The 11 Best Toyota Tacoma Camper Shell Models


Tacoma Camper Shell Review

The way a camper shell can completely change your vehicle is incredible. You can go from having a simple truck, to increasing your storage capacity, the safety of what you carry, to even fully upgrade from a truck to a complete overlanding vehicle. A camper shell takes your Tacoma to a whole new level of flexibility, safety, carrying capacity and smart use of space.

Camper shells sit over the bed of your truck, they essentially leave enough clearance space inside the bed to store larger and taller items, they tend to have windows or doors on all three sides that allow you to easily reach whatever is inside the shell itself, and some people even use them to have a safe and dry space to sleep inside. Plus, camper shells tend to be strong enough to have roof racks over them for additional storage if needed.

Essentially, a Tacoma camper shell is the synonym of an upgrade in cargo carrying capacity, at the same time it adds safety (you can lock them), a dry and covered space that won’t take precious comfort inside the cab, and gives you more flexibility on the real purpose of your truck: carrying items, being more comfortable, or being a true overlanding vehicle.

A bed canopy is a game changer and in the following review we will make sure to go over the bet Tacoma bed caps in the market, as well as helping you understand what the features are to look for to determine which one you need!


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Tacoma Camper Shell FAQs


Best Toyota Tacoma Camper Shells For Sale

Before we jump onto the specific things to look for, we prefer to introduce some of the best Tacoma camper shells for sale in the market. We will look at the top brands, as well as shells of different materials. Each of them bringing a unique factor into the mix. We have literally tested each and every single one of them, even if we only sell a select few. 


RSI Camper Shell For Toyota Tacoma Short Bed

RSI Evo Sport Smartcap Tacoma Camper Shell

The most popular Toyota Tacoma camper shell among off-road enthusiasts is the RSI Evo Sport Smartcap. One of the most trusted camper toppers to install on your Tacoma truck. It fits both the short bed and the long bed Tacoma, however, we find it to be the perfect camper shell for a Tacoma short bed, given the quality, the fit and the design. Inspired to take on the rugged trails of Africa, the RSI Smartcap truck cap can fit directly on your Tacoma and give a whole lot of new experience in overlanding. 

This innovative weatherproof Toyota Tacoma camper top gives quick access to your off-road equipment in place through the advanced mechanism brought by its gullwing door opening. Unlike most fiberglass bed caps, the gullwing door provides up to 17% wider access, giving ease to its users without the need to go inside your truck bed to get something. 

Purchasing an RSI Evo Sport Smartcap doesn’t only give you a truck bed canopy for your Taco truck. In fact, Tacoma with Camper Shells from RSI has its own roof rails, allowing you to mount and utilize your storage space. You can mount any rack on top to help accommodate your bike, kayak, or even RTT. You’ll definitely get more than what you pay for.


  • Easy to assemble modular design
  • Lightweight yet sturdy steel construction
  • Can be upgraded with a variety of accessories
  • Can support the weight of a roof top tent

Installation Type

Material Composition

Load Rating


 No Drill (Uses Mounting Brackets)

Stainless Steel

325 lbs (dynamic) 

2-Year Warranty

900 lbs (static)



RSI 3rd Gen Tacoma Camper Shell For Sale

RSI EvoA Adventure SmartCap Tacoma Camper Shell

Your everyday overlanding companion, the RSI EvoA Smartcap ignites every adventure you are conquering. The 3rd Gen Tacoma camper shell is built with intense material durability and can withstand the harshest weather conditions you’ll face. With so many great qualities to offer, this Toyota Tacoma camper shell is one of the best options out there and will certainly be a great addition to your next adventure, wherever you go, whenever yo go. Let's go over it and see why!

The RSI EvoA Adventure Smartcap is constructed from forged stainless steel from South Africa that can effortlessly hold up to 770 lbs of weight on top. The Tacoma camper topper from RSI can mount any equipment you have to bring through its integrated roof rails that you can partner with any roof rack system. Aside from the top mounting point, MOLLE panels are strategically installed on its gullwing windoors, allowing additional mounting points for compatible accessories.

One of the added features of having an RSI EvoA Adventure Smartcap is its elegant design infused with functionality. From its double-walled side doors with integrated mounting points partnered with positive pressure air ventilation up to the flush-bonded fixed window from the tailgate with third brake light capability, you’ll definitely feel the premium quality from this Tacoma Camper shell. The good news is that this off-road accessory isn’t exclusive for 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks but with a 2nd Gen Taco truck. 


  • Can be opened from all sides to allow for easy access of your truck bed
  • Its rigid construction can survive the rigors of everyday use no matter the environment
  • Can even support the weight of a big roof top tent
  • No Drill installation and easy assembly

Installation Type

Material Composition

Load Rating


No Drill (Uses Mounting Brackets) 

Stainless Steel

330 lbs (dynamic) 

3-Year Warranty

900 lbs (static)



RSI 2023 Toyota Tacoma Camper Shell

rsi 2023 tacoma camper shell

The RSI SmartCap Evoc Commercial is the third RSI canopy in this list. The reason we include RSI so much is because we firmly believe this is the best bed cap brand in the market, and the Commercial model is not an exception.

Compatible for both short and long bed Toyota Tacoma trucks, the RSI Evo Commercial is perfect for any 3rd Gen Tacoma, even the 2023 models. It has a static load rating of 770 lbs, meaning it can hold up to 770 lbs of weight over it when your vehicle is parked. As to why it’s named “commercial”? Well, the reason behind it is because it was designed for more commercial or business purposes, so it’s the strongest, sturidiest and toughest of all the RSI Tacoma camper shell models. As a matter of fact, it is made of stainless steel, fully waterproof, and comes with a 3 year warranty. 

Installation is quite simple, it has its own removal or clamping mechanism, that makes it quite simple to put on or off from the bed of your Taco. As the other RSI models, the EVOc Commercial is a 5-piece modular bed cap, it has 3 gullwing doors that offer you access into the bed of your truck from both sides as well as the rear. You can also install a roof rack over it if needed for additional cargo carrying space, and it even has a third brake light for the safety of the other vehicles around you.

All in all, the perfect choice for those looking for a 2023 Tacoma camper shell, which can also become an ally for business purposes.


  • Strongest construction out of all RSI camper shells
  • Can be upgraded with a variety of accessories
  • Very easy installation procedure
  • Reinforced windows and side openings

Installation Type

Material Composition

Load Rating


No Drill (Uses Mounting Brackets)

Stainless Steel

770 Lbs 

3-Year Warranty


Tacoma Soft Topper

Toyota Tacoma Softopper

This Tacoma camper shell is currently the most affordable option available in the market. Its standout feature is its quick collapsible design, allowing it to fold up within seconds when not in use. Additionally, it is one of the lightest bed cap models, weighing between 18-30 lbs. Installation is simple and can be completed in under an hour. But let's explore more of the great features offered by this Softopper.

Firstly, it boasts a sturdy frame constructed from durable, anti-rust aluminum, ensuring it can withstand strong winds and harsh weather conditions. The canopy is made of high-quality 2-ply laminated PVC-coated sailcloth, which is waterproof, safeguarding your belongings.

The sailcloth is also UV stabilized to resist fading and has been proven to be resistant to mildew and rot. It features a 4-season fabric, making it suitable for use even during snowy days. For easy access, the canopy side panels and rear window can be rolled up. The window itself is made of clear vinyl, providing clear visibility through the truck bed.

As mentioned earlier, installation is a breeze and does not require any drilling or modifications to your truck bed. The only limitation of this Tacoma camper shell is that you cannot mount anything on top of it. Nonetheless, it remains an exceptional piece of equipment worth exploring.


  • Incredibly easy assembly and installation procedure
  • Lightest Toyota Tacoma camper shell out there
  • Features a 4 season fabric
  • Has a clear back window for easy access of your truck bed

Installation Type

Material Composition

Load Rating


No Drill (Uses Clamps With Cotter Pins)  

Laminated PVC-Coated Sailcoth


1-Year Warranty




OVS Expedition Toyota Tacoma Camper Shell

OVS Expedition Tacoma Camper Shell

Another great option when it comes to rugged Toyota Tacoma camper shell models is this Overland Vehicle Systems Expedition cap that was constructed out of black powder coated stainless steel to withstand even the harshest conditions and thrive even is some of the most hostile environments all while keeping the contents of your truck bed safe from any elements and even theft.

With integrated air vents, this Tacoma camper shell ensures proper ventilation inside the cap, and with the addition of waterproof seals, you can be sure that the impenetrable barrier of this camper shell will protect your cargo from moisture, rain, and any other downpours wherever you go! This camper shell may not be as aerodynamically designed like some other on this list but is sure is one of the strongest ones you can find on the market.

Thanks to its modular construction, this Tacoma camper shell can easily be customized in order to suit your needs and lifestyle. On top of that, this Toyota Tacoma camper shell comes with integrated roof rail that let you attach a ca rack of your choice and even MOLLE panels that let you add any attachments or extra gear you might need on your next adventure.

No drilling is required to install this Tacoma camper shell, thus you can get it up and running in no time and head on out onto your next journey!


  • Very durable black powder coated stainless steel construction able to withstand the rigors of everyday use
  • Modular design that requires no drilling during installation process
  • Integrated air vents that ensure proper ventilation inside the camper shell
  • Fully customizable with a variety of rack systems, attachments, and other gear
Installation Type Material Composition Load Rating Warranty
No Drill Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel

Static: 750lbs

Dynamic: 325

Limited Lifetime



OVS MagPak Tacoma Pop Up Camper Shell

OVS Magpak 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma Camper Shell Tent

Combining a rooftop tent and truck cap creates an ultimate adventure companion designed for durability and versatility. Overland Vehicle Systems' MagPak enhances outdoor experiences with its meticulously crafted design, allowing for seamless exploration and adaptation to any terrain.

Crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum, marine-grade steel hardware, and a robust foundation, the MagPak Tacoma Camper Shell can resist corriosion in some of the most unforgiving environments all while being able to conquer terrains from rocky cliffs to coastal landscapes and muddy trails with no problems whatsoever.

This Toyota Tacoma Camper Shell also features a clamshell hard shell roof top tent that has an aluminum frame and a premium 320G Rip Stop waterproof tent body that is able to thrive even in some of the most unforgiving conditions all while keeping you safe and sound inside the tent. 

Illuminate your campsite with strategically placed LED lights and utilize T-slots for securing gear and mounting accessories. The No Drill installation offers seamless setup and removal, ensuring your vehicle remains undamaged while providing complete waterproof protection for you and your gear.

The retractable sleeping area offers versatility, providing extra headroom during the day and comfortable sleeping quarters at night. Integrated features like multi-point exterior tie-down systems and MOLLE panels enhance organization and adaptability for any adventure.


  • Getting the best of both worlds with the combo of a camper shell and a roof top tent
  • Durable and rugged construction able to withstand even the harshest conditions
  • Easy setup and no drill installation
  • Integrated MOLLE panels and LED light strips

Installation Type

Material Composition

Load Rating


No Drill (Uses Clamping Hooks)

Aircraft Grade Aluminum


4 Year Warranty





RLD Designs Toyota Tacoma Camper Shell

RLD Design Tacoma Camper Shell

After rigorous innovation and restructuring, the RLD Design Stainless Steel Truck Cap V3 is the perfect Tacoma camper shell for your overlanding needs. The base model of this bed canopy features a sturdy stainless steel material composition designed to withstand brute external force and extreme weather conditions through tig welding construction. Achieve stylish looks that will definitely turn heads when you pass by with your RLD Design V3 Truck Cap installed. 

This off-road RLD camper top doesn’t only accentuate your overall style but also contributes a lot to its functionality on the table. Large gullwing windows are weatherproofed with a double-layer seal to prevent water from intruding your truckbed and reinforced with a positive pressure inlet to reduce dust intrusion. Plus, all doors are outfitted with dual gas struts for quick access to your pickup bed.

Never worry about securing your stuff placed inside your Tacoma, as the RLD Design Stainless Steel Truck Cap V3 possesses oversized pressure levers on every door to ensure the security of your provisions. What’s great about this off-road extension? Everything is customizable, so it can easily fit any Tacoma truck version available. 


  • Large windows for easy truck bed access
  • Rigid stainless steel construction
  • Simple no drill installation
  • Fully customizable in order to fit any Tacoma bed

Installation Type

Material Composition

Load Rating


 No Drill

Stainless Steel

700 lbs (dynamic)

3-Year Warranty


Tacoma Camper Shell Leer 100r

Tacoma Camper Shell Leer

Leer is one of the most trusted producers of quality truck beds in the aftermarket. They have been an established household brand regarding overlanding equipment and accessories. This outstanding brand can accommodate Tacoma with shorter beds and supply that additional security to those with longer orientation and crew cabs. However, the Tacoma Leer 100R is a great start for those looking for the short-bed option. 

Never underestimate the power of the Leer 100R Camper topper. The standard 100R variant features the primary bed canopy can offer, such as sliding windows with insect screens, framed glass rear doors with double-secured locks, and interior lighting for better visibility at night. However, the list does not end there as this Toyota Tacoma camper shell has much more to offer!

Flexibility and adaptability are one of the primary key points of having the Leer 100R Tacoma Bed Canopy. There can be multiple upgrades that you can choose from before installing them on your short-bed Taco truck. You can choose from having an interior headliner for better insulation, side-opening windows for better accessibility or any window orientation that you prefer.

These choices can open up greater possibilities for your Tacoma 100R Leer truck bed canopy. 


  • Lightweight yet rugged construction
  • Easy to operate sliding windows
  • Integrated interior insulation
  • Comes with locks to protect the contents of your truck bed
Installation Type Material Composition Load Rating Warranty
No Drill (Uses Clamps) Fiberglass Base Rail

Static: 600lbs

Dynamic: 220lbs

Limited lifetime


SNUGTOP Tacoma Camper Shell 

SNUGTOP Camper Shell For Tacoma

This is yet another hard shell Tacoma camper shell that is extremely durable and on top of that makes your Tacoma truck look stylish while protecting the inside of your truck bed from any outside weather conditions. It features frameless curved glass windows as well as a finished edge that are both sleek and stylish and the design itself seamlessly integrates with the contours of your truck.

This Snugtop Tacoma camper shell is made out of fiberglass and aluminum making it durable yet lightweight. It also has a weight capacity of 500 lbs so that you can mount a variety of items on your top rack or even a smaller roof top tent! This truck top also has a ½” honeycomb roof reinforcement as well as heavy duty hinges and hardware that will provide even more strength and security!

It comes in OEM factory matched colors and on the inside, you will find; SNUGRUG interior shell headliner as well as built in lights that will light up the inside of your Tacoma bed and help you better organize your stuff. Another cool thing about this Tacoma camper shell is that it requires no drilling in order to be installed!

It has a key operated system that will prevent anyone from reaching inside your truck bed and stealing your belongings and it even comes with a Lifetime warranty on paint and structure! There are many more amazing features to this Tacoma camper shell and there’s no doubt that it will be an amazing addition to your Toyota Tacoma truck!


  • Sleek looking design that follows the lines of your Tacoma
  • Durable construction able to withstand harsh conditions
  • Integrated LED lights for better visibility
  • Can be upgraded with a variety of accessories and can even support the weight of a roof top tent
Installation Type Material Composition Load Rating Warranty
No Drill (Uses Clamps Hard Fiberglass


Limited Lifetime



Super Pacific Tacoma Camper Shell Tent

Super Pacific Tacoma Pop Up Camper Shell

One of the ultimate Tacoma camper shell option, the Super Pacific Switchback X1 Bed Canopy can give multiple benefits to your Taco truck because of the innovative design, lightweight material construction, and plenty of mounting options to your off-road accessories. The Super Pacific Switchback X1 Bed Canopy may be made of aluminum, but its outstanding features deem it worthy as an off-road companion.

Tacoma with camper shells from Super Pacific has advanced engineering to strengthen the framework and make the bed canopy base more durable. The Super Pacific Switchback X1 Toyota Tacoma Camper top is made of unparalleled quality build, partnered with aerospace pedigree and over-engineering to match the off-road capabilities of a Toyota Tacoma. This just simply means that this camper topper can outlast your Taco truck, made possible by aerospace engineering. 

Aside from reducing your overall load rating, the Super Pacific Switchback X1 was built to satisfy your overlanding adventures. Plenty of mounting points and panels are made available, considering the strategic and efficient parts of the Tacoma truck canopy. Modular Molle panels can be placed wherever you want, providing that additional spot to put on your belongings. Likewise, full access on the side of your truck is provided and carefully thought off, to maintain an unobstructed reach to your truckbed. Plus, the Switchback X1 can have its own RTT from Super Pacific. 


  • A combination of a camper shell and a roof top tent
  • Easy to operate and install
  • Ample mounting points and panels for mounting accessories and gear
  • Lightweight, innovative, and durable construction

Installation Type

Material Composition

Load Rating


 No Drill


200 lbs

2-Year Warranty


ARE 2nd Gen Tacoma Camper Shell

ARE Toyota Tacoma Camper Shell

ARE CX Evolve Truck Cap is your next-level Tacoma camper shell when looking for that elegant style with a touch of innovation and technology. The FIberglass ARE CX Evolve for Toyota Tacoma has outstanding features engineered to have the best experience during overlanding. Even on its Standard model, you’ll feel the difference brought by installing this Tacoma bed canopy. 

The tailgate-formed rear door is one of the industry’s first of its kind. The rear door panel is frameless and relies mostly on your Taco truck’s tailgate mechanism. Integrating these two separate accessories makes your CX Evolve seem like an extension of your Tacoma truck bed while adding an advanced keyless entry feature and OneMotion handle design for easier access. Infusing the ARE CX Evolve with the Tacoma truck bed feels natural as if this truck bed canopy is already an optional accessory for your off-road rig.

Getting the ARE CX Evolve entails many upgrade options, but sticking to the Standard ARE truck cap already gives you that off-road preparedness. All side panels are made from aluminum frames, ensuring that there’s enough access and ventilation to your truck bed. Up top are roof tracks that you can use to mount your roof rack system for better storage organization. As for its interior, a dark gray headliner gives extra insulation on the inside of your truck bed while complementing a 12V LED Dome to shed light when needed. 


  • Designed with aerodynamics in mind
  • Features OneMotion handle design for easier access to your truck bed
  • Lightweight fiberglass construction
  • Requires no drilling for installation

Installation Type

Material Composition

Total Weight


 No Drill (Uses Clamps)


370 lbs

Limited Lifetime Warranty


Tacoma Overland Camper Shell Accessories

A Tacoma camper shell isn’t really complete if you don’t get accessories for it. There are many different options to make your bed cap into an even better one, whether that’s special storage compartments, lights, even kitchens or why not a roof rack to go on top of it. Make sure you choose the right accessories to equip it and upgrade it even further.


Tacoma Camper Shell Roof Rack

tacoma camper shell roof rack

A good roof rack can add cargo carrying space and capacity to any camper shell. Sure, you must get the right roof rack, and not all racks can go over all shells. For example, we don’t recommend any roof rack over a fiberglass shell, since these don’t have a reliable load rating and the material isn’t strong enough to support heavy weights. You can still install some crossbars and use them for lighter items, such as fishing rods, even kayaks, but make sure you are sharing the weight amongst the shell and the rack over the cab. 

Alternatively, we have great options from either Eezi-Awn or Front Runner, which have roof racks for Tacoma camper shells such as RSI, ARE and a few others. Also, we have offer an exterior bed rack to the Softtopper canopies, which turn it into a type of hybrid shell. You can find all three of them below.



Toyota Tacoma Camper Shell Tent

If you add a roof rack to the shell, or basically a canopy rack, and you know the shell you have has a good load rating, then you can think about installing a roof top tent on top of it. A Tacoma camper shell tent gives you the best of all worlds: additional storage space inside the bed cap, as well as a sleeping unit over it, without ever taking away the comfort and space inside your truck cab. As to which tent is a good one, well that depends on you.

However, our recommendation is to choose lighter roof top tents, since you don’t want to over stress your canopy. Unless it’s made of stainless steel and extremely sturdy, you might want to go for roof top tents under 160 lbs. Still, there are plenty of options from hard shell roof top tents to softshell tents, and you can find all of them in the link below.


What To Look For When Choosing A Tacoma Truck Camper Shell


Tacoma Camper Shell Build

When we talk about build we mean design. Do you want a soft top canopy made of canvas? Do you prefer a solid hard camper shell? Do you want a model that can be easily installed and removed? Do you want something that secures almost permanently over your bed? Are you looking for easy access to the bed from all sides? Or perhaps you don’t need it and it’s fine just opening it at the back?

As you can see, all these questions need an answer only you have. Depending on the design, some of these questions will have different answers. If you are looking to lock your bed, keep items in there dry and safe, you want a hard camper shell. If all you need is to increase the cargo carrying space and want to avoid wind, dust and other elements from getting into the bed, a soft shell might be enough.


Tacoma Camper Shell Material

We can say that all the factors to look for are related, and certainly material and design go hand in hand. There are quite a few different materials: aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass and canvas to name a few. Aluminum is durable, lightweight but not as sturdy as stainless steel, which in turn might be a bit too heavy. Fiberglass is strong enough to endure the elements, but not as strong to have a high load rating, and canvas is budget friendly just not as durable or great against the elements. As you can see, depending on the material you choose, you will probably end up being able to use the Tacoma Camper Shell in a way or another.


Tacoma Camper Shell Weight

The weight of the sell is an important factor to consider, as it will mean quite a few things: fuel consumption, cargo carrying capacity, and even affect your speed. Stainless steel bed canopies tend to be the heaviest ones. Amongst their perks are the studiness, weight capacity (what you can put on top of them), as well as durability. Nonetheless, they are heavier, tend to be bulkier and therefore are perhaps harder to mount or just install between one or two people, as well as impacting the fuel consumption and speed of your Tacoma.

A soft top canopy, such as the Softtopper will have a minimal impact on fuel consumption as well as speed. Nonetheless, it will last less and it’s not as waterproof or strong as a metal cap. As you can see, weight is quite related to material, and tends to have more impact on fuel economy than anything else. Consider that.


Tacoma Camper Shell Cost

Cost, directly related to budget. It might sound obvious, but some people forget about this: cost. Do you have a high budget that allows you to afford a top quality Toyota Tacoma camper shell such as RSI or ARE? Or are you looking for something more budget friendly

A Tacoma camper shell cost is a deciding factor, but it doesn’t mean you’re getting a bad cap. You can get budget friendly options, which are clearly found in this article, and still get a great quality model. You can also decide to fully upgrade your Taco and go with the best of the best and spend more. At the end of the day it tends to always come down to value for money, and only you know what the answer to that question is.


Advantages Of A Tacoma Bed Canopy

Truck bed toppers can contribute greatly to your experience in overlanding. Getting one of those heavy-duty and durable Tacoma camper shells provides more than being an enclosed piece of material mounted on your bed. Here are some of the most notable reasons you should get one of these truck bed accessories:


Simple And Straightforward

Truckbed caps are not complicated off-road accessories. They are usually plug-and-play, provided they are specific to your truck model. This means they do not require additional mounting points or strenuous effort to install. You just need to look for the right camper shell for your Tacoma truck, and you can enjoy your bed cover there and then. 


Safe And Secure

Everything placed inside a camper shell enjoys the protection that it intends to bring. A bed canopy for your Tacoma prevents other elements from entering your truck bed. Rainwater, dust, and other particles cannot penetrate and stay on your truck bed because of the protection it provides. Likewise, these bed canopies are built for extreme weather conditions, so your comfort and safety are ensured when sleeping inside your camper bed truck. 


Superior Storage Space

One of the advantages of having this accessory to your Tacoma is extending your storage space up to your truck cab and beyond. If tall cargo equipment needs transport and protection from torrential rainfall, bed canopies can be your quick solution. Likewise, having a camper topper around extends your roof-carrying capability, as they can also serve as an extension for anything that needs to be mounted up top. 


Bonus Advantage: Fuel Efficient

Would you believe installing a Tacoma camper shell can increase fuel efficiency? Since innovative companies and manufacturers carefully consider the design and style of these truck accessories, camper shells provide better aerodynamics when mounted on your truck. They lessen the wind drag and provide smoother cruising while on the freeway. 


Tacoma Camper Shell FAQs


What is a bed canopy used for?

A truck bed canopy provides security and protection to your gear, accessories, and equipment placed on the pickup truck bed. Bed canopies shelter your stuff against extreme weather conditions, external elements, and even theft.


Can you put a camper shell on a Tacoma?

Yes. Installation varies depending on the type of Tacoma camper topper of your choice. There are bed canopies that don’t require additional extensive drilling, while some may suggest modification on your truck bed railings just to accommodate your truck bed cap.


Can you sleep inside a Tacoma camper shell?

Sleeping inside a camper shell is possible, provided that you have figured out how to properly organize everything placed inside the truck bed. Some off-road enthusiasts purchase drawer systems to provide storage for the accessories and a platform for your camping mattress.


Can I install a roof rack over a bed canopy?

Yes. Installing a rack system on top of a bed canopy is possible, provided that you are informed of these factors:

  • Overall Load Rating - this is the total capacity of your Toyota Tacoma truck to handle everything that is mounted over it and placed inside. Your Taco truck is prone to damages and untoward incidents when the weight capacity is exceeded. 
  • Bed Canopy Load Limit - aside from Tacoma’s capacity to mount heavy loads, there are also limitations on how heavy your canopies can withstand. Usually, the load limit of your truck bed canopy depends on the material construction.
  • Track system - some available camper toppers have readily available roof tracks that can hold any compatible roof rack system. These are mounting points to your roof rack accessories that you can utilize depending on your Tacoma camper top.


How do I install a camper shell on my Taco?

Depending on the brand and build of your Tacoma bed canopy, installing this off-road accessory may require additional effort from its users. Some camper topper brands use clamps as mounting points for the truck bed cap, others utilize the truck bed railings as the primary point for attachment, and other brands require drilling to your truck bed to be installed. 

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