version is perhaps a tad more off road, tougher, with a few details here and there that make it the preferred "upgraded" version.

    However, it's also well known that if you want to build your Tacoma for overlanding or even to go out exploring on a long road trip, camping along the way, you will need the best aftermarket accessories or mods.

    At Off Road Tents we're proud to partner with some of the best brands in the market to offer you the best roof racks and bed racks for your Toyota Tacoma.

    From full platform racks, to low height bed racks, cab height bed racks, and even cross-bars or load bars for both the cab and the bed. Whatever you need for cargo carrying purposes, to carry recovery gear, fishing or hunting items, or even roof top tents, we've got it.

    We also offer roof racks and bed racks for your Toyota Tacoma whether that is Gen 1, Gen 2 or Gen 3, from the 1995 models, to the 2021 models!

    Amongst the brands of roof racks for your Taco, we have:

    When it comes to bed racks for Toyota Tacoma, we offer:

    As to cross bars for the cab of your Tacoma:

    Finally, when it comes to overland bed bars or load bars for the bed of a Toyota Tacoma:

    As you can see on the pictures, each set of cargo carrying system is different from the other. You might want to equip the bed of your rig with a modular bed rack such as Leitner Designs, or you might want a cab rack for your Tacoma truck, such as the ones offered by Prinsu.

    The decision is yours, whatever you need to upgrade your Toyota Tacoma we've got it.

    Questions? Send us an email at: or call us at 844-200-3979.

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