The Best Tires For Toyota Tacoma

Full Guide To Find The Best Tacoma Tires

Outfitting your Toyota Tacoma with the right tires is key, it can be a game changer when it comes to off roading, winter, or even just all year round. A good set of tires can be seen as an investment, lasting for much longer than the wrong set of tires, or letting you explore certain places that without them you wouldn’t be able to reach.

In this guide, we’ll help you find the best tires for Toyota Tacoma, specifically tires that work for both off road trails or just city drives. We'll walk you through everything you need to know to choose the best tires for your Tacoma, including a breakdown of all-terrain tires, mud-terrain tires, tire sizes, and their respective benefits and disadvantages.

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What’s The Difference Between All-Terrain vs. Mud-Terrain Tires

If you’re after off road tires, there are two main types to consider: all-terrain (AT) and mud-terrain (MT). But what’s the difference between them two?

All-Terrain Tires (AT):

- Versatile tires designed to perform well both on and off-road.

- Feature a more moderate tread pattern compared to mud-terrain tires.

- Offer good traction in various conditions, including gravel, dirt, sand, and light mud.

- Suitable for daily driving and occasional off-road adventures.

- Provide a balance between on-road comfort, off-road capability, and tread life.


(MT) Mud Tires Toyota Tacoma:

- Designed specifically for extreme off-road conditions, such as deep mud, rocks, and rough terrain.

- Feature aggressive tread patterns with large, deep lugs for maximum traction.

- Offer enhanced grip and self-cleaning properties in muddy environments.

- Typically produce more noise and vibration on paved roads compared to all-terrain tires.

- Ideal for serious off-road enthusiasts who prioritize performance over on-road comfort.


Choosing The Right Size: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Sizes Of Toyota Tacoma Tires And Rims

When it comes to selecting the best tires for your Toyota Tacoma, size matters. Witty, I know, but size matters. The size of your tires can impact everything from ground clearance to handling. Which one to get? That’ll depend on how you want to use it. Witty again. Jokes aside, let’s take a look at the popular tire sizes for Tacomas:



- Benefits: Balanced blend of on-road comfort and off-road capability, suitable for various driving conditions. 

- Disadvantages: Limited ground clearance compared to larger tire sizes, may not provide optimal traction in extremely rough terrain.



- Benefits: Slightly larger size for enhanced ground clearance and a tougher look, suitable for moderate off-road use.

- Disadvantages: May result in decreased fuel efficiency and increased road noise compared to smaller tire sizes.



- Benefits: Ideal for newer Tacoma models with larger factory wheels, offering a good compromise between on-road comfort and off-road performance.

- Disadvantages: May result in decreased fuel efficiency and increased road noise compared to smaller tire sizes.


285/70R17 and 285/75R16:

- Benefits: Larger sizes provide excellent off-road capability and a more aggressive stance, perfect for tackling rough terrain with confidence.

- Disadvantages: May require modifications such as lifting kits or fender trimming to accommodate larger tires, may result in decreased fuel efficiency and higher maintenance costs, make more noise when driving, as well as slowing down your Taco.


Factors to Consider: Durability And Fuel Consumption 

As mentioned on the previous section, different tire sizes affect fuel consumption, how you use them also affect the tire durability.

- Durability: Larger tire sizes with taller sidewalls tend to offer better puncture resistance and sidewall protection, making them more durable for off-road use. However, they may also be heavier, leading to increased wear and tear on suspension components.

- Fuel Consumption: Larger tire sizes typically result in higher rolling resistance, which can lead to decreased fuel efficiency. Additionally, aggressive tread patterns and larger sizes may increase wind resistance, further impacting fuel consumption.


Why All-Terrain Tires Are Your Best Bet On A Taco

Now, you might be wondering, why choose all-terrain tires for your Toyota Tacoma? Well, let me tell you:

- Versatility: All-terrain tires are the perfect balance to use for your daily drive in the city or normal streets, and the weekend off road trip. MT tires can consume way too much fuel, slow you down, make more noise and even last less as they wear out with time on normal roads at higher speeds.

- Durability: Engineered to withstand rugged conditions, all-terrain tires feature reinforced sidewalls and durable tread compounds that resist punctures and cuts from rocks and debris.


- Traction: With their aggressive tread patterns and deep grooves, all-terrain tires provide excellent traction on various terrains, including gravel, dirt, sand, and light mud. They don’t have the same traction as MT, but good enough for literally all terrains.


Best Toyota Tacoma Tires

When it comes to selecting the best tires for your Toyota Tacoma, choosing a reputable brand is crucial. Here are three top brands known for their high-quality all-terrain and mud-terrain tires:


Falken Wildpeak A/T3W Best Winter Tires For Toyota Tacoma:

falken best tacoma tires

What I like about the Falken tires is that they have a fantastic and optimized tread design, with patented 3D canyon sipes. They are perfect for all terrains, and for a moderate 4x4 use. They are even better suited for winter, snow or even wet roads, as they have a heat diffuser technology that spreads through the tire and the 3D canyon sipe prevents the regular wear from torque.

Yes, these are great for winter. Clearly, they’re not a true snow only tire, if you want something like that go for the Bridgestone Blizzaks. However, if we are going for tires to run all year round which behave better is snow than others, the Falken are your best choice!

To see these tires, CLICK HERE.


Goodyear Wrangler MT/R Best Tires For Toyota Tacoma Off Road:

goodyear best tacoma off road tires

Goodyear's Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar are the top choice among Tacoma owners for their off-road capability, puncture resistance, and durability. Aggressive looking, thick, strong, perfect for off roading, as well as for winter roads and muddy situations. Want to outfit your Taco specifically for off roading? Go with these.

To see these tires, CLICK HERE.


BFGoodrich AT KO2 Best All Season Tires For Toyota Tacoma:

bf goodrich best all season tires for tacoma

The perfect tires for any given situation. First of all, they are ATs, which as we mentioned above, they’re the best choice for all season and any season. Second, renowned for its rugged and durable tires, BFGoodrich AT KO2 are praised for their exceptional off-road performance and longevity. Key word here is longevity. If you want all season tires lasting long, go for these. Personally, I like the look, just bear in mind these aren’t as aggressive looking as either MTs or some other brands.


Best Michelin Tires For Toyota Tacoma: Michelin's Defender LTX A/T2

best michelin tires for tacoma

Michelin has easily become the most famous tire brand worldwide. They’re great, that’s not a surprise. That’s why we dedicated a specific section for the best Michelin tires for a Tacoma, the LTX A/T2. These are known for their longevity, reliability, and all-season traction, making them suitable options for Tacoma owners seeking a balance between on-road comfort and off-road capability.


Cooper Discoverer AT3 Best Tires For Toyota Tacoma 4x4:

cooper best all round tacoma tires

The reason I like the Cooper’s is a fair price for a good 4x4 performance. First, they are quieter than the other models mentioned here, they have a good torque, hold well when you turn, and are even quite good in winter conditions. Finally, a 65,000-mile warranty helps their case.

To see these tires, CLICK HERE.


In Conclusion

The five tires mentioned above are fantastic. You can’t miss with any of them. Sure, the Falkens might be a bit better in winter or wet roads, the MTs are always better for off roading, but all in all any model or brand you choose will be more than good enough: they’ll be great.

I still recommend ATs over MTs due to the versatility, durability and less noise. It’s a personal choice. I think ATs are indeed the best tires for Toyota Tacoma vehicles. What do you think? Leave us a comment below.

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