TJM Yulara Roof Top Tent Vs. Smittybilt Overlander 2783 Roof Top Tent


We have been getting quite a few questions regarding the Smittybilt Overlander RTT and the TJM Yulara RTT. Many ask which one is better, or our recommendation. Problem is, it is not as easy as saying: “Hey just go ahead and buy this one”. We’re talking about an investment of around a grand, and we really want to give the best possible advice.

The first thing to know is that both tents have many similarities. They are entry level tents, that means that if you are an experienced overlander or have had previous experiences with other roof top tents, then you might be more inclined to go for other RTTs such as Eezi-Awn, CVT or Tepui. 

That said, these two are excellent models for a very affordable price, guaranteeing a good, comfortable use. They are both made in China, but that doesn't mean they are bad quality (you'd be surprise how many RTTs are made in China). They are actually very good and will last long.

We decided to write this short article, comparing the two side by side, giving you the specs, an overview, pros and cons, and then a final opinion. Hopefully, by the end of the read if you were undecided between the two,  you will have a better idea of which one suits you better.

Let’s begin.


TJM Yulara Rooftop Tent

 TJM Yulara Rooftop tent for sale online at off road tents



Size Open

Size Closed

Person Capacity




55” W x 126” L x 51” H

55” W x 48” L x 11” H


115 lbs


On top of the basic features, the Yulara includes a ladder, a rainfly, a 2.5-inch thick mattress and a travel cover.

Taking a look at the specific materials with which the tent is built we can start with the rainfly which is made of 420D polyester waterproof ripstop canvas. This is strong enough and holds perfectly against rain. The inside of the tent is made of poly/cotton 280g/m2, also waterproof canvas, thick enough to hold off any rain, but at the same time breathable enough. In fact, the tent has a smart design, with a raised climate cover sheet, that reduces condensation.

Overall the Yulara is not a 4-season tent, it will not be the best choice for the snow or for lower temperatures, but it definitely is a great choice even under rainy conditions, and especially for spring or summer, when you will want good breathability.

As to the ventilation, the RTT comes with windows on both sides with a pop up awning that gives shade and keeps rain away. As to creatures coming in, as expected, the Yulara has nylon mosquito nets on all windows, all with YKK zippers.

The poles that form the skeleton of the tent are made of aluminum and are 19mm/16mm/1.2mm thick, which is actually very strong and reliable. As to the base of the tent, it is a lightweight, strong, aluminum base.

When it comes to the travel cover, it is extremely durable and probably one of the best. It sounds silly to think a travel cover can actually be reviewed, but the Yulara’s one is made of 1000D waterproof polyester with PVC coating, and it will hold anything off, keeping the tent always safe and dry. It’s excellent.

For a closer inspection of the specs you can look at them in the catalog (download it here for free).


This is an entry-level tent, not exactly a Tepui, Eezi-Awn or CVT. This is for people that want a good but well priced product, but not too fancy or technical. In fact, it is a 2-person tent, meaning it’s a couple’s tent, not a family one.

However, it is very spacious, especially because the length is of 126 inches when open, meaning you’ll fit inside of it pretty damn well, even with bags or other things inside. A good night sleep is guaranteed, as the mattress is 2.5 inches thick, not bad at all.

tjm yulara

Basically, as a stock tent, without annex, a thicker mattress or other stuff, the Yulara will still offer comfort and storage space inside of it. On top of that it’s very light (115 lbs without travel cover or ladder), and easy to mount into any roof rack.

We particularly like it because it’s affordable, it’s lightweight, spacious and comfortable, easy to set up, and very easy to open and close (five minutes and you’re ready). Plus, the quality is really good. It will last for a very long time, and just in case it comes with a standard one-year warranty and TJM is trustworthy to stick to their warranties. 


  • Affordable price
  • Very easy to set up
  • Very fast to open and close
  • Lightweight
  • Very good quality


  • Only suitable for 2 people
  • 3-season tent
  • The ladder is not extendable per se (you need to buy that separately), and it’s not the strongest ladder for an RTT
  • Too basic

Final thoughts:

We personally like the Yulara a lot. It has been picking up a lot of momentum because of the price and the easy set up. TJM is a very reliable brand, and their products are normally very good. We think it’s hard to find a better tent for a price/quality ratio than this one.

Of course, if you want something more innovative, you might want a higher-level tent. The Yulara is very basic, which isn’t bad, but it simply isn’t for every one. We would even venture and say that if you only travel alone or with someone else, and you want an entry-level tent, this is the best choice. 


Smittybilt Overlander 2783 Rooftop Tent

smittybilt jeep top tent 



Size Open

Size Closed

Person Capacity


Smittybilt 2783 


95” W x 56” L x 51” H

47” W x 56” L x 11” H


117 lbs


The Smittybilt Overlander 2783 is another very good entry-level tent, that on top of the traditional travel cover, rainfly, mattress and ladder, it has additional accessories such as an interior LED light, a shoe bag and a cigarette lighter.

The tent specs include a 420D oxford rainfly, and the body of the roof top tent is of 600D waterproof heavy-duty polyester ripstop fabric. Both will hold perfectly against rain and wind, and they are thick enough to keep you warm in a bit of colder weather. Still, this is not a 4-season tent, but it’s strong and reliable.

It has a skeleton made of anodized aluminum poles, and a 2.5cm thick aluminum/polyurethane base. The base itself, like the majority of RTTs, can hold a weight capacity of 300 kilograms.

Something great about the Overlander is the ventilation and airflow. It has 2 side windows covered by a pop-up awning, and two other side doors also covered by an awning. You can get air flowing from all sides while still protected from sun and rain. In addition, it has a great sunroof, much appreciated by many as you can open it in the mornings for sun and ventilation, or at nights to see the starts.

Then of course, the tent has mosquito nets or screens on all windows and doors, with heavy-duty zippers.

The tent itself is quite spacious, it fits 2 people very comfortably, and a third smaller one. It weighs 117 lbs without the mattress, ladder and cover, meaning it’s still a very lightweight tent.

Finally, the travel cover is a good and reliable one, made of 500D PVC, heavy-duty fabric. It will protect the tent from anything. 

For the detailed read of the specs, download the product manual for free here.


Now, time for our review; the Overlander is a very good entry-level tent with two advantages over the Yulara: the capacity as it can fit three, and the accessibility as you can enter to it from two sides.

It has excellent ventilation, a very nice sunroof, and a great set of accessories that some could find very handy. The tent itself is reliable, made of good solid materials, but again, not exactly the higher-level tent that a CVT or Tepui can be.

Small con is how spacious it is inside. Not being as lengthy as the Yulara, you might want to get the annex with it in case you wanted additional space for bags or other things with you. Then, them mattress is only 2 inches thick, so a thicker one could be better.

smittybilt roof top tent with led light

As to the tent, being a model that sells A LOT, there have been of course a few bad experiences. For example, the zippers aren’t always the best and have given trouble to some. Same applies to the aluminum poles, that haven’t been as firm as expected. The tent has a one year warranty, but truth be said, some have experienced trouble with customer service on Smittybilt’s side.

We think this tent is another very good entry-level option. We find it comfortable, easy to access, easy to set up, and then to open and close. We like the design, but still consider it a very basic one (like the Yulara). We like the ladder, which is much better than the Yulara’s, and we especially like the price you have for a tent an some handy accessories. 


  • Affordable price
  • Sleeps 3
  • Lightweight
  • Fast to open and close
  • Great ventilation


  • 3-season tent
  • A bit basic
  • Some trouble with the zippers
  • A thicker mattress might be a good idea

Final thoughts:

If you have a Jeep, you know Smittybilt. What has been your experience with them will pretty much decide for you. Some have mixed feelings about Smittybilt and their products, so despite having a Jeep they have moved away from them when acquiring a roof top tent.

On our opinion, we feel it’s a good tent, a solid and reliable one, which for the price paid offers a good experience. We like the ventilation and easy access, but we do prefer the spaciousness inside the Yulara. However, the Overlander does have a few features that are particularly good, such as the LED light, the shoe bag and the sunroof (a great feature for the evenings).


Wrapping Up

Well, here comes the conclusion. We are going to try and be as objective as possible and give you the information you need. If you want a three-person tent, go for the Overlander. However, if you rarely travel with three people, honestly, the Yulara will offer you probably a more comfortable experience.

The set up of the tents, as well as the opening and closing on each one is very similar, so there is no winner there.

Price wise we are looking at a $100 difference. However, the Smittybilt does include a few additional features (LED light, shoe bag, etc.) that are worth the money.

Quality wise we are looking at similar tents. As said, both are made in China, both are entry level, but both are good for the price paid. It’s hard to find better entry-level tents to be honest.

Also, we understand that if you have a Jeep you might want to pick the Smittybilt Overlander and we encourage you to. However, don’t discard the Yulara, it will serve the same purpose and the experience will be as good.

On a final note, we have experienced a bit of a higher customer satisfaction with the TJM Yulara due to the tents coming with less small-time issues (such as the zippers).

The decision is down to you. Both tents are similar, both are highly recommended, and both offer an extremely reliable and affordable choice. If you still have doubts or questions about anything wee might have skipped, please type them below, or contact us. Our email is and our Toll Free is 844-200-3979.

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  • I’m deciding between these two but I don’t understand how the Yulara open dimension is bigger but yet only can sleep 2 people.


  • My local TJM dealer in Australia won’t stock them as they aren’t popular here and don’t sell the volume. Opting instead for the dearer Darche brand an Australian owned company, also Chinese made to darche specs. However after comparing most popular brands in Australia like ARB, TJM, Darche, Kings ect. they all are of similar design and quality with differing specs, such as canvas thickness, ladder features, zipper quality. So my point is buy what you like and can afford. They all appear to have the same flaw, that is the travel cover isn’t big enough to allow inclusion of bedding and a mattress topper. So I had a custom travel cover made by a local canvas/sail shop.


  • Lauren,

    Thanks a lot for the positive comment, we work as hard as possible everyday to bring useful info to out customers. If you ever need any help, please call us: 844-200-3979. We’d be happy to point you in the right direction!


  • Thank you for the reviews and the comparison. We’re new to roof top tents and can’t wait to make our choice and enjoy our first season with the Wrangler!