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It's a great time to be a camper! The days of hauling around heavy tents and equipment are over. You can now get lightweight, easy-to-set-up tents that fold down into bags small enough to fit in backpacks and rolled suitcases.

But what about rooftop tents? Racks for roof top tents are a great way to transport your roof top tent and to set it up without having it touch the ground, which means that you will no longer have to deal with dirt or wet grass getting into the fabric and making your camping experience uncomfortable.

These racks are designed to carry the weight of your roof top tent and will keep it safe from damage while you drive. Racks for roof top tents come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find one that fits your vehicle perfectly. Bear in mind that a good quality roof rack is key for mounting a roof top tent.

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Learn The Racks For Roof Top Tents Basics

When purchasing racks for roof top tents, there are a couple important factors to take into account. Let's go over them really quick. 


Rack Dynamic Weight Capacity

When you're looking at a rack, you'll see the weight capacity listed as either static or dynamic. The difference between these two is that static weight capacity is determined by the amount of weight the rack can hold while parked on level ground. However, it doesn't take into account how much weight it takes to get there.

Dynamic weight capacity, on the other hand, takes into account this additional force (because we all know that driving with a roof top tent isn't easy) and uses it to determine a more accurate figure for what's safe to put on your roof rack.

The good news is that most car racks have a dynamic weight capacity that far exceeds their static counterparts. This means you can still load up your vehicle as much as possible without worrying about whether or not it's safe!

Rack Static Weight Capacity

When you're looking for a roof rack, it's also important to know its static weight capacity. The static load rating refers to the maximum weight that can be applied on a bed rack when your truck is in place. You might also see this referred to as a "safe load rating."

Every rack has a different load rating that must be followed. Excessive force causes racks to break over time, some sooner than later. If you exceed the limit, it may break at the worst possible time.

While some of the racks we sell do not have a specific rating, the majority are capable of supporting a 2 to 3-person roof top tent as well as people when at rest.

So, if you're thinking about adding cargo carrier, roof top tent, and other equipment for weekend camping trips, make sure that your vehicle's static and dynamic weight capacity isn't exceeded.

Roof Top Tent Weight & Size

The roof top tent weight capacity is the amount of weight that can be supported by a roof rack. The roof top tent size capacity refers to the length of space available for your tent on the roof rack, and it's important to note that you can't just measure from one end to another straight across; you need to take into account how far apart these bars or crossbars are spaced apart.

For example, if you have two bars in your vehicle that are spaced at three feet apart (or 36 inches), then your total length of space available would be 63 inches (2 x 3 feet). But if they were spaced at three feet apart but closer together than 36 inches, then your overall length would be slightly less than what's advertised because of this spacing issue.

Another good thing to know is that stock-mounting hardware will on average fit rack bars with a cross-section of 3.25" width x 2" height. Be sure to mount your racks 32"-48" apart on your vehicle.

The best way to figure out how much space you'll have left over after installing a new rack is by measuring beforehand and ensuring there's enough room above and below each bar for anything else like luggage carriers or bike racks that may need extra room for clearance purposes when making turns or navigating other obstacles.

Your Vehicle

Finally, you need to consider is whether or not your roof rack is going to be compatible with your vehicle. Most racks are designed to fit on a number of different vehicles, but there are some exceptions. For example, some racks are only compatible with cars and trucks, while others can only be used with vans and SUVs.

If you have an SUV that doesn't have much clearance between the roof and the ground (i.e., low profile), then you'll want to look for a rack specifically designed for this kind of vehicle so that it doesn't interfere with your view when driving!:

 Another important aspect to bear in mind is the vehicle you have.

Lightweight RTTs range from around 95 lbs (the Featherlite by Front Runner being one of the lightest), to around 125 lbs.

front runner featherlite roof top tent on top of a slimline II roof rack kit

Front Runner Featherlite RTT on top of a Slimline II Roof Rack Kit

These lighter models will be able to fit smaller vehicles, such as SUVs, Subaru Bajas, or other cars which are not exactly built for off-roading. We’ve seen car top tents on models such as an Honda Civic, yet we DON’T encourage this.

The bigger, heavier models, whether we’re talking of 4 person roof top tents, or hardshell tents, are suitable for the bigger, stronger vehicles that are actually built for rougher and tougher trails and can of course support (the vehicle itself) a higher weight.

The big off-road rigs have themselves the capacity of sustaining a larger weight capacity than say an SUV, and despite racks or cross-bars being able to support pretty much any tent, if your car is a bit small or not exactly built for overlanding, then overtime the roof might sustain some damage.

Let’s now take a look at the recommended roof rack kits and cross-bars.


Best Rooftop Tent Racks 

Let’s take a look at our top picks for the best rooftop tent racks. You will find from the best roof racks available, to the best truck bed rack models out there. Both are great choices, it will depends on whether you actually need a roof rack or a bed rack for your ride. That said, there are more brands, and if you have questions, leave them on the comments below, or call us at 844-200-3979.


Front Runner Slimline Overland Tent Rack

front runner rooftop tent rack

Front Runner Outfitters is a large and well-known manufacturer of car accessories, off-roading products, rooftop tent racks, roof top tents, and other camping equipment. The Slimline II Cargo Rack was designed by this South African company and is available for a variety of vehicles.

The one in the picture is for a Toyota 4Runner 5th Generation, although there are many more, such as for a Jeep Wrangler JKU 4 Door, for a Land Rover All New Discovery, for a Nissan Patrol/Armada, for a Toyota Fj Cruiser, for a Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door, and many others.

The Slimline II rack is designed to avoid drilling into vehicle roofs. It attaches to the existing factory mounting points, though some drilling may be required in some cases. Furthermore, this rack will allow you to transport any roof top tent, as well as other equipment or luggage, with no problem..

This rooftop tent rack is truly amazing rack made of T6 powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel. The weight and dimensions of each rack vary depending on the vehicle, but they all come with the legs and tray, and installation is simple if you can handle some nuts and bolts. However, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, then any mechanic or local repair shop will be able to mount this in 30 minutes or so.

It comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty and some amazing features, such as plenty of room and openings to place camping tables under the rack while still having your rooftop tent or other items on top of it, such as kayaks, fishing rods, and bags.

 What We Like About Front Runner Slimline Overland Tent Rack
Attaches to the existing factory mounting points.
T6 powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel design.
660 lbs weight capacity
Simple installation

Prinsu Roof Top Tents Rack

prinsu roof top tents rack

Prinsu is a genre defying brand in the market for producing long-lasting, high-quality overlanding rooftop tent racks. One of their innovations is this cab rack designed to fit Toyota Tacoma Double Cab models from 2005 to 2022. This rack from Prinsu provides numerous options for cargo security, tie-down options, as well as the addition of accessories such as tool mounts or lighting.

This platform rack is designed to carry almost anything, including kayaks, boards, and roof top tents. The rack is completely modular, so you can configure it however you want depending on your needs. It also comes standard with six outstanding cross bars for cargo and aluminum plate wind deflector to help with aerodynamics and prevent wind noise.

Prinsu designed a truly amazing, reliable, and completely bolt-together platform roof rack for Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 2nd/3rd Gen (2005-2022). The static load rating of Prinsu racks varies depending upon the number of crossbars, but it is safe to say that all of them have a weight capacity of at least 500 lbs.

Another amazing feature of this platform rack is that it does not require any drilling or modifications on your rig.  Finally, in addition to its phenomenal features, all assembly hardware comes in a black zinc finish so as to match the rack’s head turning appearance.

Check out the collection to find a Prinsu rooftop tents rack suited to your rig.

 What We Like About The Prinsu Roof Top Tents Rack
Designed and Manufactured 100% in the USA
Lifetime Warranty
Powder-coated in a satin black texture to make it long-lasting
No drilling required
Suitable weight capacity

Rhino Rack Roof Top Tent Crossbars

rhino rack cross bars for roof top tent

The Rhino Rack Roof Top Tent Crossbars for Jeep Wrangler JL models from 2018 to 2022 is a tough and versatile roof rack system ideal for off-roading enthusiasts. The rack's backbone is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum and can support up to 165 pounds of gear and has three bars that are designed to carry the most weight while remaining as low-profile as possible.

The roof top tent rack is custom-made to fit the Jeep Wrangler JL 2 and is simple to install. No drilling is required because the mount points are located at the factory mounting points. It is also compatible with a variety of Rhino Rack accessories, making it simple to tailor to your specific requirements.

To prevent rust and corrosion, the bars are finished with a long-lasting black powder coating. The rack is also designed to withstand harsh off-road conditions and has been rigorously tested to meet the most stringent Australian standards.

These roof top tent crossbars are ideal for those who enjoy off-road adventures and require extra storage space for their gear. It's ideal for transporting bikes, kayaks, and other outdoor equipment. Without a doubt, this rack is sure to meet all of your needs thanks to its heavy-duty construction, versatile design, and compatibility with Rhino Rack accessories.

 What We Like About The Rhino Rack Roof Top Tent Crossbars
Low clearance.
Easy to install / remove.
Rubber strips placed inside the C-channel fitment to prevent scratches or damage from your load.
Black powder coating finish.
Heavy-duty construction

Gobi Racks For Roof Top Tents

gobi rack for roof top tent

The Gobi Stealth roof rack is a highly sought-after option for experienced off-roaders due to its quality, durability, and strength. It comes with additional features at no extra cost, making it an excellent value for the price.

The rack is available in multiple configurations and models to fit a variety of vehicles, including those with sunroofs. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer for expert advice on the best option for your specific vehicle.

Installation is easy, with no drilling required, and the rack is able to hold a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs as a side weight carrier (SWC) and 300 lbs as a down weight carrier (DWC). The rack is constructed of a black powder-coated anti-rust undercoat, stainless hardware, and has a limited one-year warranty.

One of the key benefits of the Gobi Stealth rack is that it prevents scratches on the roof of your vehicle by providing enough space between the rack and the roof, and by shifting weight onto the A pillars of the vehicle. This allows for an increased weight capacity of 600 lbs for SWC and 300 lbs for DWC.

 What We Like About Gobi Racks For Roof Top Tents
No vehicle drilling – bolts into the existing vehicle’s mounting points.
Good static and dynamic weight capacity.
Black powder coated with anti-rust undercoat.
Includes bolt-on GOBI Rear Ladder.
100% USA made.

Thule Trailer Roof Top Tent Racks

thule trailer crossbars for roof top tent

Thule crossbars and racks are a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts for transporting and mounting roof top tents, especially Thule brand tents such as the Basin Hard Shell Roof Top Tent, as well as for carrying them on trailers. The Thule crossbars are designed to be extremely durable and versatile, making them the perfect choice for carrying all types of gear, including roof top tents.

The crossbars themselves are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that they are strong enough to withstand the weight of even the heaviest roof top tents. They are also designed to minimize wind drag and noise, so you can travel in comfort and safety.

One of the key advantages of using Thule crossbars as a rack for roof top tents is the wide range of mounting options available. The crossbars can be installed over fixed points on the roof of your vehicle or on a trailer, using Thule's own tracks that can be easily added to the trailer. This allows for maximum flexibility and ease of use, as you can easily adjust the crossbars to fit the size and shape of your roof top tent.

When it comes to mounting the tent on the Thule crossbars, Thule offers a wide variety of mounting hardware and accessories specifically designed for roof top tents. This makes it easy to secure the tent in place and ensure it stays stable while in transit.

Additionally, Thule's Crossbars are compatible with many other Thule accessories like bike racks, ski carriers, kayak holders, etc, making it a versatile option for any adventure.

 What We Like About Thule Trailer Roof Top Tent Racks
Sleek, minimalist, low-profile design.
Easy mounting to existing factory roof rails.
No drilling required.
Decent static and dynamic weight capacity.

Leitner Designs Best Truck Bed Rack For Roof Top Tents

leitner acs bed rack for roof top tent

Leitner Rack Systems is a leading manufacturer of high-quality cargo management systems for pickup trucks and SUVs. The company offers a wide range of products, including bed racks, roof top tent racks, and accessories, all designed to help you get the most out of your vehicle.

One of the standout features of Leitner Rack Systems is their use of high-strength aluminum in their bed racks, such as the ACS Forged Bed Rack, which has an amazing static weight rating of 1400lbs and an 800lbs dynamic weight rating, a top-of-the-line option that provides unbeatable strength and durability

The material used in the design of their revolutionary bed rack systems  is lightweight yet incredibly durable, and helps to minimize wind drag and noise while you're on the road. Leitner racks are also designed to be adjustable and customizable, so you can find the perfect fit for your specific vehicle and cargo needs.

Moreover, Leitner’s Active Cargo System (ACS) Classic bed rack is lower in price compared to the ACS Forged, but holds the rank of an elite truck bed with a 1000 lbs  static weight rating and a 500 lbs dynamic rating.

The ACS bed racks features a patented design that allows you to easily slide and secure cargo in the bed of your truck, making it easy to organize and transport everything from bicycles to generators.

Additionally, the ACS Tonneau features a slightly lower but exceptional static weight capacity of  800lbs in addition to a tonneau cover that offers additional protection to your cargo when it is not in use. On top of that, you will still be able to mount a roof top tent. The ACS racks  are also compatible with a wide range of accessories, including roof top tents, kayak mounts and more.

The company's focus on using lightweight and durable materials, combined with its commitment to customer satisfaction and heavy weight capacity in their ACS Classic, Forged and Tonneau, makes it a top choice for anyone looking to buy good racks for roof top tents.

 What We Like About The Leitner Designs ACS Rack
Exceptional static and dynamic weight capacity
Lightweight and rugged materials
Minimized wind drag and noise while travelling
High strength aluminum design

OVS Freedom Truck Bed Roof Top Tent Rack

ovs rooftop tent rack

The OVS Freedom Rack is the perfect solution for truck owners looking to add versatility and function to their off-road rig. With a customizable design that can adapt to your height and width preferences, this bed rack from Overland Vehicle Systems is designed specifically for truck beds and is perfect for those looking for a rack for their roof top tents.

Featuring fully modifiable rack bars, side panels, and crossbars for added mounting options, the OVS Freedom Rack offers the highest quality performance a truck bed rack can provide. With a static weight rating of up to 1350 lbs and an impressive 450 lbs dynamic weight rating, this bed rack is more than capable of supporting even the heaviest of roof top tents and accessories.

Built with heavy-duty materials, including four towers and adjustable sidebars, this rack is completely adjustable, making it easy to adjust the long bed crossbars and sidebars in place. The rack is also designed with easy-adjust bolts, which allow you to reduce wind drag when moving by lowering the rack below the truck's cab in seconds. Overall, the OVS Freedom Rack is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a strong and versatile rack for their roof top tents.

 What We Like About The OVS Freedom Rack

Adjustable Height of 19" to 30" for maximum utility and versatility

Design and built to last with engineered aluminum construction and powder-coat finish

No Drill system only clamp and grip design

Compatible with rooftop tents and accessories

T-slot attachments make adding gear mounts and accessories fast and simple.

Integrated tie-down points are placed for the security of load and cargo

Roof Top Tent Racks FAQs

What does a roof top tent sit on?

Roof top tents are supported by a roof rack system mounted on the roof of your vehicle.


Do you need a rack for a rooftop tent?

In short, absolutely yes. Roof top tents need to be mounted on a sturdy rack.


How do I mount my roof top tent to my rack?

It depends on the rack and roof top tent that you have or plan to get. Mounting isn’t necessarily difficult.


What is the weight capacity a rack needs to mount a roof top tent?

There is no concrete answer as weight varies from tent to tent, there are lightweight tents and heavy ones, etc. The best thing to do is to check your rack’s static weight and dynamic weight capacity as well as  the weight of the roof top  tent you have or plan to get.

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  • I have a 2005 Honda Element. Using Thule roof rack towers and bars mounted onto the existing roof rack points on my Element, I was using a Silverwing hardtop tent.
    After one year of use, I noted a noise. Investigation shows that two of the welded attach points on the Element were broken free. Spots wleds broke and the metal itself was broken free of the actual roof. The other two mounts not so much, but still unusable.
    My usual driving was on roads at highway speeds, but often to camp we had to go down dirt roads of varying degrees of bumps. Chatter bumps, and larger holes that needed going slow. Not reall four whell drive stuff, but close. All that torque on the tent and racks was probable cause of failure of rack mounts.
    This is an FYI.


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  • Hello!
    We are considering a 2019 NOBO 10.6 trailer with roof top tent. The roof capacity of the trailer is 500lbs. Is the Rhino track with 2 Vortex crossbars sufficient to hold the weight of a 2 person Freespirit tent with 2 adults totalling 400lbs? My math does not add up….

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    What do you recommend for me to do?


  • Leah R Johnson, we would need to know the dimensions of your trailer in order to recommend you a rack!

    That said, Front Runner seems to always be one of the best fits.

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  • I want to mount a RTT on top of my trailer which has no racking system currently installed. Any recommendations for racks or crossbars and where to have them installed?


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  • Bob, in this day and age indeed many things are possible. We would suggest a topper rack, like the ones we offer from Front Runner. They are great.

    However, just as the guys from lund said, it might not be the best option. Our expert opinion only comes to far, we cannot really recommend you to do a thing that the manufacturer from a product we don’t offer, is advising against. We can only say, we’d advice you to follow their guidelines.

    Off Road Tents Team