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Off Road Tents' "Truck Of The Month" Special Guest Post

We're finally back with our awesome initiative featuring special guests. These are serious off-roaders, true outdoor lovers, and overlanders. 

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This month we are featuring Amos M Chase, a true off-road adventurer, who shares with us some of his experiences as an overlander.

Amos M Chase's Story: ORGAN3, The Off-Road & Expedition Subaru Crosstrek

Camping, it’s in my blood. Ever since I could remember, I’ve always loved road trips and being out in the middle of nowhere. It always brought a sense of clarity and rejuvenation to my life.

One of my most memorable trips during my formative years as a teen, my friends and I did an incredible 7 day back-packing trip through Utah during spring break while traveling in a 2006 Subaru Forester. I would later pick up an 05 Forester as my first car because of how much that trip molded me.

Amos M Chase April's Truck of the Month

I gravitated in my teenage years to admiring off road vehicles and rooftop tents and I swore I would follow in their footsteps one day. And each day it feels more and more like I’m achieving that goal.

When I was in high school I became fascinated with the orange Crosstreks and soon after began learning of the potential these Subaru vehicles had. They were the underdogs of the off-road community and always had a special charm to me.

Amos M Chase April's Truck of the Month

I began selling Subaru’s in 2019 and quickly realized my dream of owning the orange Crosstrek could become my reality and everything lined up perfectly so I could get the car I wanted. But I knew I had to go all out and got the matching ORANG3 plates (the E wasn’t available).

Next was the rooftop tent. I picked the Tepui Ayer 2 for its affordable Qualities and rugged materials with the blue and dark rain fly, complementing the Orange of my favorite colored Crosstrek.

Amos M Chase April's Truck of the Month

I also picked up the tent liner because winter camping and braving the elements in Colorado was a necessity. With that and a couple sleeping bags suited for different weather conditions I began camping regularly at the beginning of Covid in April of 2020.

The pandemic made it easier to go explore and check out new places because it was the only activity I could safely do alone or with my significant other. We started adding better cooking equipment, better lights like the Revel Gear string lights, lithium battery chargers and the BioLite Fire Pit as we grew more experienced.

Amos M Chase April's Truck of the Month

We’ve braved heavy rains, snow storms, camping close to fires during the epic fire season in Colorado of 2020, and extreme heat in Utah and have come out more experienced and filled with many great memories that I’ll always remember. I also document as much as I can with my phone and cameras, which led to being shared by the official Subaru of America social media in August of 2020.

Since buying my rooftop tent I’ve spent 80-90 nights in it and haven’t had to do hardly any maintenance to it yet. Camping was always the primary goal and I’m now just starting to add mods such as a lift and skid plate to help get us to more remote and interesting camping spots and brave whatever trails lie ahead.

Amos M Chase April's Truck of the Month

But despite all the challenges the terrain may bring, if we can’t make it up the path, we know we’ll be okay setting up wherever we are when the sun sets.


Amos M Chase



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  • Amos,

    This is an excellent article sir. Thank you for the details.


    Richard Chase

  • I just love your story !
    It sounds amazingly fun!
    Icela Pabon

    Icela Pabon