Best Off Road Lights For Your Overlanding Vehicle


For the off-road enthusiast, the right gear is important and when it comes to gear, choosing the best off road light has become a necessity. One may assume any type of light is good enough for off-roading but will quickly learn the wrong decision can lead to limited visibility and fragile or small mounting brackets. Ultimately you’ll need to replace this type of light quickly which leads to additional expense or poor experiences. So, let’s help you make the right decision the first time.

In this blog we’ll take a look at the best off road lights on the market right now and chat a bit about what makes each one special. By the end you should become well versed in the types of off road lights and the best overlanding lights. First, ask yourself, What type of off road activities do I plan to have? What conditions will I be experiencing? How much do I want to spend? Now that you’ve got your answers, let’s break down the basics.


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Types Of Off Road Lights

LED Light Bars 

    LED light bars are a great option to add multiple lights to your vehicle using one product. They are best placed on long surfaces such as, your windshield, front bumper or roof rack. Be mindful when choosing the location though, because placement may also cause a reflection on the hood of your vehicle and affect visibility.



    Pod lights are a compact option to add additional lighting to any vehicle including trucks, cars, motorcycles and boats. They offer a bright beam and their size ranges from 2 to 9 inches making it a versatile option when it comes to mounting. The most popular location for pods are the bottom corner of the vehicle's windshield as it allows lighting from a different angle than your stock headlights, providing maximum illumination.


    Spot or Combo

      Spot lights act as a supplemental light and features a clear focused lens which are ideal for high-speed driving in open environments. This beam pattern is best for reaching far distances in the dark. The preferred mounting location for spot beams is the front bumper facing forward as it helps avoid light reflection from the hood. Although, mounting to the top of windshield is also an option which offers more light reach.


      Fog Lights

      The function of fog lights are implied in the name; they are the best options when experiencing low visibility weather conditions such as fog, heavy mist, snow. The beam features the widest, shortest and lowest lighting option and is mounted below the front bumper to allow for the most illumination on the road. This location also prevents reflection from elements like water droplets and dust particles to eliminate any additional obstacles for your visibility.


      Rock Lights

      Rock lights add vibrant colours to your off road experience and is a favourite for off road lovers. They are installed underneath your vehicle and allow you to get a full scope of the terrain you’re traveling on. Drivers use this to easily identify rocks and debris that may cause damage to their vehicle and help keep themselves safe.


      Best Off Road Lights

      How do you determine what are the best off road lights? Below we’ll highlight some of the top brands, things to look for, best features and prices but ultimately, it comes down to what is best for your personal lifestyle and budget. Some other factors to consider are the type of vehicle you have and where you want to mount the lights.


      ARB Off Road Lights 

      Best Off Road Lights

      What makes ARB special is the fact it was created by a 4WD owner for 4WD owners. It was through his own experiences off road in Australia’s extreme terrains and continuous equipment damage that owner, Tony Brown realized the need for quality accessories for overland adventures. Since 1975, ARB has developed a trusted brand in the off road community with an export network through more than 80 countries and continues to develop the best in 4X4 accessories. ARB’s philosophy is quality, reliability and practicality above all else.

      If the qualities that are most important to you are the brightest, most consistent beam pattern and the strongest housing, then the ARB 7 Inch Intensity LED Driving Lights is definitely one to consider for all extreme off roaders. This spot beam light was engineered in Australia and manufactured in USA using the latest in LED technology. The intensity of this off road light is nothing short of impressive; adding light comparable to daytime to even the darkest locations.

      Reasons to Love This Light:

      • Submersible up to 9.5 ft.
      • High pressure cast A360 aluminium body
      • Unbreakable polycarbonate lens
      • UV stable moulded polycarbonate lens cover
      • Multiple position stainless steel mount
      • Durable UV Stable polyester powder coat
      • Competitive Pricing

      Brand: ARB

      Size: 7 inches

      Price: $543.00

      Type: Spot


      Baja Designs LP9 Pro - Best LED Off Road Lights

      Baja Designs LP9 Pro - Best LED Off Road Lights

      Baja Designs has been at the forefront of off-road lighting for over 25 years. They pride themselves on being the leading designers in LED light bar, LED auxiliary lights, and the world's first Laser light bars and auxiliary lights. They are so confident about their products and their ability to revolutionize the industry, they call their engineers “The Scientists of Lighting.”

      They also offer industry lighting products including military lighting, infrared lighting, marine lighting, agriculture lighting & industrial lighting and are often sought out by professional race teams to develop their vehicle lighting as they are aware of their importance.

      The Baja Designs LP9 Pro LED Light is for our style conscious adventurers who also need the extra power. The high lumen count offers a brighter output in the colour options, amber or white. As one of the more popular lights on the market, it is a fan favourite for off roaders and speed drivers alike. 

      Reasons to Love This Light:

      • Limited Lifetime Warranty – Complete Purchase Protection
      • uService® – Replaceable Lenses And Optics
      • ClearView® – All The Light, Right Where You Need It.
      • MoistureBlock™ – Waterproof, Rain Proof, Submersible
      • CopperDrive® – Only LED Driven At 100%
      • 5000K Daylight – Less Driver Fatigue, Natural Color

      Brand: Baja Designs

      Size: 8" Diameter/ 3.25" Depth

      Price: $609.95

      Type: Spot/ Combo


      Baja Designs XL80 Pair Driving/Combo LED Lights

      Baja Designs XL80 Pair Driving/Combo LED Lights

      Another favorite from Baja Designs is the XL80 Pair Driving/ Combo LED lights. Unlike the other lights we’ve discussed so far, these come as a pair offering a great deal for the price. These Baja lights are compact in size and will add a little razzle dazzle to your vehicle while also providing the bright coverage you need. Featuring a 20% dimming feature and 9,500 lumen, it’s a top choice for both close and distant visibility.

      Reasons to Love This Light:

      • Compact design
      • Competitive Pricing
      • Limited Lifetime Warranty
      • Hard Anodized & Powder Coated Cast Aluminum

      Brand: Baja Designs

      Size: 4.43" x 3.65" x 4.43"

      Price: $789.95

      Type: Spot/ Combo


      KC Hilites 6" Gravity LED Pro6 Single Pair Pack System 

      KC Hilites 6" Gravity LED Pro6 Single Pair Pack System

      KC HiLiTES, named using the initials of Peter Kim Brown and his wife Carol Brown, was founded in 1970. After having limited lighting options back then, Peter began working on better lighting options for himself and friends for the desserts in Saugus, California. Later the company evolved and provided products to local shops and off roaders.

      By 1974, the company moved to Williams, Arizona, which is still its base today and is known for leading the way in new products including the Daylighter and KC FLEX ERA® product family; the industry's first three source triangular light built to withstand the rigors of heavy off road and racing use.

      The 6” Gravity LED Pro6 was inspired by endurance racing and features KC HiLiTES’ advanced Gravity Reflective Diode (GRD) technology. These KC lights come as a pair and provides 972 meters of beam distance. Definitely the most versatile option on our list so far with Spot, SAE/ECE Driving Beam or Wide-40 beam pattern options.

      Reasons to Love This Light:

      • IP68 rated moisture-resistant and dust-proof housing
      • KC signature aluminum turbine fin heat sink design for maximum thermal efficiency and long lasting LED performance
      • Shatter Resistant Polycarbonate Lens
      • Multiple Beam Patterns Available: Spot, SAE/ECE Driving Beam, Wide-40

      Brand: KC Hilites

      Size: W - 6.00" x H - 7.00" x D - 3.125"

      Price: $529.99

      Type: Driving


      Best Off Road Lights For The Money

      KC Hilites 28" Chase LED Rear-Facing Light Bar

      KC HiLiTES also offers a great light bar in the 28” Chase LED Rear-Facing light option. Durability is no question; with its weather resistant and shatter proof lens, it’s perfect for extreme conditions. These KC lights makes it safe for drivers with its blinker and strobe capacity.

      Reasons to Love This Light:

      • Multi-Function Integration and Design
      • Red LED Tail & Brake Lights with Blinker Capability
      • Amber LED Dust Lights with Strobe Capability
      • White LED Floodlights
      • Lightweight Extruded Aluminum Housing for Maximum Heat Dissipation and Durability
      • Weather-Resistant Enclosure and Shatter-Proof Polycarbonate Lens for Maximum Durability
      • 40° Spread and 180° Flood Beam Optics

      Brand: KC HiLiTES

      Size: 28 inches

      Price: $459.99

      Type: Combo

      Location: Bumper, Overhead, Rear, Back-up


      Brightest LED Off Road Lights

      RIGID Industries E-Series Pro 50" Spot/Flood Combo

      Featuring a sleek and durable black and white housing, the Rigid Industries E-Series Pro 50 Spot/Flood Combo exudes style and sophistication while withstanding the harshest conditions. Crafted with precision, this light bar is built to last, thanks to its rugged construction and premium-quality materials.

      What sets this light bar apart is its ingenious spot/flood combo design. It combines the focused intensity of spotlights with the broad coverage of floodlights, providing you with the best of both worlds. The spotlights create a long-reaching beam that penetrates through the darkness, illuminating distant objects with exceptional clarity. Meanwhile, the floodlights emit a wide-angle beam, flooding the surroundings with brilliant light, ensuring no obstacle goes unnoticed.

      Equipped with state-of-the-art LED technology, the Rigid Industries E-Series Pro 50 delivers an astonishing 50,000 lumens of brightness, making it one of the most powerful light bars on the market. This exceptional illumination is further enhanced by its spot/flood combo optics, offering a remarkable beam distance.

      Reasons to Love This Light:

      • 50,000 Plus Hour Lifespan
      • Durable UV Resistant Powder Coat
      • High-Grade Aluminum Alloy
      • Integrated Thermal Management System
      • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lens
      • Over/Under Voltage Protection
      • Reverse Polarity Protection
      • SAE J575 Compliant - Shock/Vibration
      • Limited Life Warranty

      Brand: RIGID Industries

      Size: 50 inches

      Price: $1,699.99

      Type: Spot/ Combo

      Rigid Off Road Lights

      RIGID Industries D-Series SAE Fog Light /2The D-Series SAE Fog Light features an impressive 80-degree spread offering phenomenal light output not only off road but during regular road travel as well. These fog lights offer close to daylight brightness make it a great decision for low visibility conditions. The design was created with an impact resistant polycarbonate lens in a high-grade alloy housing. In terms of quality and performance, it is a difficult option to beat.

      Reasons to Love This Light:

      • Durable UV Polyester Powder Coat
      • 50,000 Hour Lifespan
      • Limited Lifetime Warranty
      • Legal For On-Road and Off-Road Use
      • "Integrated Thermal Management System"
      • Reverse Polarity Protection

      Brand: RIGID Industries

      Size: 3"X 3"

      Price: $299.99

      Type: Fog lights


      Cali Raised Off Road Lights

      brightest led off road lights

      Built to withstand the toughest off-road challenges, the Cali Raised LED 43" Amber/White Light Bar is constructed with durability in mind. Its rugged housing and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance, even in the most demanding environments. This light bar not only illuminates your path with exceptional clarity, but it also adds a touch of style to your vehicle, thanks to its sleek design and attention-grabbing amber and white combination.

      Featuring advanced LED technology, this light bar delivers impressive brightness and visibility. The amber lighting option cuts through fog and other adverse weather conditions, providing enhanced clarity and reducing eye strain. On the other hand, the white lighting option offers a powerful and wide-angle beam, illuminating the surroundings and highlighting potential obstacles. With its easy installation and adjustable mounting brackets, integrating the Cali Raised LED 43" Amber/White Dual-Function Light Bar into your vehicle is a breeze.

      Prepare yourself for unmatched off-road adventures with the Cali Raised LED 43" Amber/White Dual-Function LED Light Bar. Experience the perfect blend of style, reliability, and functionality as you conquer the trails with confidence. Invest in this exceptional lighting solution today and take your off-roading escapades to new heights.

      Reasons to Love This Light:

      • 50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan
      • Instant On / Off - No Warm Up
      • Over / Under Voltage Protection
      • Extruded Aluminum Housing
      • Durable Polycarbonate Lens

      Brand: Cali Raised Off Road

      Size: 43 inches

      Price: $369.99

      Type: LED Light Bar


      Best Budget Off Road Lights

      Cali Raised LED Lights

      The Cali Raised LED 3x2 18W LED Pods adds a bright spot beam to light those dark trails and foggy journeys. It features a PMMA lenses, diecast aluminum housing, and boasts a IP rating of 67 which makes it small but durable. The price is tough to beat and it’s super easy to install, making it a best seller among off road enthusiasts.

      Reasons to Love This Light:

      • Universal - Works with all years, makes, and models
      • 30,000+ Hr LED lifespan
      • Stainless steel mounting brackets

      Brand: Cali Raised

      Size: 3”X 2”

      Price: $115.00

      Type: Pods


      Let’s Wrap It Up

      We’ve given you a lot of information to digest but you know the saying, “knowledge is power”. Now you should be equipped with all the resources you need to make the best choice when shopping for your off road lights. If nothing else you should take away the differences between the various types of road lights and when to use them.

      The products we’ve noted are just some of the amazing LED light products you can choose from at different spending ranges, but you can also do some more research on your own and browse through our other off road lighting options. Remember to always keep in mind where the lights will be used.

      Let’s say your next off road adventure is expected to take you through some inclement weather in terrain that could potentially cause damage to your vehicle, what type of lights should you be shopping for?

      That’s right! You would need fog lights mounted to your front bumper to help you guide through and some rock lights installed underneath to add visibility through those super rough terrains. Great, now you’re all set!

      We hope this was helpful, but if you have any questions please contact us at:

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