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Toyota 4Runner 3rd Gen, 4th Gen & 5th Gen Roof Racks & Crossbars

The Toyota 4Runner is perhaps one of the most famous vehicles in America. Introduced in the 1980s, this rig has since become an iconic model across the whole world. It has become a part of the off-road culture and community, not only due to it's attractive design, but mostly thanks to the performance.

With strong off roading and towing abilities, the 4Runner has excelled for decades now. The most recent generations, 3rd, 4th and 5th gen are the ones that are mostly around up to date.

At Off Road Tents we offer you perhaps the widest variety of roof racks for any of the 3 generations. We have all sorts of rack systems, from full platform racks, to half roof racks, crossbars and pretty much all the major and most reliable brands.

If you are serious about using your Toyota 4Runner for overlanding, we've got you covered with off-road cargo carrying racks. If you're looking for an affordable solution to carry kayaks, fishing rods or just some bags and such, we offer crossbars that will do the trick.

If you want to modify your 4Runner rig with aftermarket racks and other rack accessories or parts, we've got that too.

Our goal is to be able to provide you with the widest variety of quality roof racks for you to choose for your rig. Whether that it a Toyota 3rd Gen, 4th Gen or 5th Gen. We will have the racks ranging for vehicles from 1996 onwards.

It's of course really important for you to buy the right cargo carrying system for your 4Runner. That should be based on what you want it for, and where will your vehicle be used. For the vehicle itself, we normally recommend Find The Best Car Price as a go-to resource.

Looking to do some serious off-roading, wheeling, overlanding or rock crawling? Then we suggest a full platform rack with a much higher dynamic weight capacity, that's well installed and hopefully drilled onto the roof for more stability and safety.

You're just looking to use it to carry a few things here and there on weekend road trips, or to go fishing or hunting? Then a good set of cross-bars or a more affordable rack will be enough.

Looking to have a roof top tent on the racks or cross-bars the whole time? Then make sure they can hold 180 lbs of weight when the 4Runner is in motion.

If you want to upgrade your 4Runner with more serious mods, then the best idea is to go with a platform roof rack. They'll allow you to carry anything, from tents, to heavy cargo and more. They can be drilled or non drilled, that is up to you. Sometimes drilled have more stability, but the most important thing is for them to have a higher load rating, hopefully over 220 lbs when the car is moving. That's around 600 lbs or more when it's parked.

The brands we carry for full platform racks for your Toyota 4Runner:

When it comes to crossbars, ideal to carry lighter weights on your 4Runner:


Once again, make sure you know what type of rack system suits you better. It all really depends on what you will plan to use your 4Runner for. If it's more for family vacations or trips, then one system might work better than another. 

If you constantly drive around with an RTT or want your rig to be a true off road vehicle, then you want a full rack. In said case different brands cover different needs.

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