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Off Road Tents' "Truck Of The Month" Special Guest Post

After a long time, we are retaking our Truck of the Month Posts, featuring serious overlanders and off-roaders who want to share their stories.

The idea is for customers, readers and followers read refreshing stories or tips from other people just like them. The idea is to choose every month a new person, based on votes (or "likes") they receive on our Facebook Group.

This is not a sponsorship or anything, simply, if someone feels like it and others want to hear their story, then we publish it so anyone can read it.

This month we're featuring Sean.

He shares with us his experiences with the Wanaka 55" Roof Top Tent by Guana Equipment on his Toyota Tacoma.


Sean's Story:

My experience with the Guana Equipment Wanaka 55” has been nothing short of incredible. I’m coming up on 6+ months of ownership with the tent and the adventures and places it has brought me has been like nothing before. Let me tell you what makes it so special.

Previously when I went out camping I would use a ground tent. I’d be super uncomfortable the whole night and wake up in the morning with minimal sleep if I could even fall asleep in the first place.

After playing that game for a while and getting frustrated with the whole ground camping cycle I decided it was time to finally get my foot in the door to the Roof Top Tent (RTT) game and let me tell you, I don’t regret a single bit of it.

Wanaka 55" Roof Top Tent

Camping with the Wanaka 55” has changed my overlanding experience into a more enjoyable and exciting time that I had never experienced before while previously exploring. Ground camping was always notorious for me, having to lug around a tent that took up space and set it up every time getting to camp while being in contact with the ground close to animals and elements was never fun for me.

Finally deciding to get into the RTT game and don’t regret the decision one bit. Getting the tent in hand I was speechless as I have never owned one before and my expectations were blown out of the water. My initial impressions were the amount of space and the creator comforts of it was like a no tent I’ve owned before. With the tent mounted on my truck I was eager to get out and use it.

Wanaka 55

My first experience camping in the tent was eye opening. Rolling up to camp I immediately noticed the convenience of setting it up. This meant more time hanging out and enjoying time by camp with friends. Not only was the space noticeable but the better night sleep I got made me question why I didn’t make this decision sooner.

I’m 6 feet tall and have about a 1 foot of head and foot space on either end of me. Having the tent mounted on my truck always with me wherever I go made it so easy to just pack a bag and head out with no intentions other than to have a good time. The ability to have the tent on my truck along with all my gear made it so easy for myself to head to all these places I wanted to go previously but was shied away from because of the ground tent inconvenience.

After using the tent for multiple nights I started to get a good gauge on the benefits this tent had over a ground tent. The most noticeable one being off the ground away from the elements and how comfortable it was. Being elevated off the ground, sleeping on a legit mattress was a massive contributor to having a more enjoyable time out camping. 

I was now getting quality nights sleep upwards of 6+ hours which was unheard of for me when ground camping. Furthermore, being able to fit two full size adults up top with two more down comfortably in the annex is a big plus and allows more freedom traveling with others to share the experience. I also found the annex was a great place to shelter from the elements, take off wet clothes and get warm before heading up into the tent.

Wanaka 55" RTT Annex

The tent is outfitted with more features than I can imagine. Having the interior light strip, multiple storage pockets both on the inside and outside brings so much convenience to the interior as well. It is impossible to not mention the windows/skylights. Two massive skylights and two side windows allows in so much natural light as well as the perfect place to stargaze while staying cozy and dry in the tent is awesome.

Rolling up to camp is the best feeling being able to get out, pitch the tent and just hangout knowing you're going to go to bed and get a quality sleep. The places this tent has taken me has been something I could never imagine and couldn’t be more thankful.

Wanaka 55 RTT

Guana has been a wonderful company through the whole process. Not only do they make awesome products but their customer service from answering my questions to asking about my experiences, they are truly a customer focused company.

If you are having doubts about getting a roof top tent or don’t know what brand to go with let this be your sign. Look no further than Guana Equipment because the experiences and times I’ve had with this tent have been like no other!

Happy Camping!!

Wanaka 55 RTT


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  • Nice read. Looks like a fine roof top tent

    Jack Kearsey