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    If you are looking to equip your off-road vehicle, to be more specific, off-road pickup truck, with a truck bed tent you’ve come to the right place. We’ve taken the time to search among the hundreds of models and pick what we think are some of the best truck bed tent models out there that could serve you well on your next overlanding or camping adventure.

    We are going to go in an in-dept analysis of each truck bed tent we’ve picked and talk about its greatest features and of course its flaws and hopefully by the end of our list you’ll find the one that best suits your needs. But before we start with our list, we want to answer a few questions that a lot of people have been asking and those are; What is a truck bed tent and why do I need it?


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    Best Truck Bed Tents


    iKamper Skycamp Mini 3.0 Best 4 Season Truck Bed Tent


    Skycamp Mini 3.0 Truck Bed Tent

    The Skycamp 3.0 Mini is a compact version of the Skycamp 3.0, offering the same strength, durability, and robustness. This hard shell tent opens from the side and is suitable for mounting on various vehicles, providing comfortable accommodation for two people.

    This truck bed tent designed for two individuals features interior quilted insulation, making it suitable for all weather conditions throughout the year. This insulation reduces condensation and provides warmth during colder temperatures. The tent is equipped with a thick 300gsm poly-cotton canvas that effectively blocks light, allowing you or your children to sleep comfortably even after sunrise.

    Additionally, it comes with a ripstop rainfly made of 750D waterproof polyester, treated with an eco-friendly DWR coating. When closed, the tent weighs only 125 lbs and has dimensions of 55"x57.5"x13/5.

    The protective case of the Skycamp 3.0 Mini is constructed with a double-layered fiber-reinforced plastic, featuring 1" of air insulation for enhanced warmth during the night. Thanks to an updated zipper and window design, you can unzip the canvas and mesh windows simultaneously. The outer canopy can also be used as blinds, and there is a sky view glass that allows ample light during the day and provides an excellent stargazing experience at night.

    Inside the tent, you'll find a comfortable 9-zone insulated polyfoam mattress, measuring 2.25" thick, which effectively controls condensation. This tent was designed to prioritize durability and reliability, making it suitable for various weather conditions. Deploying and packing up the tent takes less than a minute, making it a convenient option for quick setup and takedown.

    Why do we like it?

    • Highest quality truck bed tent out there
    • Easy and fast setup time
    • All season tent
    • Well insulated interior
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    2 People 125 lbs

    Open: 83" x 52" x 48"

    Closed: 55" x 57.5" x 13.5"

    2 Year Limited



    Smittybilt Overlander Soft Shell Tent For Truck Bed


    Smittybilt Overlander Tent For Truck Bed

    Smittybilt is a highly regarded manufacturer of rooftop tents, known for their expertise in satisfying customers over a long period of time. In particular, their Overlander tent is widely appreciated and frequently chosen by buyers.

    The Overlander is a rooftop tent designed to accommodate three people. It is constructed using 600D heavy-duty ripstop polyester canvas, ensuring durability. The canvas is waterproof and polyurethane impregnated. The tent also comes with a lightweight and water-resistant 420D oxford rainfly, along with sturdy 4mm steel spring flysheet poles. Furthermore, it is packaged in a heavy-duty 650gsm, 1000d PVC travel bag that includes UV-resistant straps and a Velcro lining for complete waterproofing.

    The base of this rooftop tent is made from a durable 1" thick aluminum/polyurethane material, contributing to its overall strength. Surprisingly, the entire tent weighs only 117 lbs but has a remarkable load capacity of 661 lbs. Inside the tent, there is a 60mm high-density foam mattress with a detachable cover, ensuring a comfortable sleeping experience. To keep pesky mosquitoes at bay, the tent features mesh-covered windows and openings on all four sides.

    Additionally, the Overlander tent includes a sky view window that allows natural light during the day and a captivating stargazing view at night. If needed, an LED light strip is provided to illuminate the interior. The tent also offers storage pockets inside, allowing you to keep your camping supplies, toiletries, and even shoes organized and the interior tidy and clean.

    Why do we like it?

    • Very spacious truck bed tent
    • Reasonably priced
    • Durable and reliable construction
    • One of the lightest tents out there
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    2-3 People 117 lbs

    Open: 95" x 56" x 51"

    Closed: 47" x 56" x 11"

    1 Year Limited



    Wanaka 55 Pickup Truck Bed Tent


    Guana Equipment Wanaka 55 Tent For Truck Bed

    This is an all-season rooftop tent. It is a soft-shell tent that offers affordability without compromising on durability. It can comfortably accommodate up to four people and is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. An interesting feature of this tent is its compatibility with an annex, which provides extra sleeping space or storage for camping gear.

    The tent and annex are made of waterproof ripstop polyester with taped seams and a PU coating. Both are available in a tan color. The tent has a robust diamond plate aluminum base with edge protectors to prevent any damage to the canvas.

    Inside the tent, you'll find a 3" thick high-density foam mattress and an anti-condensation pad, ensuring a comfortable sleeping experience. The tent has three spacious entrances covered with transparent mesh and fabric that can be used as an awning. The mesh effectively keeps insects and pests out of the tent.

    Both the annex and rooftop tent feature high-quality YKK zippers. Additionally, the tent includes two shoe bags to maintain cleanliness and organization. Internal pouches are also provided for storing camping supplies and toiletries, separating them from the living area.

    The Wanaka 55 RTT stands out with its LED strips installed inside the tent and annex, providing illumination in low-light conditions. The tent features windows on all four sides and a sky view window, allowing ample natural light during the day and a breathtaking stargazing experience at night.

    Why do we like it?

    • All season tent
    • Can be equipped with an annex
    • One of the more affordable tents considering the size
    • Plenty of storage pockets
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    3-4 People 155 lbs

    Open: 56.3"W x 122"L x 49.5"H

    Closed: 56.3 "W x 48"L x 12"H

    1 Year Limited



    FSR High Country 80 Best Pickup Truck Bed Tent


    FSR High Country 80 Pickup Truck Bed Tent

    Unexpectedly, although being one of the largest truck bed tents available, it is not the most expensive. It is a truck bed tent that can accommodate 4 to 5 people and is also all-season. It is capable of withstanding some of the harshest weather conditions and the strongest winds. Considering its size, it is surprisingly lightweight at only 182 lbs. Let's examine the other features that make this tent so excellent.

    This tent's 150D poly-oxford rip-stop tri-layer canvas technology is used for the body. It has been treated to be UV, fire, and mildew resistant, extending the life of the fabric. A 210D rip-stop poly-oxford rainfly with a silver and polyurethane coating is also included. This trustworthy roof top tent has an extruded aluminum alloy foundation that is strong, durable, and reliable. For an even better watertight seal, double-stitched seams with polyurethane seam tape are also available.

    This truck bed tent can be stored within the 1200D PVC waterproof travel cover, which also features an elastic underbelly for simple removal and installation. It additionally comes with UV protection. A 1.5" high-density foam mattress is inside the tent, and a 2" thick EPE foam layer lies underneath to provide you with even more comfort. This tent is completely covered with glass, including a sky view window that lets in light throughout the day and is ideal for stargazing at night.

    The telescoping aluminum ladder, which can extend more than 7 feet and is also detachable so you may use it from various sides of the tent, makes it simple to enter and exit this truck bed tent. Additionally, you can organize your belongings within your tent with the help of shoe pouches and storage pockets, making the interior look neat and tidy. It is designed to fit full-size SUVs, mid-size trucks, and even full-size truck beds.

    Why do we like it?

    • One of the biggest tents out there
    • Easy and fast setup
    • High-quality materials used
    • Can sleep up to 5 people
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    3-5 People 182 lbs

    Open: 80" X 98" X 50"

    Closed: 85" X 52" X 14"

    2 Year Limited



    OVS Nomadic 3 Person Tacoma Truck Bed Tent


    OVS Nomadic 3 Person Truck Bed Tent

    One of the larger, soft shell truck bed tent designs available from Overland Vehicle Systems is the Nomadic 3. Although it is a soft shell tent, it has a strong construction that can endure any weather conditions, making it ideal for camping in any of the four seasons all year long. With that said, let's take a look at what else it has to offer.

    With its 420D polyester Oxford waterproof rainfly and 600D poly cotton rip-stop fabric, this OVS tent can shield you from the heaviest rain, snow, and even the strongest winds. Three openings make up this truck bed tent, two of which are windows and one of which serves as an entrance so you can take in the surroundings. Even better, it has a sky view glass that you can open at night to enjoy stargazing and to let in extra sunshine during the day.

    A 120G Fade-less glazing breathable mesh covers every window, keeping any insects out of your tent. As we've already mentioned, this tent is composed of durable materials and even has marine grade 304 stainless steel construction for all of its hinges. The tent's lightweight anodized aluminum poles, which make up the tent's shell, will prevent it from collapsing even in adverse weather and violent winds.

    This OVS truck bed tent has a weight limit of 850 lbs. and a sleeping capacity of 3 individuals. A comfy 3" thick high-density foam mattress with a black quilted cover is located inside the tent to keep you warm and prevent moisture. Additionally, the tent has six integrated storage bags that will help you arrange your belongings and keep the inside of your tent cluster free.

    The tent's built-in LED light strip can be used at night to illuminate both the main tent and the optionally attachable annex, which gives you a ton of extra space for storing gear or even adding a few more beds. The Nomadic 3 tent has a telescoping ladder made of aluminum that can be extended up to 96" to accommodate different vehicle heights, and it also has a 4-Year Limited Warranty!

    Why do we like it?

    • Very spacious tent
    • One of the more affordable tents considering its size
    • Features a comfortable mattress
    • High-quality and durable construction
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    3 People 165 lbs

    Open: 63” x 122” x 51”

    Closed: 63" x 47” x 14”

    4 Year Limited



    FSR Evolution V2 Pop Up Truck Bed Tent Tundra


    FSR Evolution V2 Truck Bed Tent

    This is another expensive hard shell truck bed tent, but it does have a lot of fantastic features that will make your next overlanding adventure much more enjoyable. It is not intended for low-cost camping, however. The FSR Evolution V2 is a modified version of the FSR Evolution, and it is a 2-person pop-up tent. It is a high-quality, all-season truck bed tent with a quick setup process. Let's take a closer look and examine the rest of its features.

    The tri-layer material used to construct the truck bed tent's body is composed of three layers of 150D poly-oxford fabric and 90g/M2 poly-fil. You will remain warm even on the coldest nights because of that. Additionally, this tent has air vents that will circulate the air within the tent and keep it well-ventilated, particularly when it's hot outside. That will also aid in preventing moisture from forming inside the tent.

    When closed, this truck bed tent has a fairly low profile and won't interfere with your car's aerodynamics or create any noise while you drive. Additionally, this tent weighs 184 lbs, and on top of that you may mount a few items on the built-in crossbars that rest on the hard shell casing. The tent has an aluminum telescoping ladder with an 8-foot extension that can fit most vehicle heights.

    The mattress is another improvement over the FSR Evolution. The queen-size, 3" thick Air Core mattress of the Evolution V2 may be inflated or deflated to your preferred level of comfort. Even an optional pump is available for it if you want to do it more quickly. The numerous inside compartments in this truck bed tent allow you to organize your belongings and keep your tent tidy. Additionally, it has shoe bags that are located outside the tent.

    Even the zippers have been improved to allow you to open the tri-layer fabric windows separately from the mesh windows. If you wish to totally block out the sun so that you can sleep well past morning, all the windows can be entirely covered with the aforementioned fabric. A built-in light bar is also included with this truck bed tent so that you may use it at night to illuminate the interior.

    Why do we like it?

    • One of the best constructed tents out there
    • High-quality materials used
    • Features an Air Core inflatable mattress
    • Very low-profile tent
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    2 People 184 lbs

    Open: 47”h X 60”w X 88”l

    Closed: 9.75”h X 60”w X 88”l

    2 Year Limited



    Thule Basin Tacoma Clamshell Tent For Truck Bed


    Thule Basin Clamshell Tent For Truck Bed

    This truck bed tent from Thule is a tent that pops up and has a durable exterior. This tent may be used all year long due to its 5mm thick ABS plastic durable exterior with UV and color fading inhibitors. However, its lower shell combines an ABS and welded aluminum core with unique felt-lined honeycomb polypropylene panels for further stability and insulation on those chilly evenings.

    A 2-person hard shell truck bed tent like this one weighs 80 kg (176 lbs). Its fabric, which is made of 260g cotton and polyester coated with a waterproof rating of 1500mm, along with the top-notch shell, will more than enough to keep you safe and sound even in the worst weather.

    The insulated roof, which can assist with handling the temperature within the tent and lessen noise, is one more feature we'd like to highlight. Couple more things we want to mention are the unique canopy zipper system, which makes it simple to swap between a tent and a cargo carrier, the durable, breathable, weather-resistant canopy, which gives an additional layer of protection and comfort, and of course the comfortable foam mattress, which has a cover that can be removed.

    To organize your clothing, toiletries, and camping gear, the tent comes with storage compartments. If you're one of those people who despises insects, Thule also provides windows with permeable mesh. It is one of the better tents on the market, even though it is a costly hard shell truck bed tent, and it will make your next overlanding adventure a delight.

    Why do we like it?

    • Very fast setup time
    • Well insulated interior
    • Sturdy and reliable construction
    • Can be used all year long
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    2 People 176 lbs

    Open: 84" x 55" x 43"

    Closed: 84" x 55" x 13"

    2 Year Limited



    Napier Truck Bed Tent


    Napier Truck Bed Tent

    This Napier truck tent transforms the back of your pickup truck into a cozy sleeping quarters, allowing you to sleep comfortably wherever you go. It features nearly 6ft of headroom, a large entrance point, and side windows that allow you to enjoy the nature around you. It is very easy to set it up and it can be deployed in around 15 minutes.

    The tent itself is made out of durable, high-quality polyester taffeta and polyester oxford material and features a full rainfly and taped seams that will keep the inside of your tent dry even during the harshest weather conditions. It even has a sturdy frame that is able to withstand even the strongest of winds.

    Another cool thing about this truck bed tent is that it comes with a 4’ freestanding awning with adjustable height that can provide shade under which you can sit and relax during those hot and sunny days.

    The tent is well ventilated, so you don’t have to worry about condensation building up inside. Inside the tent you will also find storage pouches that you can use to organize your belongings, toiletries, and even some small camping gear and keep you tent clutter free.

    Why do we like it?

    • Very affordable
    • Can withstand various weather conditions
    • Easy setup
    • Durable, high-quality construction


    What Is A Truck Bed Tent?


    A truck bed tent is simply a tent that sits inside of your truck bed. Instead of laying down a tent on the ground you would do that on your truck bed. That, however, doesn’t mean that any camping tent out there can be a truck bed tent. Truck bed tents are specifically designed to fit each model of your pickup truck.

    A truck bed tent can also sit on top of your truck bed. It lets you take full advantage of your truck bed. But why do you need it. Yes, a truck bed tent is more expensive than a regular camping tent and quite heavier, however they do have a lot of great features that a regular ground tent does not.

    First of all, a truck bed tent has a heavier and more durable fabric that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions out there. Secondly it lets you sleep above ground, and this provides more safety for you and your fellow campers. And for all of you out there that hate the thought of bugs walking beneath your tent fabric while sleeping, with a truck bed tent you don’t have to worry about that.


    Truck Bed Tent FAQS


    Are truck bed tents worth it?

    Yes they are! A truck bed tent allows you to sleep away from the ground, potentially avoiding any water from entering your tent and providing more insulation from the underside of your tent.


    What is the best truck bed tent?

    We cannot say what is the single best tent out there because everyone has different needs when it comes to it. That’s why we created this list showing what we think are some of the best truck bed tents.


    What are truck bed tent pros and cons?

    Well, one of the biggest pros comparing it to a regular tent that you would deploy on the ground is that you can sleep above the ground level. You don’t have to find a perfect spot to set your tent up as you can do it wherever you park your truck at. The only con in our opinion is that the truck bed tents are way pricier than regular camping tents.


    Why use a truck bed tent?

    It is easier to deploy, and you can camp pretty much anywhere where you can park your pickup truck. Tuck bed tents are usually way more insulated and constructed out of higher quality materials than regular tents.


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