Do I Need A Headache Rack For My Truck?


 Whether you are in the market for a stylish yet useful accessory to add to your pickup truck to increase the protection that your cab offers, getting a headache rack is something you should consider.

For some people, a headache rack is a necessity, while others don't see the point of getting one. However, a headache rack can be a very safe and smart accessory to have. Therefore, stick around until the end of this article to find out do you need a headache rack for your truck.


What Is A Headache Rack?


What is it and why is it called a ‘’headache rack’’? It is a removable rack that is usually made from steel or aluminum that is easily installed on the bed rails just behind the cab of a pickup truck. It is named after the very same thing it is designed to protect against; a severe or mild headache that drivers can experience if the cargo that he is hauling comes crashing through the rear cab window and hits them in the head after a sudden break.


What Do I Need A Headache Rack For?


Besides the fact that they enhance the look of the truck, especially if the truck is already equipped with a mean-looking bed rack, they have many other benefits as well. However, keep in mind that headache racks and bed racks are not always compatible.

Compatibility is determined by where the bed rack is installed and the length of the headache rack's feet. For them to properly fit, measure both the feet and the positioning of both types of racks' feet.

Let’s dive into the benefits of a headache rack:



headache rack for protection

Whether you are hauling heavy cargo, camping equipment, kayaks, ladders, etc., no matter how small, there is always the possibility of it crashing through your rear windows and causing serious injury or even death to you and your passengers.

With a headache rack, you will never have to worry about that seemingly small danger that not enough people are aware of or think will not happen to them. Moreover, you can leave your rear window open to ventilate your truck, and rest assured that your belongings won't be stolen.


Attaching Equipment

Headache rack with equipment mounted

Headache racks come in all shapes and sizes.  Depending on the type of headache rack, you can easily and safely fasten various pieces of equipment and extra accessories to it.



Headache rack with lights mounted

Once mounted, headache racks provide additional space for mounting all sorts of lights such as warning lights, LED beacon lights, and light bars. Having additional lights mounted may be useful for avoiding any potential accidents.



When mounting unstable objects such as kayaks or ladders, a headache rack serves as a good support point.


Do I Need One?

Assuming that you have gotten this far in the article, the answer should be quite clear. If you are a seasoned overlander that often hauls a lot of heavy camping gear and equipment that could get loose and injure you or even damage your truck then the answer is definitely yes. It's better to not take a chance even on the smallest risk when your well-being is concerned.

On the other hand, if you don’t usually use your bed rack for hauling unstable items such as kayaks, ladders, or heavy materials such as cinder blocks, wood, steel, etc., then you don't need it. However, you can get it for other aforementioned reasons or maybe get it just in case, you never know if your friends or family may need a favor transporting some heavy furniture or other stuff.



As you can see, headache racks have a lot of benefits. Regardless of whether you just want your truck to look meaner, have increased protection, or mount additional lights, they are a thing that you should think about getting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work on a 2021 TRD Off-road with Prinsu Roof rack?

Yes, absolutely. This tent is compatible with a Prinsu roof rack!

Will this work on a 2021 TRD Off-road with Prinsu Roof rack?

By standard bars, do you mean the side rails the 5th gen includes? Or the factory crossbars going from left to right? Our recommendation is that you aftermarket crossbars or a full roof rack, because they are much stronger and can handle much more weight. Here are some options:

I have a 4th gen 4runner would it fit with that?

Yes, it'll work just fine. Just make sure you need a roof rack. Here are some options:

Does it have the hole for the A/C unit?

It has space to put in a hose to cool the tent. But a specific hole for an A/C unit not really. Depending on the circumference of what you need, yes.

We have a ram 1500 short bed. How do I know what tent will fit my truck? Or is it based on the rack you buy to put on the top of the truck?

It's based a bit more on the rack. Well, if you want the tent on your bed, then one like this one will be perfect. It has the right dimensions to fit a short bed. Still, I recommend you look at racks at the same time. You can search on our site for Bed Racks for Ram 1500.

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