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    Overland Pros Roof Top Tents, Awnings & Equipment

    WE NO LONGER sell any Overland Pros products. To take a look at more roof top tents and awnings, CLICK HERE.

    Overland Pros is an up and coming Roof Top Tent and camping gear company. Located in California, they started manufacturing their own gear because as overlanders and experienced campers, they figured many of the products weren't as user friendly as they liked. Hence why they jumped into business and started making tents designed by overlanders for other overlanders.

    These are overlanding enthusiasts that wanted to bring high quality, durable and comfortable camping equipment into the off-road industry. Due to their needs and desires to have a good night's rest in comfort, they redesigned the roof top tent with an emphasis on comfort and ease of set-up and take-down. 

    Now, their RTTs are a big hit thanks to their smart designs, but also the awnings they have, some which offer even a 270 degree coverage, are some of the most sought in the market. Overland Pros continue to test and evaluate new equipment to offer only the best quality products to customers. 

    From softshell car roof top tent, to side awnings, 270 degree awnings, awning walls, and even ground tents. This brand does not seize to impress. If you want to give an awesome variation to your rig and take your overlanding adventures to a more professional level, the Overland Pros will meet and exceed all expectations. 

    Features on Overland Pros tents that many brands not offer:

    • 3 inch high density foam mattress vs 2.5 standard
    • 2 cm taller cover for storing more gear in the tent
    • Roll-up side windows not requiring the spring rods
    • Extension ladder for taller vehicles
    • Boot bag included

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