Why You Should Get A Roof Rack For Your Vehicle


Have you ever been on a drive that was made uncomfortable by a lack of space? You were forced into an awkward position because your vehicle was cramped with so much stuff. Whether you are going for a short vacation or on business, the quality of your drive and time spent in the car make a huge difference to your trip. This is where roof racks come in handy.


What Is A Roof Rack? 

A roof rack is made out of a base and crossbars that allow you to safely store different types of gear on top of your car. 

Although most cars come with pre-fitted roof bars or roof rails, roof racks are accessories you can easily install to improve the functionality of your vehicle. 

Roof racks vary in size and design. You can get a full rack that requires no drilling, such as the Prinsu Rack Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen. It comes with 2 tie-down rings and is ideal for rooftop tents, water tanks, and fishing rods. 

The Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack Kit, on the other hand, is ideal for rough rides and Overlanding or camping trips. It comes with a pair of Rail Foot Bases, a rubber padded Grab-On Foot, a Slimline II Tray, and a Wind Deflector Tray. This heavy-duty roof rack, while easy to install and take down, can carry kayaks, surfboards, and rooftop tents without any problem. 


Front Runner Slimline II 1/2 Roof Rack Kit For Ford Excursion 2000-2005


The Benefits Of Having A Roof Rack 

Are Roof Racks Worth It?

If you are mulling over getting a roof rack for your car, it is best to know the benefits of having one: 


Cali Raised LED Toyota Tacoma Overland Bed Rack 2005-2022


1. Roof Racks Increase Your Cargo Capacity.

You can never go wrong with having ample storage space. Even spacious vehicles such as sedans and SUVs have cargo limitations. When you go Overlanding, you have to pack extra fuel, bottles of water or a water filtration system, tents, mattresses, camping chairs, and a portable kitchen or latrine. When you have a roof rack, you don’t have to worry about stuffing your cargo or the inside of your car with your bags and other belongings.

2. Roof Racks Enhance Leg Room.

Gone are the days when you had to maximize the storage in your car by stuffing little items below the car seats. When you have a roof rack, you no longer have to compromise your comfort for the entire ride in exchange for increased storage. Everyone can fit inside the car with room to stretch their legs because all the luggage will be properly stowed in the cargo area or on the roof rack. So if you want to enhance the interior comfort of your car, installing a roof rack is a practical solution.

3. Roof Racks Improve Driving Safety.

Navigating through rough roads and different types of terrain when the boot of your car is packed to its maximum capacity can be a challenge. The extra weight from your packed belongings will encumber your driving and even cause the engine to overheat. Additionally, squeezing heavy pieces of baggage into the car while driving could harm parts of the vehicle, including the windscreen. When you have a roof rack installed, the weight of your bags and other items will be better distributed throughout the car.

4. Roof Racks Keep Your Things Organized And Secure.

You pack different types of things when you go on long-haul trips, ranging from food and water to fuel and sleeping bags. Even when these things are stored in separate boxes or bags, putting them all in one place would still pose hygiene and safety risks. When you have a roof rack, you can organize your things better while keeping them secure at the same time. When you’ve arrived at your Overlanding or camping site, you can lock your things on the roof rack system and continue with your itinerary.

5. Roof Racks Boost Fuel Efficiency.

A heavily loaded cargo creates drag and consumes more fuel. When you attach a roof rack to your vehicle, it generates a more aerodynamic profile that reduces wind resistance. As a result, your car consumes less fuel. 

Roof racks add distinction to the looks of your car, enhance its safety and functionality, and make every ride comfortable. Invest in a roof rack system and see the huge difference it makes!


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