Best Roof Top Tents For Ford F-Series (F150, F250, F350 & Raptor)


Top 5 Best Rooftop Tents for Ford FSeries (F-150, F-150 Raptor, F-250, F-350)

Top 5 best roof top tent for ford fseries f150 f250 f350 raptor
icture courtesy of Buck Alford. IG Account: @JennfromTx

When planning for a quick weekend getaway with your Ford F-Series Truck, the most comfortable and efficient way of having a memorable camping adventure is installing your rooftop tent on your F Series ride. There are numerous benefits that these RTTs give over the conventional outdoor tents, and you will be amazed and encouraged to try and install these roof tents.

Benefits of Roof Top Tents Over Conventional Outdoor Tents:

  • Security and Safety – Roof tents, may it be hardshell or softshell, provide utmost safety and security during outdoor camping. These car tents are mounted to your truck in such a way that it protects you from wildlife and insects lingering around, and also, these RTTs can withstand extreme weather conditions as they are usually made for 4-season camping.
  • Quick and Easy Installation – there are numerous aftermarket roof racks available for mounting these RTTs on your Ford F Series Trucks (F150, F250 or F350, or Raptor), with the help of these bed racks, the roof tent of your choice can be easily mounted and set up. These tents are designed for easy installation, and packing it up provides zero hassle.
  • Stay Comfortable – these roof rack tents are designed to give you 100% comfortability, as if you are sleeping inside your own home. These rooftents provide luxurious space that can fit 2-4 persons depending on the type of tent you’ll need, and most of all, mattress included. There are also options for extending these car tents with awning to prevent heat and direct sunlight and extra changing room extension which enables you to change while standing.

Now that you know the advantage of RTT, let us now discuss what are the best roof top tent suitable for your Ford F-Series. Yes! We are talking about your Ford F-150, F-150 Raptor, Ford F-250 and F-350 ride! The F-Series of Ford actually has plenty of roof tents made just for them! Look onto the list and choose the most suitable roof top tent for you!


Top 5 Roof Top Tent for Ford F-Series (F150, F-150 Raptor, F250, F350)

iKamper Skycamp 2.0 Roof Top Tent

Starting off with the best seller and award-winning brand from iKamper, the Skycamp 2.0 Rooftop tent is the most suitable roof tent for your Ford FSeries. This hard top RTT is made up of extremely strong and durable double layered Fiber Reinforced Plastic that can withstand toughest weather. A user-friendly and easy-install roof tent from iKamper that can easily fit three people or a family of four! 

skycamp roof tent ikamper ford mounted f-150 f-250 f-350
Picture by Richard Caples. IG Account: rcaples_1

Plus, a great option to add different iKamper rooftop tent accessories!

Key Features:
  • 1 Minute Setup: Ready to camp in just 60 seconds.
  • Aerodynamic and Lightweight Design: Lighter than its predecessor.
  • Hard Shell Locks: Stronger stainless steel locks.
  • Thicker Mattress: 1.8" high density memory foam
  • Interior Design: World map graphic
  • Windows: Outer fabric turns into a canopy
  • Mounting Brackets: Easier to install
  • Redesigned Ladder: Safer and more comfortable

To know more about iKamper Skycamp 2.0 Roof Top Tent, click HERE.

Just to quickly mention, another great option is the Skycamp 2.0's younger sibling: the Skycamp Mini.

The iKamper Skycamp Mini is a hard top tent, better suited for couples, or even solo travelers on their own, with a friend or a pet. They have a smaller footprint, sleeping area, and weigh much less.

For a hardshell rooftop tent, the iKamper Skycamp Mini is a great fit for the bed of your Ford F-Series, or why not even the roof of your cab.

ikamper skycamp mini hardshell RTT ford f150
Picture by Adam Young. IG Account: adamyoung83

As seen on the image above, the Skycamp Mini is a sleek, low profiled rooftop tent, that fits great the roof of the cab of this Ford F150.

For more information on the iKamper Skycamp Mini hardshell tent, click HERE.

Thule Tepui Autana 4-Person Roof Top Tent With Annex

Another notable contender for the best rooftop tent for your Ford F-Series is the Thule Tepui Autana 4-Person RTT with annex included. Yes! You read it right! The annex or the extension of the tent is already included in the package. The materials of the Autana Roof Tent from Thule Tepui has been conceptualized and designed to withstand the 4-season, all year round!

Thule Tepui Autana 4-person RTT for ford f-series f150 f250 f350 raptor
Picture courtesy of Jonathan Kauffman. IG Account: @Jonnykauffman

Tepui is most known as the best Rooftop Tent Manufacturer in USA, producing variety of top-notch model and extremely durable RTT. One thing that stands out with this Tepui Autana 4-person roof tent is its 260g poly-cotton blend, coated with 600 denier fabric that surely can outlast elements of any season!

Picture courtesy of Jonathan Kauffman. IG Account: @Jonnykauffman

Look at how stylish the Autana 4-person tent is, when not in use! Pair it with the most durable bed rack from the aftermarket, and you are off to the nicest weekend getaway!

Key Features:
  • Heavy-Built Materials: Diamond Plate Base for added protection and durability, internal frame is fully wrapped and built to withstand any environment
  • Over-all Design: Constructed from high-quality 360g stitched fabric
  • Weather-Resistance: Includes an anti-condensation mat to keep moisture from building up under the mattress
  • Spacious: Can accommodate up to three persons
  • Organization: Extra large internal pockets and gear anchor points to keep things tidy
  • Night-Sky Viewing: Two built-in screened sky panels bring in light and offers full view of the night sky. 

Interested in buying Thule Tepui Autana 4-person Roof Tent? View HERE for more information. 

Smittybilt Overlander Roof Top Tent

Introducing the RTT from Smittybilt, the Overlander 2783 Roof Top Tent offers a low-profile aero-dynamic approach to outdoor camping. Maximize the air flow that goes through and through your tent, giving you a comfortable good night sleep and also, embedded mosquito screen prevents insects from coming in and disturbing your luxurious rest. Good for two to three persons!

smittybilt overlander roof top tent for ford f-series f150 f250 f350 raptor
Picture courtesy of Buck Alford. IG Account: @JennfromTx

One signature feature of this roof tent is its four-side awning, preventing rain water from coming in to your tent, giving you added security feature against wetness. Also, the Overlander 2783 RTT is best paired with Smittybilt's Scout Trailer to connect to your Ford F-Series ride, or pretty much any other of our off-road trailers.

smittybilt overlander RTT with side awnings for ford fseries f150 f250 f350 raptor
Picture courtesy of Buck Alford. IG Account: @JennfromTx

Key Features:

  • Stylish Design: Enjoy the elegant looking coyote tan that matches up with your F-Series Ford Truck!
  • Extended Awnings: Helps prevent unnecessary water from coming inside your tent, plus, added protection against direct sunlight.
  • Durability and Strength: Stainless steel hinges, heavy-duty 600D rip stop polyester and anodized aluminum frame poles.
  • LED Strip Interior Included: Innovation is key to success. Light up the interior of your RTT with these included LED Strip lights.

Click HERE for additional information regarding Smittybilt Overlanding RTTs.

CVT Mt. Hood Series Rooftop Tent

One of the best tents for beginners in outdoor camping with Ford F-Series Trucks is Cascadia Vehicle Tent's Mt. Hood Series. Available in three sizes, the Mt. Hood Series car tents offer you choices according to your need, from a 2-person tent to 3+ person tent. 

Giving you a unique clamshell-type car tent, the Mt. Hood from Cascadia is lightweight and easy to install. Just few unzip and unlock, in a matter of couple of minutes, and you are good to go and hop onto this comfortable roof tent. 

CVT Mt. Hood Series for Ford FSeries F-150 F-250 F-350 raptor
Picture by Steve Lombardo, shared with us in our FB Group

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Body Built: Made with 280g poly-cotton rip-stop fabric that has a normal nylon tent feel like paper bag.
  • Integrated Stargazer Windows: Enjoy the night sky view with the stargazer windows, paired with the spring rods to prop up the tent windows. 
  • Nifty Roll-Up Straps: Allows you to strap and roll up Travel Cover up and out of the way for vehicle access. 
  • Additional Cross Bar: Mount up to 150 lbs. of extra gear with this built in added feature from Mt. Hood Series.

CVT is perhaps one of the best known brands in the market. If you don't want a hardshell, and are looking for something more traditional for your F-Series pickup truck, then you might want something like the CVT Mt. Shasta Hybrid RTT.

CVT Mt. Shasta Hybrid softshell roof rack tent ford f150
Picture by Shane Booton. IG Account: @shanebooton

The Mt. Shasta is one of the best sellers by CVT, as it comes with the extended rainfly and entrance, giving you more coverage from the elements. As seen in the picture above share with us by Shane Booton, it's a fantastic option for the bed of your F-Series, in this case a Ford F-150.

CVT Mt. Shasta Hybrid car top tent for ford fseries
Picture by Shane Booton. IG Account: @shanebooton

It offers all you need for a durable and reliable car top tent. It comes with the telescoping ladder, sky view windows, as well as top quality canvas built for the 4-seasons of the year.

If you like camping in colder areas of the country, where temperatures can be lower, then choosing a 4 season RTT is a must, and this is an excellent option!


FSR High Country 55" Premium Roof Top Tent

Topping off the list for the Top 5 Rooftop Tent suitable for Ford F-Series, may it be F150, F250, F350 or Raptor, is the roof tent from FSR, the High Country 55" Premium. The spacious car tent from Freespirit Recreation maximizes room for people and gear when in use, but take up little space in storage.

The rooftop tent from FSR comes with integrated LED night light, enabling you to see through the night. Another notable characteristic of FSR tents are its oversized windows and doors, providing you first class view of the night sky while giving you continuous airflow and easy access. Also, one of the amazing features of the FSR Evolution roof tent is its easy setup mechanism. Install this roof top tent in less than a minute, and you are good to go and indulge the luxury that it brings. 

FSR High Country 55" Premium roof tent for ford Fseries f150 f250 f350 raptor
Picture by Rebekah Baker. IG Account: @boujeebekahb

Key Features:

  • Tri-Layer Technology: The evolution series comes with our three layer fabric, keeping you comfortable in all seasons.
  • Lightweight but Durable: The honeycomb aluminum design of the top of the Evolution gives durability while reducing overall weight. 
  • Easier to Set Up: Reinforced with rubber and metal latches on all sides keeps the Evolution securely closed and are easy to open, allowing quicker setup. 
  • 360° View : Enjoy panoramic view of the outdoors with the four enormous windows enabling you to see beyond. 

Click HERE to access additional information for FSR High Country 55" Premium Roof Tent. 

    In Summary...

    Well, whatever RTT you have chosen, it all boils down to these three things: comfortability, accessibility and durability. All of the roof top tents listed here are capable of giving you these pointers.

    Keeping always in mind the size of the roof top tent before buying one. Do we need a car tent for 3 people? Or will it fit my family of four? These are just some of the considerations you need before purchase. Also, make sure to pick a roof rack tent that suits your budget, and consider having a quality roof rack for your Ford F-Series that can go with your desired roof top tent. 

    All About Roof Racks For Your F-Series:

    Before picking up your RTT and choosing the right design and function for you, consider having first the most durable and most suitable bed rack available for your Ford F-Series truck! 

    Browse through numerous roof rack available in the aftermarket and find your desired style here:

    If you have another vehicle and are after RTTs for it, find here the best roof top tents.

    Still confused what to buy? Feel free to reach us out and send us an email to: or call us at: 844-200-3979

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    Go experience that outdoor camping without the hassle! 

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