The 7 Best Tonneau Covers For Your Pick-Up Truck


The 7 Best Tonneau Covers For Your Pick-Up Truck

There are a lot of reasons why you want to buy a tonneau cover for your pick-up truck. Tonneau covers are a great option to protect your truck bed and also make it versatile and practical. One of the main reasons why a lot of pick up truck owners are looking to purchase or install a bed cover nowadays is that they want their items to be protected, safe and dry at the back of their truck and be able to access them quickly and easily when necessary.

There are many aspects to be considered before buying a tonneau cover; and in this article, we will discuss the seven best tonneau covers in the market; and also, things that should always be taken into account before buying a pickup bed cover for your vehicle.



Company Profile: Founded in 1996, Retrax® takes pride in their company’s reputation for providing innovative and quality products backed by superior customer service and prompt product availability. They thrive on the disciplines of design, development, and manufacturing. They take great satisfaction in striving for excellence in the retractable, truck bed cover market.

You should consider this tonneau cover if you have Toyota Tacoma and Tundra.  It’s made to fit specifically for Taco and Tundra pick-up trucks for maximizing the cargo storage space. It brings a lot of features to make the truck more versatile.

  • The RetraxPro is compatible with most T-slot accessories from Rhino Rack, Yakima, Thule, and many more.
  • Increased Cargo Capacity Above & Below the Cover while maintaining the functionality of the cover with loaded cargo.

Just to name a few, the RetraxPro can work successfully with different accessories to maximize the potential of the tonneau cover. You can mount your preferred T-slot accessory above the tonneau cover or the Rhino Racks Bars where you can organize oversized gears and accessories such as surfboards and kayaks. Not only that, you can effortlessly retract or close it without the use of springs or any kind of mechanism, with no moving parts to jam, freeze, or fail.

The quality of this tonneau cover is exceptional! It’s constructed from heavy-duty aluminum slats in a scratch-resistant matte finish that is engineered to retract without trapping dust, wearing out, or freezing. The RetraxPro is considered as one of the premium aluminum series covers since it has a combination of industrial-strength aluminum construction with an incredibly resilient matte finish.

Due to its versatility, this RetRax Pro Tonneau Cover will also work on different types of the vehicle make and models.

As you can see in the pictures above, the RetRax Pro perfectly works, too, on these two pick-up vehicles. Not to mention Dodge RAM 1500, 2500, & 3500, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara & Titan, and Jeep Gladiator. With the same quality and durability, the tonneau cover will perform to its best without a doubt. With the two T-slot accessories on top, you can surely do more of anything.

To be more specific, the two bars on top of the truck bed cover are the example of accessories that you can add for more functionality. It can carry your bike, basket rack for overlanding gears and cases, surfboards, kayaks, etc.

Amazingly, the best part of this tonneau cover is that it can be paired hassle-free with bed racks where you can mount your rooftop tent quickly and easily. These bed racks have also a designated mounting option where you can mount lights, Hi-lift, C02 fire extinguisher, quick-fist, roto-pax, spare tire, etc.

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Last but not the least, you might wanna take note that you don’t need to drill a hole to install the tonneau cover since it follows the contour of these vehicles. Installation is just quick and easy.

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Company Profile: BAK Industries have developed a line of tonneau cover products that help keep your truck functional and beautiful. They offer the BAKFlip, the Revolver rolling series, and the Rack Integrated BAKFlip Contractor Series. Each is designed for a different need, but they all share the hallmarks of BAK Industries products: durability, reliability, and quality.

This tonneau cover is perfect for all seasons. It is designed to perform in extreme conditions and provides the functionality of your pick-up truck to a high new level. Some tonneau covers have only three panels, but this BAKFLIP MX4 has four panels and brings a lot of features. This brings an undeniable style to this truck bed cover and allows the cover to quickly open completely for 100% bed access.

  • Full Truck Bed Access
  • Dual Action Tail Gate
  • Automatic Latching Panels
  • Stylish Matte Finish
  • Superior Perimeter Seals

These features are only the tip of the iceberg of this truck bed cover. It offers premium security when coupled with a locking tailgate and is more weather-proof than any other rolling style. This specific truck bed cover displays a hard-folding tonneau cover where you can fold it to the other side quickly and access the truck bed with ease.

The BAKFLIP MX4 will also work on different vehicle makes and models. Here’s the list of them.



Looking at the pictures above, the BAKFLIP MX4 Tonneau Cover perfectly blends with the two pick-up trucks, namely Dodge RAM and Ford. But don’t get me wrong, this truck bed cover will also work on Toyota Tacoma & Tundra, Chevrolet Colorado & Silverado, Ford F150 F250 & F350, also with Nissan Titan & Frontier.

We all agree that two is better than one, right? Well, you should know that this truck bed cover is also compatible with any Rhino Racks Bars above the cover where you can mount your bike, surfboards, kayaks, basket rack, etc.

But wait. there’s more! Aside from the fact that you can mount the Rhino Racks Bars for additional functionality, you must be thrilled to know that this truck bed cover will also do great things and works perfectly together with bed racks where you can mount your roof-top tent.

Here’s the list of the compatible bed racks to work with BAKFLIP MX4:

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Moreover, we should not forget the fact that this BAKFLIP MX4 will also protect our valuable things. It keeps them secure and away from theft or any elements. Not only do the enhanced heavy-duty aluminum panels look great in their flat matte finish – they also provide incredible resistance to scratches and UV rays. This cover is made in the USA and backed by a 5-Year Warranty.

If you want to see the full list of compatible tonneau covers for your vehicle before you decide to purchase, CLICK HERE.



Company Profile: Pace Edwards is the premium brand for assured quality, functionality, and innovative designs that work! The industry leader in tonneau covers for more than 20 years, their specialties include spring-activated and electric retractable hard tonneau covers.

This tonneau cover brings style and ruggedness to your truck bed without sacrificing a thing. It is very durable and holds up in bad weather. The Switchblade truck bed cover will give the full cargo coverage and the flexibility you need now and then.

  • The Pace Edwards Switchblade gives you complete cargo coverage, without sacrificing room in your bed
  • Installs and removes in just minutes with simple tools
  • Ideal for crew cab trucks with short beds
  • Exclusive ArmorTek construction - durable aluminum panels coated with a padded polymer
  • Low-profile design

The cover is constructed from aluminum slats with an AmorTek overlay to add durability. Armortek is a weather-resistant polymer that is bonded to aluminum slats for a high-quality finish. You might now know about compact canister but this truck bed cover has one and uses a compact canister that takes up less space in the truck's bed. The no-drill installation means it can be quickly removed in minutes.



Company Profile: The engineers at Undercover already had 20 years of experience building fiberglass tonneau covers, but they had decided it was time to develop something new and revolutionary. Undercover went through five whole years of research and development finding the perfect materials, design, and manufacturing processes in an attempt to turn the tonneau cover industry on its head. What resulted was a total game-changer in the world of truck bed covers.

 This type of tonneau cover is the perfect solution for those pick-up owners who don’t want a roll or fold type truck bed cover. This truck bed cover has a unique style since its meticulously designed and engineered, making it the new standard in one-piece textured bed covers. 

  • UV Protected ABS Composite Construction
  • Lockable with Integrated Locking Mechanism
  • Patented X-Effect Design Keeps Cover Strong
  • Cargo Retriever and LED Lighting System Included
  • Double Seal System Keeps the Elements Out

The Undercover Elite truck bed cover includes a handle with an integrated locking mechanism for added security for peace of mind. It comes with a Cargo Retriever that you can use to extend your reach to the entire length of the bed. Plus, it has removable LED lights that offer a lighting solution.



Company Profile: The TonnoPro Tonneau Cover provides the weather protection you need, at a great price. The TonnoPro features an innovative tri-fold design that offers easy use and unmatched versatility. It's both rugged and lightweight, so you can easily operate and remove it whenever you need wide-open truck bed access. TonnoPro Tonneau Covers are manufactured by BridgeWay Enterprises.

The Tri-Fold Soft Tonneau Cover specializes in making your cargo bed dry and safe. This soft truck bed cover is widely known as one of the easiest to use with exceptional durability and great looks. Plus, the tear-resistant, double-sided vinyl top is long-lasting and can handle heavy winds, light rain, and snow.

  • Tear-Resistant Top - Tough, double-sided vinyl material covers a powder-coated aluminum frame for maximum protection
  • Easy On & Off – Completely remove the entire cover in minutes to carry large cargo
  • Lifetime Warranty - Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • User-Friendly Clamps – Tailgate clamps are heavy-duty, ensuring your cover is secure when closed, and easy to use for quick access to your gear

Installing this soft truck bed cover requires no drilling. It’s headache-free and you can remove the cover whenever you are in the mood for hauling large cargo in minutes to meet your needs.



Company Profile: Since 1980, TruXedo Tonneau Covers have been the perfect way to dress your truck up in sophisticated style. TruXedo doesn't only specialize in tonneau covers, either. The TonneauTraX Tonneau features a heavy-duty cargo management system with easy-to-install anchors that let you easily tie down large cargo. The TruXedo TonneauMate Truck Toolbox fits most full-size trucks and is compatible with tonneau covers.

We often have these ideas that when the tonneau cover is labeled as a soft truck bed cover, it is not durable, is not made from long-lasting materials, and won’t last for long. But, this TruXedo Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover broke the stigma by proving that this truck bed cover will give you durable soft-tonneau protection without the hassle of snaps, clips, and zippers.

  • Custom-made, low-profile coverage for your truck bed
  • Straight bows and cross members give a smooth look instead of the "covered wagon" look or other covers
  • No-hassle Velcro fastening system - no cumbersome, unreliable snaps
  • Tension adjusters keep the cover tight
  • Improves your truck's aerodynamics for better gas mileage
  • Installs in 20 minutes - no cutting or drilling

One of the many features of this truck bed cover is the Velcro fastening system along the rail that can give you maximum protection of your belongs in the truck bed. Plus, its tension adjusters, straight bows, and cross members give your truck bed a smooth, low-profile look.



Company Profile: With a base of operations in the great American Midwest, Trident has stood proud since the day their assembly lines started moving, sticking to their original goal of producing top-notch automotive accessories at affordable prices. Economical, durable, and innovative, Trident confidently stands behind each of their products, and when you examine one yourself, you’ll see the results.

One of the safety features of this truck bed cover is to allow you to drive with your tonneau cover in the open or closed position, safely secured to the tailgate or the cab. And if you need to take it off altogether, the process of uninstalling is a headache-free process.

  • For a durably-made truck bed cover that won’t break the bank, equip your rig with the Trident FastFold Tonneau Cover
  • Installs in just a few minutes with no tools or drilling required
  • Folds up fast and is completely removable just as quickly
  • Quick-release clamps included – drive at full speed with cover opened or closed
  • Weather-tight seals keep dirt and weather out of your truck bed
  • No assembly required – cover arrives ready for no-drill installation
  • Cannot be opened when the tailgate is locked providing additional security
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

 This Tonneau Cover requires no drilling on your truck. It is lightweight, weather-resistant, and improves gas mileage. A cab dust seal covers your truck bed’s front edge, while Q-seal contours to your truck’s bed rail ridges, keeping rain, dirt, and more from ever entering your truck bed. If your truck has a locking tailgate, this tonneau becomes an impenetrable line of defense – providing extra security for your cargo.


Let's Wrap It Up:

Whether we like it or not, tonneau covers can make our life easier in some ways. With the competition in the truck bed market nowadays, it is essential to choose the right tonneau cover for your pick-up truck. I would not say that these seven tonneau covers in my list are the best truck bed covers for your Toyota Tacoma, Dodge RAM, Ford, Nissan, and Jeep because there are a lot of tonneau covers that we haven’t seen or used yet.

This list is just the fruit after tons of research and analyzing customer reviews. They exceeded customer’s expectations and have 4.5-star ratings. These seven tonneau covers are top-rated, top-notch, and stand out from the rest because they have the quality, style, size, appearance, materials, and protection that they can bring while leaving your pick-up truck more versatile and practical.

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