Best Toyota Sequoia Roof Racks

    Sequoia Roof Rack Review

    In this article you will see some of the best Toyota Sequoia roof rack models in our opinion. We will go into detail about each rack mentioned and showcase each of the racks features. You will see platform roof rack models as well as the cross bars that are designed to fit your Toyota Sequoia.

    Sequoia is a powerful vehicle that has been the choice of many off-road enthusiasts over the years. The Toyota Sequoia is considered a good vehicle for several reasons. Firstly, it has a spacious and comfortable cabin, making it a great option for families and long road trips. It also has a reliable and powerful engine, providing excellent acceleration and towing capacity.

    Additionally, the Sequoia offers excellent off-road capabilities with features like four-wheel drive, skid plates, and a high ground clearance. Furthermore, Toyota has a reputation for producing reliable and durable vehicles, and the Sequoia is no exception, which makes it a great investment for long-term use.

    However, each off-road or overlanding vehicle needs a good and reliable roof rack. If you are no stranger to the overlanding world you already know what big of a difference a good and reliable roof rack can make. However if you are new to it you should stick around and see why you should get a roof rack for your Toyota Sequoia.


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    5 Best Sequoia Roof Rack Models Why Get A Roof Rack?
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    5 Best Sequia Roof Rack Models


    Prinsu Roof Rack Sequoia


    Prinsu Sequoia Roof Rack

    Let’s start off this list with one of the most popular roof rack manufacturers, Prinsu. They have been around for some time now and have been designing some of the highest quality roof rack systems for a variety of vehicles. Prinsu roof racks have a sleek aerodynamic and durable design that can withstand pretty much anything you can throw at them. With that said, let’s take a look at what this Prinsu Sequoia roof rack has to offer.

    In our opinion, this roof rack is the best option for a Toyota Sequoia. It can be installed without drilling, and it is lightweight, durable, affordable, and has a low profile. The rack is made of high-quality aluminum, and it has a black powder coating that protects it from scratches and erosion when driving in muddy conditions. Moreover, this Prinsu roof rack weighs only 69 lbs, making it easy to handle.

    This is a modular roof rack, allowing you to customize the number of crossbars according to your needs. The more crossbars you install, the greater the weight capacity of the rack. Removing or installing them is easy and straightforward, especially if you only need a few. With the exception of one crossbar, all of the others are constructed from black anodized metal.

    This Prinsu roof rack system includes drop-in points that make it easier to attach your gear and multiple tie-down options to increase stability and security of your cargo. It is also one of the lowest profile roof racks available, standing at just over 2 inches tall.

    This roof rack not only has a low profile, but it also features an aluminum wind deflector that enhances aerodynamics, decreases wind drag, and reduces road noise. Moreover, with a weight capacity of 600 lbs, you can even mount a roof top tent on it, making it suitable for carrying heavy items like kayaks, motorcycles, extra luggage, and various supplies.

    Why do we like it?

    • Very low profile and aerodynamic design
    • Very lightweight and easy to assemble
    • Modular design
    • Does not require drilling
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty 
    No Drill 69 lbs 600 lbs+ Limited Lifetime



    Sherpa 2023 Roof Rack Sequoia


    Sherpa Roof Rack For Toyota Sequoia

    This sherpa roof rack is another very low profile and aerodynamically designed Toyota Sequoia roof rack. It has a sturdy construction and requires no drilling or modifications done to your vehicle in order to install it. It is also one of the lightest roof rack systems on the market right now but let’s see what else it has to offer.

    As previously mentioned, this roof rack is a no-drill model that requires no modifications for installation. It is constructed of high-quality ¼" thick aircraft-grade stainless steel and coated with black powder to increase durability and prevent scratches and erosion while driving in muddy terrain.

    This roof rack system is quite robust, with a dynamic weight capacity of 400 lbs and a static weight load of 700 lbs, making it capable of carrying various equipment, accessories, gear mounts, and even a roof top tent. Additionally, it includes a built-in wind deflector that enhances the vehicle's aerodynamics and minimizes noise even when driving at high speeds.

    This particular roof rack is among the top choices for Toyota Sequoia and it also includes a Lifetime Sherpa Warranty, making it a reliable investment. With this roof rack installed, it is sure to enhance your Sequoia for your next overlanding trip. Be sure to check it out!

    Why do we like it?

    • Very lightweight roof rack system
    • Low profile and aerodynamic design
    • Made of sturdy and reliable steel
    • Requires no drilling for installation
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty 
    No Drill 60 lbs 700 lbs+ Limited Lifetime



    Gobi Sequoia Roof Basket


    Gobi Roof Rack For Toyota Sequoia

    For years, Gobi has been producing robust basket roof rack models for various vehicles, and this Toyota Sequoia roof rack is no exception. Constructed from top-quality materials, it features a sleek design and even includes an opening for the sunroof, allowing you to use your Sequoia's sunroof without any issues.

    The Gobi roof racks are composed of completely welded kits, and they use screws only to attach the rack to your vehicle, ensuring that there is no noise or rattling. These racks are so robust that you can even walk on them without worrying about bending or breaking. Additionally, the black powder coat finish enhances their durability and protects against erosion while traveling through muddy terrains.

    This is a basket roof rack and it has a static weight limit of 800 lbs and a dynamic load rating of 300 lbs. It is strong enough to carry heavy items and even a roof top tent. Additionally, since it is a basket roof rack, the walls will help keep your items from falling off and add more security compared to a regular platform rack.

    This Toyota Sequoia roof rack also includes a ladder, which makes loading items onto the rack much easier, as you will have a safe way of climbing up there. Moreover, it has a built-in wind deflector that enhances aerodynamics and decreases noise while driving on the road.

    Why do we like it?

    • Features a sunroof cutout
    • Has a sturdy, fully welded construction
    • Comes with surrounding walls to keep you items from sliding
    • Has a huge weight load rating
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty 
    No Drill 70 lbs 800 lbs+ Limited 1 Year



    Front Runner 2nd Gen Sequoia Roof Rack


    Front Runner Roof Rack Toyota Sequoia

    Front Runner is another famous roof rack and overland gear manufacturer and they have been creating some of the highest tier off-road equipment that you can find on the market right now. All of their roof rack systems are lightweight, sleek looking, and easy to assemble. They have been tested in some of the harshest terrains and weather conditions to ensure their durability and this Sequoia roof rack is no different.

    This Sequoia roof rack is made of strong materials such as T6 aluminum, stainless steel, and coated with black epoxy powder for protection against scratches and erosion. Despite its weight of only 83 lbs, it is capable of supporting heavy items like kayaks, motorcycles, bikes, extra luggage, and even a rooftop tent. This roof rack is sturdy enough to handle the weight of almost anything placed on it.

    This roof rack has an impressive static weight capacity of 660 lbs., which means it can carry a wide range of equipment, gear mounts, and other extra items. As we already mentioned, this Sequoia roof rack is very simple to install and you can use the already existing factory mounting point without any drilling.

    All of the Front Runner roof racks have a small space between the rack itself and the roof of your vehicle so you can store away some of the slimmer items such as a camping table or pretty much anything similar in size. The only downside of the rack is that it does not have an integrated wind deflector, however, you can always add one if needed.

    Why do we like it?

    • Fast and easy no drill installation
    • Very sturdy construction
    • Low profile design
    • A variety of Front Runner accessories can be equipped
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty 
    No Drill 83 lbs 660 lbs+ Limited Lifetime



    Thule Toyota Sequoia Roof Rack Cross Bars


    Thule Toyota Sequoia Roof Rack Cross Bars

    All of the previously cover roof rack systems were platform roof racks but this one made by Thule is a Toyota Sequoia roof rack cross bars kit. That means that it is not as bulky, but it can still serve you well on your next off-road adventure. It is lightweight, aerodynamic and does not require drilling for installation. But let’s see what other amazing features it has.

    The Thule Winbar EVO cross bars offer more loading space compared to the previous AeroBlade bars. Moreover, they have a superior aerodynamic design with the TrailEdge feature that minimizes wind drag and noise even while driving at high speeds.

    These cross bars have a generous loading area and can securely hold various items such as kayaks, skis, cargo carriers, roof boxes, and more, without interfering with your sunroof. They are also robust and can support a dynamic weight capacity of 220 lbs, provided the weight is distributed evenly.

    These cross bars come with SmartSlides, which allow for easy and quick installation due to their slidable length scale. They are designed to withstand extreme environments and are even backed by a 5-year warranty. These bars can handle a variety of items and have been tested for durability. Feel free to check them out!

    Why do we like it?

    • Very lightweight design
    • Fast and easy no drill installation
    • Features WindDiffuser technology for more aerodynamics
    • Sturdy construction
    Drill or No Drill Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 220 lbs Limited 5 Year



    Why Get A Roof Rack?


    If you are an off-road or an overlanding enthusiast, you already know how important a good and reliable roof rack system is on your off-road vehicle. While you do need to spend a few bucks to get it it will make you next overlanding journey a whole lot better. A roof rack is there to expand your storage capabilities. Meaning that you can attach more items on it that simply cannot fit inside your vehicle. Even if they could fit, you can always mount said items on your roof rack system and make room for additional people inside your car.

    You can use your roof rack to mount a variety of items such as roof top tent, bikes, kayaks, skis, snowboards, camping equipment, recovery gear, extra luggage, water canisters, and many more. But you don’t have to use a roof rack only for off roading! A roof rack can also be used for construction vehicles! You can mount ladders, planks, or any other construction materials on it and make transporting them a breeze. But again, that’s not all! You can even use a roof rack for everyday tasks.

    Now of course it is easier to just place whatever you bought inside of your trunk. But, what if it simply cannot fit there. What if the item you acquired is too long or overall too big to fit? That’s where a roof rack comes into play. You can transport things such as furniture on said rack or anything similar in size. The possibilities are endless. But with that’s said we want to showcase some of the best roof rack systems that would fit your Toyota Sequoia and we hope that by the end of this article you’ll be able to find the one that best suits your needs!


    Toyota Sequoia Roof Rack FAQS


    What is the Toyota Sequia roof rack weight limit?

    That all depends on the roof rack model. Some Toyota Sequoia roof rack systems can have a static weight rating of aroun 500 lbs while some can have more than 700lbs.


    Is there a Toyota Sequoia roof rack with ladder?

    Yes there is! The Gobi roof rack that we mentioned in this article comes with a ladder that will make it easier for you to load up your roof rack.


    How to remove a Toyota Sequoia roof rack?

    Since the majority of the roof racks require no drilling in order to be installed all you need to do is simply loosen the bolts and remove the rack from your roof.


    Can you put a light bar on a Toyota Sequoia roof rack?

    Yes you can! You can mount a light bar onto any roof rack system out there! There are many different options when it comes to LED light bars but you can check out this Cali Raised 42” LED light bar!


    Can I install a roof top tent on a Sequoia roof rack?

    Yes you can! One of the major reasons why people get a roof rack is to mount a roof top tent. However, before doing so be sure to check out what is the weight capacity of your roof rack, what is the weight of your roof top tent, and what is the weight of all the people that will be using it.


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