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    Nissan Frontier Roof Rack Review

    The Nissan Frontier took over the pick-up truck market in 2022. The new facelift and exterior design are hard to miss, and the power of the truck itself is excellent. Amongst all mid-size pickup trucks, the Frontier is one of the best, with a 310 horsepower 3.8 liter V6 engine, and a towing capacity of 6720 lbs. Bold, modern, powerful, and may we add: ideal for overlanding.

    Of course, you want to make sure you get an aftermarket roof rack to pair with any Frontier. At Off Road Tents we offer roof racks and crossbars for the Frontier dating all the way back to 2005, to the D40 model. You will be able to find the perfect Nissan Frontier roof rack to start overlanding, or simply increase your truck’s cargo carrying capacity.

    In the following collection you will find the best Nissan Frontier roof racks in the market, as well as comparisons and differences between brands of racks, models and design. Hopefully, by the end of this read, you’ll be able to choose the model you really need.

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    Best Nissan Frontier Roof Racks 

    To upgrade your Frontier, you want a high quality rack. As we said above, we are happy to introduce the best roof rack options for your Nissan Frontier. All of them have been installed and tested by our team, so you can trust this is a reliable guide, and your choice will be a much more informed one after reading this.


    Prinsu 2022 Nissan Frontier Roof Rack

    Prinsu 2024 Nissan Frontier Roof Rack

    Prinsu is one of the best known brands of roof racks in the world. The Idaho based company manufactures all their roof racks in USA with high-grade aluminum, crafted for maximum durability and strength.

    This particular model is the 2022 Nissan Frontier roof rack by Prinsu. Thanks to the aluminum construction this roof rack weighs only 37 lbs, being one of the lightest in the market. On top of that, the static weight capacity, or load rating when your vehicle is parked, is of over 500 lbs. Which means you can safely install roof top tents and carry heavy loads over the cab of your Frontier 3rd Gen truck.

    The modular design of this Frontier roof rack makes it quite easy to install and add rack attachments. It is compatible with the OEM antenna, it has drop points to attach tie down rings and other accessories, it’s compatible with the sunroof well, it has a lifetime warranty.

    To top it all up, you can choose to either have a standard wind deflector with it, to reduce not just the noise, but ensure an aerodynamic design to your roof rack, which will reduce the Nissan Frontier mpg consumption. Alternatively, you can go with a cut-out for 40” lightbar front panel, so you can install any LED bar and make sure you have the lighting you require for any overlanding experience.



    Lightweight & easy to install

    Only compatible with 2022 Crew Cab Frontier

    Over 500 lbs load rating


    Compatible with plenty rack accessories



    FRont runner roof rack for nissan frontier

    Front Runner Slimline II Nissan Frontier Roof Rack

    Front Runner has been manufacturing off road equipment at their own facilities in South Africa for over 20 years. The Slimline II roof rack is made from both aluminum and high strength steel. This alloy roof rack requires drilling onto the cab of your Nissan Frontier, which ensures a higher weight rating as well as stability.

    Weighing 57 lbs, it’s on a heavier side than other Nissan Frontier roof rack models, however, this platform roof rack also has a higher static weight capacity of over 660 lbs. Therefore, any roof top tent, heavy gear or other equipment can be safely carried on top of it. 

    This is a Nissan Frontier D23 roof rack, suitable for any double cab Frontier from 2014 to 2020. It comes with a small wind deflector mostly to reduce wind noise. The great design from Front Runner enables you to install over 200 roof rack accessories, from board carriers, to light bars, tie down rings and more.



    Requires drilling, larger weight capacity

    Only compatible with 2014-2020 Nissan Frontier Double Cab

    Over 660 lbs load rating


    Compatible with plenty rack accessories



    rhino rack nissan frontier roof rack cross bars

    Rhino Rack Nissan Frontier Roof Rack

    Rhino Rack is an Australian roof rack manufacturer. Their Vortex SX roof rack is a set of crossbars for the Nissan Frontier. They make crossbars for almost all Frontier models, but these in particular are for the D40 Nissan Frontier, which fits 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 models. These crossbars are only compatible with the Frontier Crew Cab with side roof rails.

    The great thing about these crossbars is the fact that installation is literally a matter of just minutes. In less than 15 minutes you can have them clamp onto the side roof rails of your Frontier, or take them off if you want.

    They are good to carry kayaks, canoes, boards, and lighter loads. Given it’s a grab-on or clamp-on roof rack, they are not as strong, and cannot carry as much weight as other roof racks, but are still very reliable. Wind resistance and noise are much lower than with platform racks, therefore the mpg impact is also much less.



    Incredibly fast and easy to install

    Lower weight capacity than other roof racks

    Low impact to mpg


    Ideal to carry kayaks and longer items



    prinsu roof rack for nissan frontier 2014-2021

    Prinsu Nissan Frontier Crew Cab Roof Rack 2005-2021

    No need to introduce Prinsu once again, we will simply introduce their other roof rack. This Nissan Frontier roof rack is for the D40 model, the Frontier going from 2005 to 2021. It’s the predecessor of the D41. Once again, made from high-grade aluminum, this is a lightweight roof rack, suitable for a Crew Cab Frontier.

    It maintains the load rating of over 500 lbs, which once again ensure you can carry from rooftop tents, to other heavier gear. Thanks to the low profile of all Prinsu roof racks, it has a lower wind resistance, as well as not being as noisy.

    Being completely modular, you can take off some of the slats if needed, as well as being compatible with plenty of other roof rack accessories, most of them manufactured by Prinsu too, but you can also add light bars to it. It is compatible with the Frontier’s front antenna. Also, drilling is required to install it, which actually increases the sturdiness and the certifies that the weight rating will be quite good.



    Drilling require for installation increases weight capacity

    Only compatible with Nissan Frontier 2005 to 2021 models

    500+ lbs weight rating


    Compatible with many rack accessories



    Nissan Frontier Roof Rack Accessories 

    This section will introduce some of the basic Nissan Frontier roof rack accessories, in order to make sure you upgrade the truck and prepare it for either overlanding situations, or safer driving conditions. From light bars, to other useful accessories, you’ll see you won’t need much to improve it!


    nissan frontier roof rack light bar by heretic

    Nissan Frontier Roof Rack Light Bar

    There are certainly many different led light bar brands to choose from. At Off Road Tents we offer Baja Designs, KC Hilites, Heretic, Rigid Industries, and Cali Raised LED amongst the best.

    Ideally a good led light bar for Nissan Frontier roof rack should be around 40” wide. You can also get light pods, but a 40” light bar is a great choice. We highly recommend the Heretic 40” LED light bar with a combo beam pattern.

    These are manufactured in USA, with a patented 6061 CNC aluminum grade billet housing for a longer lifespan. They come with a 6-watt Cree LED, giving a bright and clear light beam that can be seen from a greater distance. They tend to be brighter than other brands, and the 40” width is ideal to fit any roof rack for Nissan Frontier.


    Nissan Frontier Roof Rack Wind Deflector 

    Wind deflectors tend to be included with the roof rack. For example, Front Runner includes a small wind deflector that installs under the front lip of their frame. Prinsu, includes a wind deflector plate on all their racks.

    However, you can get additional wind deflectors, or get them done yourself, to further reduce the wind resistance and noise. Front Runner makes a fantastic Nissan Frontier roof rack wind deflector, which you can find HERE. It’s ideal to install with any Slimline II roof rack, and it’ll get the job done.


    Nissan Frontier Roof Rack FAQs


    What is the Nissan frontier roof rack weight limit?

    The Nissan Frontier roof rack weight limit will vary from one roof rack brand to another. For example, the Front Runner Slimline II roof rack for the frontier from 2014 to 2020 has a 660 lbs static weight rating. Whilst the Prinsu roof rack for the 2022 Nissan Frontier rack, has a 500 lbs weight rating, when parked. Make sure to check each specific roof rack weight capacity.


    How to install a Nissan Frontier roof rack?

    Installation once again will depend on the type of rack, either cross bars, or platform rack, as well as the year and cab style of your Frontier. If the Nissan Frontier has side rails, then you can install a grab-on rack such as the Rhino Rack crossbars or Thule cross bars.

    If you go for a Prinsu or Front Runner platform roof rack, it’s likely drilling will be required, or at least bolting the feet of the rack to the existing cab mounting points. Clearly read the installation manual or instructions for each rack so you know what to do an expect.


    What is the best Nissan Frontier low profile roof rack?

    For low profile roof racks, it’s likely the best option is the Prinsu 2022 Nissan Frontier roof rack. It’s as low as a profile as there can be, and it has one of the highest weight capacities. Of course, you might not want or need such a low profile rack, and choose other great brands.


    Will a rack affect the gas consumption of my Frontier?

    The short answer is yes. A rack can be over 30 lbs, therefore impacting the whole weight of the vehicle. No matter how aerodynamic they are, they increase the wind resistance, and as a result the gas consumption will increase.


    How to remove my Nissan Frontier roof rack?

    Removing your Nissan Frontier roof rack will depend entirely on the way they are installed. Nissan Frontier cross bars such as Rhino Rack or Thule, are incredibly easy to remove, in less than 10 minutes you can take them off. However, platform roof racks that drill or bolt onto the roof, will require tools and a lengthier process of removal, of at least 30 to 45 minutes. Make sure to follow the instructions and be very careful when removing any roof rack.


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