Father's Day – Off Road Tents

Fathers Day 2022

At Off Road Tents we are proud of all those awesome dads that have raised their children to be adventurers and nature lovers. 

We also understand that unique feeling you get when you hear that beautiful laugh of your child having a good time and we have seen first hand how many times this happens while playing around your roof top tent, truck, bonfire and campsite. 

As providers of overlanding products, we felt the need to create this page to recommend good quality and well priced accessories for your rig to keep the magic happening in every type of camping spot. 

To start, how about some cool lights to ambient your camp site:

  1. FSR Ready Light
  2. KC Hilites Cyclone V2 LEDs
  3. SeeDevil Balloon Light 60W 
  4. If you have a Front Runner Rack: Front Runner 4" Flood Light With Bracket
  5. If you have a Prinsu Rack: Prinsu Ridgeline Handles

Now, our top choices in camping chairs and tables: 

  1. Front Runner Expander Camping Chair
  2. OVS Camping Chair
  3. Eezi Awn Fold A Chair 
  4. Ideal For Dads with Front Runner racks: Stainless Steel Prep Table 
  5. OVS Small Camping Table

 Some of Dad's favorites: Camp Kitchens

  1. iKamper AIOKS Kitchen System 
  2. iKamper AIOKS Kitchen Utensil Rack
  3. Front Runner Camp Kitchen Utensil Set  
  4. Front Runner Dropdown Tailgate Table
  5. Front Runner Spare Tire Mount BBQ Grill

If you haven't found anything that you like or want to see more, please feel free to contact us at any time to our phone: 844-200-3979 or to our email: info@offroadtents.com