A Guide To Overlanding With Your Dog


Overlanding is a fun expedition that everyone should experience in their lifetime. What will make it even more memorable is sharing the adventure with your furry friend!

A Guide to Overlanding with Your Dog

Make your Overland trip safe, comfortable, and enjoyable for your best buddy by following this guide to Overlanding with your dog! 


Guide To Overlanding Trip With Your Dog: Predeparture

1. Evaluate Your Dog.

You know your dog better than anyone. Is your furry friend the type of pooch who will enjoy going on car rides and outdoor trips, or does he get stressed out? Do they need time to adjust when they’re in a new environment? Your dog must have the personality to go on long car rides and enjoy the outdoors to make your trip a memorable one. You wouldn’t want your best buddy to feel nervous and stressed out in an unfamiliar environment! 

2. Ensure Your Destination Is Pet-Friendly.

Some destinations for Overlanding or camping are not pet-friendly. Do your research and make sure that your furry friend is welcome in your chosen destination!

3. See Your Vet Before Leaving.

Visit your vet at least 2 weeks before leaving. Let your vet know where you are going and how long your trip is to get their recommendation. Ask if your dog needs to have certain shots to prepare for your trip. If your dog needs a shot, it is always best to give them some time to recuperate before a trip. 

4. Check Your Dog’s Collar And Tag.

See that your dog’s collar and tag are in good shape. It is best to use a break-away collar so that if your dog gets stuck on something, you can break the collar open without hurting the pup. The information on your dog’s tag should be complete and legible. Bring an extra collar just in case the other one gets damaged or lost!

5. Review Commands.

Your dog might be in a constant state of excitement while outdoors. Help your pup stay calm and safe by practicing your basic commands for staying, heeling, dropping something, or staying quiet. This should help you control the situation when you’re out in an unfamiliar environment. 

6. Pack For Your Pooch.

Pack all of your dog’s needs while taking into account the duration of your trip. Your pooch should have enough food, treats, and clean water. Other things to remember to pack include wound spray or wash for your pooch, any medication that they are taking, a sleeping bag or blanket to keep them warm, and their favorite toy. Since you are packing for two, install a roof rack to make the most of the space in your car.

A roof rack will keep your things organized, safe, and secure. There are several good-quality roof racks by Off Road Tents. The Rhino Rack Vortex ROC25 2 Bar Roof Rack is a great set if you have a Ford F150, while the Prinsu Roof Rack is great if you have a Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen vehicle.



Guide To Overlanding Trip With Your Dog: During The Trip

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1. Take Care Of Sleeping Arrangements.

Set up a protective and comfortable sleeping spot for your pooch. The Awning Walls Camp Room is the perfect Overlanding gear to pack for Overlanding with your pooch. It is an enclosed space that will protect you and your dog from the sun, wind, and other outdoor elements as you rest.  

Front Runner Annex For Feather-Line Roof Top Tent


2. Protect Your Dog From The Elements.

Always take the weather into account when you’re staying outdoors with your dog. Is it too hot or too cold for them? Make sure your dog is appropriately hydrated when it’s warm. Bring heat-resistant gear when you’re going in the summer. When the temperature is low, keep your dog cozy with a jacket or blanket when it’s time to rest. 

3. Let Them Have Fun!

You will have double the fun when you see your dog enjoying the outdoors! Let them paddle in the water, roam and sniff plants on the way, and roll on the ground. 

4. Keep Your Dog Clean.

Your pooch will get excited and will enjoy roughing it up. It’s your job to keep your pooch clean after a day of rolling, roaming, and paddling! Whenever necessary, wash their paws and give them a good wipe. 

Dogs are excellent companions, whether you’re just chilling at home or out on an off-road trip. Have a fun, enjoyable trip outdoors by following this guide to Overlanding with your dog.

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