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    Ford F250, F350, F450 & F550 Roof Racks, Bed Racks & Crossbars

    The famous Ford F-Series pick-up trucks have been around for nearly 80 years. Some of the toughest pick up trucks ever made in America, and certainly a landmark of the Ford brand.

    The F250, F350, F450 and F550 trucks are all full sized pick ups, with enough power and strength for towing, hauling and carrying whatever you may think of.

    However, to truly be able to carry items and gear on them, you'll ne to make sure you get the right cargo rack carrying system, whether that's for the roof of the cab, or for the bed of your truck.

    At Off Road Tents we offer not only the best brands of cargo carrying roof racks for your Ford F250 to the F550, but we offer the widest variety. Brands such as Front Runner, Rhino Rack or Thule are available.

    Of course, depending on what you plan on using your vehicle for, the system we'd recommend might vary. For example, if all you need is to carry lightweight gear such as ladders, then perhaps a set of crossbars over the roof of the cab are enough.

    If you plan on going on tougher trails, overlanding or on off-road experiences, you will want a true off road roof rack or bed rack. In that case we'd recommend something with a load rating of over 500 lbs, to make sure you can carry a roof top tent on them.

    The load rating is normally read in two ways: the dynamic weight capacity is when the vehicle is in motion, and all you need to know is if what you are carrying (let's say an RTT and other gear) weighs say 150 lbs, then you need a rack with a dynamic weight capacity (DWC) of over 150 lbs.

    Then, there is the static weight capacity (SWC), which is the weight the rack can carry when the car is parked, which is around three times as much as the DWC. Hence, if your roof rack can carry 200 lbs of DWC, it'll be able to carry around 600 lbs of SWC, enough for a tent with three people inside.

    Also, make sure to check the dimensions of the rack, depending on whether you have a double cab, single cab, long bed, etc model of your truck.

    Now, let's take a look at the roof racks available for a Ford F250, F350, F450 and F550:

    When it comes to bed racks, you can choose form mid height models, that will sit lower than the height of the cab (typically around 13 inches tall), or full height, which are the same height as the cab (typically 18 inches tall).

    The models for bed racks we have for your Ford truck are:

    Finally, the last type of carrying system we offer are standard cross-bars for your Ford:

    If you still don't know which roof rack or bed rack system to choose from, please call us at: 844-200-3979 or send us an email to

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