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Top 5th Gen 4Runner Roof Racks

"I've been stressed out lately. I wanted to go to a quick weekend camping getaway, but I just can't get that enough storage space in my Toyota 4Runner. I need to bring all my overlanding stuff, gear and equipment and just relax, take a deep breath and meditate. Think for a while and enjoy nature."

Those were the exact words my brother told me, as I looked at him while we were having a pulled pork sandwich in my backyard. He needed a rack, but which one? Where do you start when you need a roof rack for your Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen? A great rig, deserves the best rack.

So I thought of making a research about his problem and the possible solution for it. And I found out that to be able to mount rooftop tents, overlanding gear and accessories, and anything essential for your outdoor trip, you want a reliable ROOF RACK mounted to your vehicle. There were so many kinds of platform racks available in the market, and they all look similar! Then I thought, why not make a comparison of each roof rack?

bajar rack roof rack toyota 5runner 5th gen

Spoiler Alert: This blog is intended for Toyota 4Runner 5th Generation users, which are released from 2010 to 2022.

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Features To Consider In A 4Runner Roof Rack

The Best 4Runner 5th Gen Roof Racks

Gobi Stealth Roof Rack

Front Runner Slimline II

Baja Rack Standard Basket Rack

Prinsu Full Roof Rack

RCI Full Roof Rack

Eezi Awn K9 Roof Rack

Thule EVO Crossbars

Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform Roof Rack

Features To Consider In A 4Runner Roof Rack:

Going back, these are the things I considered in choosing the right roof rack for my brother's Toyota 4Runner 5th Generation. I started taking the initiative to list all the features for a roof rack for Toyota 4Runner 2010 to current model, since his car was under this category. 

  • Compatibility - Of course this is the utmost priority to the list. Buying something that isn't usable is a waste of money. Yes there are generic roof racks out there, but it is much safer, and lesser stress to buy something built for a Toyota 4Runner.
  • Size - Yes! Size does matter! Different roof racks have different sizes and dimensions. These are sometimes not taken into consideration. There's a very big difference between a full-length roof rack, and those that covers just the half of your roof. 
  • Materials - Would you have something that wouldn't last long? Well, you won't be satisfied definitely! Its composition, components and material structure should be considered definitely.
  • Installation - There are roof racks that need drilling, for permanent usage. There are those that doesn't. Mount it up, screw it in and just trust the process and pray that your mount won't fall off!
  • Additional Accessories - This one is kind of personal to me. Well, you'll probably won't use your RTT every time, right? What will you do with your rack in case there's no mounted tent? Can it mount a bike, let's say? How compatible it is to other roof rack accessories? I think, this is where you'll get your money's worth. 
  • Price - well speaking of money's worth. This matter should not be taken lightly. You choose the roof rack that is cheap, you'll end up more stressed than ever. 

There are many more buying points to consider definitely. Color, package inclusion, style, etc. In a nutshell, if you don't research well, you'll end up buying the cheap, easy to break, hazardous roof rack. Of course, you would not want that. 

And so I started making a list of roof racks that can be used for his Toyota 4Runner. I found the best brands that are capable of being the solution to my anyone's rack "problem". Let's go and take a look at the list.


The Best Roof Racks For Toyota 4Runner 5th Generation (2010-2022)

Let us start listing out the off road roof racks that are available, compatible and perfect for Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen. I repeat, our ride is categorized under this specification, so I will list 5th Generation Toyota 4Runner racks. If you happen to stumble across this blog, looking for 4th Gen or 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner, don't you worry! I will include some to help get you started.


Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack Kit Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen.

Slimline II Roof Rack Kit for Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen

The Front Runner for the 4Runner. Slimline II Roof Rack is one of the best there is for this category. This brand is known for outdoor gear and equipment. They are already established in this business, and they definitely are capable supplying your roof rack.

Buying Points:

  • Compatibility : ✅ This rack looks awesome and compatible to Toyota 4Runner 5th Generation. They are specifically engineered to the 4Runner, and while I researched Slimline II, wow! They have a wide selection of racks, designed specifically to any type of vehicle!
  • Size: ✅ The Slimline II Tray measures about 1255 mm x 2166 mm, a full-sized rack that covers the entire 4Runner roof! However, there's a 3/4 roof rack available for 4Runner.
  • Materials: ✅ T6 Aluminum and 3CR12 Stainless steel. Sounds sturdy but I'll give you a background to it. T6 aluminum are those that have the maximum yield strength, meaning they are the strongest aluminum available. On the other hand, 3CR12 stainless steel are those that are water-resistant, which means they resist mild corrosion and wet abrasion. 
  • Installation: ✅ Drilling is required. But can be easily installed to the existing mounting points found on your Toyota 4Runner. 
  • Additional Accessories: ✅ This variant of Slimline II Roof Rack has a taller clearance than the regular variant. This basically means that there's an additional space present between the 4Runner's roof, and the roof rack. You can mount your Front Runner Table, or any other gear compatible underneath. 
  • Price: ✅ You can check the price clicking the button below. Plus points for the Limited Lifetime Warranty and Free Shipping!


Prinsu Full Roof Rack Bundle Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen

Prinsu Full Rack Toyota 4Runner 5th Generation

Prinsu is proudly American-made. So questions about quality and durability is off the table. This brand actually offers bundled roof rack, so in case you need some additional mount for LED lights, there's an option for that. But in general, this is a decent roof rack for your Toyota 4Runner. 

Buying Points:

  • Compatibility : ✅ The Prinsu full rack matches the Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen. easily. They are a great pair when it comes to outdoor adventure.
  • Size: ✅ This is a full-sized rack, covers the entire 4Runner's roof. But there are variants like 7/8 roof rack and 3/4 roof rack both available for the 5th Generation Toyota 4Runner. If you are looking for smaller racks, they might be your option.
  • Materials: ✅ 5052 aluminum tracks higher fatigue strength material made of aluminum alloy with magnesium and chromium, powder coated in satin black texture plus a black zinc finish for added style.
  • Installation: ✅ Non drilling roof rack. The rails have 3 mounting tabs each that will allow you to bolt the rack into the 4 factory mounting holes. 
  • Additional Accessories: ✅ As I have said in my introduction, the Prinsu Full Rack bundle gives you the freedom to add extra accessories like LED mounts, a variety of wind deflectors, plus there's a pair of Prinsu tie down rings included!
  • Price: ✅ Check out the button belo for the price.



Eezi Awn K9 Roof Rack Kit Toyota 4-Runner 2010-2021

Eezy Awn K9 Roof Rack Kit for Toyota 4Runner

Eezi-Awn is another company that can compete with leading brands worldwide. Why? This South African brand produces the toughest and most durable outdoor gear. They have the capability to test their products because as we all know, South Africa has the most diverse off-road trail. So moving on, the K9 Roof Rack Kit model of Eezi Awn is definitely one for the books in term of durability and toughness. This is one of its strongest point.

Buying Points:

  • Compatibility : ✅ Eezi-Awn K9 racks are compatible with 4Runner 5th Gen. Also, they have variants that are available for 4th Generation and 3rd Generation Toyota 4Runners.
  • Size: ✅ What is good about K9 Eezi-Awn rack is that there are numerous sizes to choose from. You can choose from 5 sizes for this brand.
  • Materials: ✅ All anodized aluminum composition. The process of anodization gives the metal, in this case the aluminum, a decorative, corrosion-resistant, anodic-oxide finish, further strengthening the metal.
  • Installation: ✅ Drilling is NOT required. You can install this roof rack by yourself- in approximately 1 to 2 hours at maximum! Talk about easy-installation!
  • Additional Accessories: ✅ When no RTT is mounted, the K9 platform rack can mount several accessories like Jerry Can holders, Recovery Gear and the likes, because every purchase of Eezi Awn gives you a complete set of bolt on accessories


Gobi Stealth Roof Rack w/ LED Light Bar Setup Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen.

Gobi Stealth Roof Rack Toyota 4Runner 5th Generation

GOBI is a high-quality brand specializing in building durable and attractive utility roof racks using only the highest-grade materials to create modern design concepts. With this roof-rack from Gobi, you can have the option to mount additional LED lighting system without a hassle! Do take into account, the Gobi Stealth platform rack is made on order, and tents to have a long lead time.

Buying Points:

  • Compatibility : ✅ The Gobi Stealth is perfect for those that have future plans on installing LEDs using their racks, as this rack system has pre-installed light bar mount. 
  • Size: ✅ A full-sized rack that offers two variants. You can choose from the roof rack with sunroof, or the one without.
  • Materials: ✅ Gobi produces a high-quality roof rack that is made in the USA. If you aren't convinced with this, I don't even know what will.
  • Installation: ✅ Drilling is NOT required. With fewer screws than any other system, GOBI Racks are 100% fully welded roof racks and use only the screws needed to secure the racks to the vehicle, making it noise and rattle free.
  • Additional Accessories: ✅ The package inclusion of Gobi Stealth is different from the rest. They have added GOBI rear ladder as part of the package! This one's a sweet combination! Plus, the Gobi Stealth is capable of mounting numerous off-road accessories!


BajaRack Standard Basket Rack (Long) With Mesh Floor Toyota 4Runner 2010-2021

BajaRack Standard Long Basket Rack for Toyota 4Runner 5th Generation

BajaRack provides adventure equipment for over several years now, expanding from USA, to South America and even to Europe. Well, that says a lot with regards to the quality of product they sell. This company provides outdoor gear, keeping always their philosophy; "To offer our customers the best products in the market that they will enjoy and be proud of owning for many years." And they stay true to that! Check out this roof rack from BajaRack:

Buying Points:

  • Compatibility : ✅  Not only it is compatible with the Toyota 4Runner 5th Generation, there's also an option considering your sunroof! Well that's a breather!
  • Size: ✅ As the title says, this is a Long Standard version of their roof rack. BajaRack also offers several variants of their roof racks such as Flat Roof Rack w/ Mesh Floor and Standard Basic Sized roof-rack, all for Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen.
  • Materials: ✅ Steel materials are sized 1" at most with epoxy primer finish, enabling rust and corrosion resistance. What's interesting here is its mesh flooring. These are included for safety and easy mounting of your cargo.
  • Installation: ✅ Drilling NOT is required. Guaranteed easy installation to the factory mounting points present on your Toyota 4Runner!
  • Additional Accessories: ✅ There's a bundle sale for this roof rack that comes together with a rear ladder. Buying this combo will definitely save you some bucks! 
  • Price: ✅ For price rate of BajaRack, click the button below.


RCI Full Length Roof Rack for 4Runner 5th Gen

RCI Full Length Roof Rack System for Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen

The full-length roof rack by RCI is one of their newest products, entirely designed to fulfill 4Runner enthusiast's needs. This roof rack system promotes minimalist concept, but still serving its purpose. If you are a fan of low-profile, sleek and stylish roof rack, this is the best fit for you!

Buying Points:

  • Compatibility : ✅ It is definitely compatible to the 5th Generation Toyota 4Runner. Plus, it doesn't require the removal or alteration of your roof antenna.
  • Size: ✅ Though there's only one size for Toyota 4Runner, what they offer is a solid product that definitely worth to consider.
  • Materials: ✅ 5052 aluminum component and anodized parts, epoxy primer finish. This will absolutely step up the quality of the roof rack. Durability at its finest!
  • Installation: ✅ Drilling NOT is required. Entirely bolt on design utilizes existing roof rack mounting holes and rubber load bearing pads at front of rack. Setting up takes only a quarter of your hour!
  • Additional Accessories: ✅ You get to have the possibility of removing and adding slats to make room in adding a bike rack, cargo boxes, jack lifts, and most of all, your RTT!
  • Price: ✅  To know the price for this sleek roof rack, click the button below.


Thule Evo WingBar Cross Bars For Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen With Roof Rails

Thule Evo Wingbar Rack Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen


Let us somehow deviate from the usual in this list. Of course, I wouldn't let this brand not enter this list of Best Roof Rack Kit for Toyota 4Runner 5th Generation. Thule is one of the biggest rack brands in the world and they've earned that position in the industry due to their high quality standards of manufacturing and outstanding reliability. So let's take a look at their WingBar Cross Bar.

Buying Points:

  • Compatibility : ✅ For starter, this load bar will only work if your 4-Runner comes with the OEM roof rails. These are the railing found above your roof, from front to back. 
  • Size: ✅ This type of rack is different from the rest. Sometimes called load bars, the cross bar from Thule offers just that. Two pieces of high-strength steel that goes perpendicular to your roof railings. If you think it's weird and not sturdy, THINK AGAIN.
  • Materials: ✅ BoxBeam internal structure,  a characteristic unique to Thule crossbars, creates an exceptionally strong load bar that is outstandingly reliable.
  • Installation: ✅ Except for the roof rails, there are no other option for you. However, if you have the 4th Generation or 3rd Generation Toyota 4Runner, there's a bundle of Thule Crossbars with OEM roof railings.
  • Additional Accessories: ✅ One good advantage of Thule Cross Bar is its ability to mount different accessories, despite its low-profile and sleek design. Its performance can still match up with any other full-sized roof rack on the list!
  • Price: ✅  Intrigued by the cross bar from Thule? Check their rates click the button below.


Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform Kit for Toyota 4Runner 2010-2021

Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform Kit Toyota 4Runner 5th Generation

This platform rack right here is the most durable, most reliable and most outstanding platform rack in the market. The Pioneer Platform Rack from Rhino-Rack measures 76" x 49", a few inch short to be a full-sized rack. This might be the ideal rack size for your Toyota 4-Runner 5th Generation. 

Buying Points:

  • Compatibility : ✅  No problem at all. Compatible with the Toyota 4Runner 2010-2021 models. Plus, there are several variants of roof rack system available!
  • Size: ✅ As what have mentioned, it's a few inch short to become a full-sized rack. For me, this is the ideal size for the Toyota 4Runner, a low-profile, sleek and minimalist style. Not too big, not too small, just right! 
  • Materials: ✅ Reinforced nylon and aluminum. These materials are lightweight, but durable. Plus, Rhino-Rack tested their roof racks to the harshest weather condition, so it's a guarantee that this won't fail you!
  • Installation: ✅ If you have your roof rails removed, or your 4Runner doesn't have that OEM roof rails, then this is absolutely perfect for your use!
  • Additional Accessories: ✅ Generally compatible with other outdoor accessories. And, additional rail kits are available at minimal cost for the roof rack's added stability. 
  • Price: ✅  Want to know the price for Rhino-Rack's Pioneer Platform Rack? Click the button below.


Let's Wrap It Up:

The list above is a short list of what I consider the best options available. However, there are other roof racks to choose from. 

Whichever roof rack is on this list, they are guaranteed yo be tough, long-lasting, durable and reliable! 

I hope this list did help you make your decision on the best roof rack system for your Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen. Just remember the buying points that I have shared to you, and you'll be good from there!

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