9 Cheap Ways To Revamp Your Car


You need to revamp your car to improve its appearance and to keep up with your  lifestyle and ever-changing needs. 

9 Cheap Ways to Revamp Your Car



What will climb the mountains and cross rivers for you, literally go through the  storm with you, take you to places you've dreamed of, and help carry your heavy  burden? 

A friend? A life partner? Could be. 

But, also… 

Your car. 

Your car has been a trusty steed, hasn't it? 

It doesn't only bring you from Point A to Point B every day. You've also brought it  off-roading, crossing deserts and rainforests, traversing mud, dirt, snow, sand, and  gravel, chasing your passion. 

Your car has been through a lot. But it doesn’t have to show. 

How to improve your car performance and update its look without breaking the  bank? 

Here are nine cheap ways to revamp your car to improve its appearance and  performance.


1. Deep Clean And Wax.

Vacuum, shampoo, scrub, brush, and wax your car inside and outside. This is  especially vital post trail. Thoroughly cleaning your vehicle can prevent rusting and  molding, contamination, and accumulation of grimes that can hinder its  performance.


2. Switch To Rubber Mats.

Rubber mats are easy to clean and can prevent molding. They are more durable  and aesthetically more appealing.


3. Upholster Car Seats.

Unfortunately, your car seat can tear or stain. Upgrade the interior of your car by  adding a car seat cover.  

A cover can protect your car seats from mess, crumbs, and spills. In addition, they  make the seats more comfortable and easier to clean.


4. Add Roof Racks.

Installing roof racks gives the vehicle a "ready for anything" cool look and expands  the car's storage capacity. 

Roof racks are beneficial for outdoor enthusiasts. Camping, off-roading,  overlanding, and weekend getaways are more manageable when you can quickly  load up your gears on the roof and drive away. 

Get high-quality roof racks to keep your essentials and car safe when traveling,  even on unfamiliar and challenging trails and routes. 


5. Replace Old Tires.

Change your street tires to off-road mud terrain tires if you're always off-roading.  They’re more rigid and better for driving on mud, gravel, and dirt. However, they  are not meant for daily commute.

There are also all-terrain tires designed for on-road and off-road driving  performance. 


6. Change The Wheels And Rims.

Just as changing tires is essential when considering the type of road you usually  take, changing the wheels and rims is also vital. 

Not only will these parts improve your car's appearance, but they will also make driving better. 

Choose alloy wheels because they're lighter, stronger, corrosion-resistant, and  better for rough terrains. Additionally, 16–17-inch wheels are preferred for off roading to allow bigger tire sidewalls. The bigger the sidewall, the better the shock  and impact resistance.


7. New Paint Or Vinyl Wrap.

If you're on a budget or just bought the car, you can opt to get your vehicle  wrapped. Car wrapping also gives your automobile protection. 

Vinyl wraps come in different patterns and colors. They can be custom-made so  you can bring your personality and creativity out. 

Vinyl protects your car from rust, light scuffs, or bird limes. 

Most wraps are resistant to salts, but other areas may add chemicals to their road  salts that can damage the vinyl. 


8. Add Headlights. 

Off-roading can be challenging when it gets stormy or when you're driving in the  dark. Adding LED headlights will increase visibility and give your vehicle that extra  character. LED lasts longer, is brighter, and is not harsh to the eyes. 


9. Improve Your Car's Audio Quality. 

Long drives can get boring. Make it count by using your time in the car listening to  audiobooks or podcasts. Blast your favorite music, so you don't get drowsy.

Replace your old speakers with a new premium system. Install an amplifier to  enhance the sound further. 


Final Words 

Change is good. But changing cars can be expensive and impractical. 

Your reliable car has brought you joy and service through these years. It's time to  give it a makeover and make it up-to-date. Follow these inexpensive ways to  revamp your car and improve its appearance and overall performance.

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