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Multi-Use Road Showers - 4 & 7 Gallons - by Road Shower

 At some point in our camping life, after setting up all our gadgets, Roof Top Tents, gear and everything else, we've all said or felt the same feeling: I have everything I need except good shower. 

Well, Road Shower is the perfect solution to this never ending problem. Imagine having the luxury of a instant HOT or COLD pressurized shower that goes wherever your car goes. For us, car camping fans: the dream! 

Best of all, its actually not only a shower, it can be used for so many functions that its ridiculous. From showering, to dish washing, to gear cleaning, to gentle spraying for cooling, to extra drinking water. All of these and more can be done easily with these awesome Road Showers. Just fill it with water from a jug or hose and pump it up with a compressor of bike pump.

There are 2 available sizes to fit every need: 

Road Shower 4S: Capacity 4 Gallons of water. Good for day trips. Perfect for small cars or racks. About 6 minutes of pressurized water if you dial down the pressure. Overall lighter and smaller. 

Road Shower 4: Capacity 7 Gallons of water. Good for multi day trips. Good for midsize cars, trailers, and rack systems. Full Wight 77 lbs, enough for 3-4 showers. About 10 minutes of pressurized water if you dial down the pressure.


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Road Shower - 2 Sizes Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Road shower 7 gallon tank

The person who help me with my order was extremely helpful. I received my order with no problems at all and my husband loves it!

Excellent product

Love the product, use it for the beach, after mountain biking or just rinsing off muddy shoes before getting into the car.

The Road shower has worked flawlessly, installation was a breeze. Only thing I would change is the Velcro straps that hold the hose onto the road shower, not a big deal but maybe put rubber straps that can hold the hose a little easier. would make it one handed instead of needing 2 hands to tighten Velcro

Good communication

I haven't used it waiting for warm weather but good service from off road tents!

.Road Shower 4. Perfect

This thing is awesome! Super easy to mount up and fill! The only issue I had overall was the o-ring/gasket in the female end of the provided hose was defective and caused the connection to leak. I replaced the gasket and it's leak free and running smooth.


Ask a Question
  • The product description states Hot or Cold. How does the water get heated. By solar gain or is there a way to plug into your car and heat it?

    The tank uses available solar radiation to heat the water to a comfortable shower temperature.

  • How much is the extra shower head? Like to buy both the 4S plus the shower head accesorial


    The extra shower flex neck head is $60. Yu can find it CLIKCING HERE.

  • are you including the extra valve and shower head kit as your photos are showing


    No, no extra vlave or kit, just the original Roadshower, with all the specs found in the written description.

  • I want a roadshower but I live in Hawaii is shipping still free?

    No, we're sorry, shipping is only free in the lower 48.

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