Rapid Switch System

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    Rapid Switch Systems Truck Bed Racks

    Simple and versatile, that's what perfectly defines the Rapid Switch System pick-up truck bed racks. Designed for you to be able to carry on them any type of cargo you can think about, from kayaks, canoes, boards, roof top tents and more. Your cargo carrying capacity has increased with ease.

    These bed racks come with a patent pending system, for the truck rack upright bars to install into flush mount receivers in the bed rail of your pickup or any pickup. These bed rails have multiple mounting points, allowing the upright bars to be repositioned, and that way you can space the crossbars exactly how you need them to for your hauling needs.

    Plus, the Rapid Switch System crossbars are height adjustable, which means once again, flexibility and adaptability for your hauling cargo needs, without compromising the bed space.


    Truck Bed Rack Installation Video: