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Off Road Tents' "Truck Of The Month" Special Guest Post

At Off Road Tents we had the initiative to write a guest post every month, this way we would be featuring serious overlanders, off-roaders and true outdoor lovers. 

In this feature, anyone could be featured. Every month we will be choosing a new person, based on votes (or "likes") they receive on our Facebook GroupCustomers, readers and followers will be able to read refreshing stories, experiences and tips from other people just like them.

By no means is this a sponsorship or we're asking anything in exchange, simply, if someone feels like it and others want to hear their story, then we publish it so anyone can read it.

This month we are featuring Dan Turbo, the driver of AdventureTaco. Dan tells us about his background, experiences and stories throughout the years.


Dan's Story:

Hey, I'm Dan, the driver of AdventureTaco, and this is my 2000 Tacoma.

AdventureTaco October's Truck of the Month

I got started camping when I was a kid. A small kid - as in, I have memories of camping when I was three or four years old - and I have no idea if that was my first camping experience. Even in these early years, I was curious. It's probably why I liked things like Junior Ranger challenges and fishing, which I presume can be frustrating for others. And, though I didn't realize it at the time, that ability and curiosity would continue to serve me well for the rest of my life.

As I got older and other aspects of life became more important, our family trips became less frequent. Even after I purchased my brand new 2000 Tacoma in late 1999 - the first vehicle I bought for myself - I really only went camping in order to do something else. Whether it was a hike, rafting down a river, or just getting out for the day, we would sleep in the back of the truck, which was all stock and mostly used around the house.


That's how it was for nearly 20 more years - my job in the software industry keeping me close to home and busy much of the time. But that same job ultimately allowed me to retire early and now I roam around the west as much as I can, curious and excited to see what's out there, and experience as much as I can!

AdventureTaco Octobers Truck of the Month

I started building the truck "for real" in 2017, with upgraded suspension and a winch - something that today I'm not sure was the "right" thing to do. Rather, my recommendation to those interested in this hobby - get out there with your vehicle, whatever it is, however it is. Most of the time, that vehicle is already more capable than it's driver, and you'll learn over time what it is that you need to change in order to take the experience to the next level!

AdventureTaco Octobers Truck of the Month

My favorite places are varied. The mountains of Idaho, deserts of California, and the red rock of Utah all call my name. I will literally drive for 24 hours each way in order to spend a few days exploring their secrets.


AdventureTaco Octobers Truck of the MonthAdventureTaco Octobers Truck of the MonthAdventureTaco Octobers Truck of the Month

Home on these trips is a CVT Mt. Shasta tent that I got right near the beginning of my build. For nearly 100 nights a year, this is the place I call home, the views out the windows spectacular. I don't know how I got this lucky.

AdventureTaco Octobers Truck of the Month

You can catch me and my adventures through the stories I tell and pictures I share - and there are many - over at adventuretaco.com. And hey, I've met many the fellow explorer on the trail, the perfect time to share stories and pointers surrounded by the unknown.

And there's nothing better than that!

AdventureTaco Octobers Truck of the Month

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