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5 Of The Best Roof Top Tents & Ideal Rack Options For Your Toyota 4Runner Vehicle

Toyota 4Runner 3rd Gen, 4th Gen, 5th Gen, all great vehicles. We’re looking at a historic model that has been around for decades, impressing year after year, creating debates on whether it’s one of the best and longer lasting rigs out there or if there are better options.

Regardless of said debate, we can all agree on something: 4Runners are a great vehicle. 

Another great thing about them, is that most mods you do to them, end up looking great. Whether that’s racks, suspensions, recovery equipment, new tires, rock sliders, you name it: the 4Runner will own them like almost no other car out there can. 

Another great thing about them is their off-road performance, and how it has earned the 4Runner a spot amongst the preferred rigs for overlanders.

At Off Road Tents we help you equip, modify or build your vehicle with some of the best, if not the best, aftermarket accessories, racks and roof top tents in America.

This article has the purpose of recommending some of the best rooftop tents in the market for a Toyota 4Runner, whether that’s 3rd, 4th or 5th Gen. From 1995 to 2021, we’ve got you covered not only for the best tents, but also the best possible roof racks to carry these tents or gear and accessories. 

That said, this article will mention some of the best possible options for roof rack tents, but these are not the only options. There are many others which you can look at HERE, or you can shoot us an email and we’ll advice you.

However, we’ll start first with some basic information that you will want to know if you’re just getting started with tents, camping, overlanding and such. 

We will go over roof rack systems that will suit your 4Runner for carrying these RTTs and to allow you to use that rack for the rest of the year and actually find useful purpose to it.

Then, we will cover the best roof top tents for a Toyota 4Runner, in no particular order. We are not choosing one over another as we know there are many factors such as budget, people camping in the, time of the year, location, etc.

It’s just a list with very reliable recommendations on models of very, very high quality. 

Let’s go.


Roof Racks For Toyota 4Runner: 

Before purchasing a roof top tent you need to know the basics of roof racks. We have shared this information on our blog posts “Will My Car Work With A Roof Top Tent?” and “Best Roof Racks For RTTs”. However, we’ll just cover the basics really quick.

Most roof top tents go from at least 100 lbs to even 220 lbs. that depends on design, materials, size, etc. The point is that they can be heavy, and your vehicle needs to be properly equipped to carry them safely. 

That means, that as a norm you want a rack or crossbars that can handle at least 165 lbs of weight when the car is moving. That is known as the DWC or Dynamic Weight Capacity.

When the vehicle is static, parked, the term changes and it’s called SWC or Static Weight Capacity. Normally, the SWC is much larger than the DWC, generally at least 3 times as much. If your rack or cross bars are 165 lbs DWC, then your SWC will be around 450 lbs or more.

Most rack manufacturers, rack sellers, and even vehicle manufacturers that sell their cars with stock racks will always give you the DWC. If a rack says it can hold say 120 lbs, that’s the DWC not the SWC.

They will give you what the rack can handle when you are driving.

Now, of course there are different types of racks, some are much better suited to carry larger weights than others.

For example, the Front Runner Slimline II roof rack platform for Toyota 4Runners all have a 660 lbs static load rating. That means, that when you are parked, the rack can hold 660 lbs of weight easily and very, very safely. 

Your tent, and at least 3 people inside of it no problem whatsoever.

Prinsu 4Runner roof racks can also handle a great amount of weight, over 550 lbs safely, securely and easily, even more.

The Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform can also handle weights over 600 lbs, and the Backbone system both the crossbars and the platform rack, can handle even more.

Another fantastic option is the Eezi-Awn K9 platform rack, which can also hold over 600 lbs of weight.

Finally, one of our biggest recommendations is the Gobi Stealth Roof Rack, which can also handle over 650 lbs of SWC, making it a perfect partner for your car top tent. 

Any of the above-mentioned choices will safely allow you to carry ANY rooftop tent, and camp with even 5 or more people. You are in safe hands.

These are all premium brands, widely known for making high quality, safe, secure and long-lasting products, which can all go off road, endure very tough trails and still not give any trouble. 

You prefer crossbars? No worries simply look for those who can handle larger weights. Preferably, cross-bars that mount onto the trackmounts of your vehicle, as they are the stronger ones. If you go for grab on ones (grab onto the siderails of your car), or bare roof mounting cross bars, please be cautious and make sure they are not loosening after longer periods of use with the tent on top of them. 

Time to look at the tents.


Roof Top Tents For Toyota 4Runner

We'll look at various models, both hard top tents as well as softshell tents. The difference on one or the other is based on your needs, but as we've mentioned, a Toyota 4Runner is an outstanding vehicle for any type of RTT.


Tepui Autana Ruggedized 3:

autana ruggedized 3 toyota 4runner

Tepui has been in the American roof top tent game for almost a decade. You think of an RTT and probably one of the first brands that comes to mind is Tepui. They are a synonym of experience and quality.

The Autana Ruggedized 3 is a great model, since it's not too big, and it's incredibly rugged.

The Ruggedized features make their canvas one of the toughest in the market, with a very strong and durable aluminum plate base. This is a true 4 season tent, that will provide coverage and enough insulation even during colder months. It'll withstand any heavy rain and really strong winds.

The Autana Ruggedized comes in Olive Green and Haze Gray, two very attractive colors to choose from. And they will certainly look well over your 4Runner.

If you want a durable tent, for camping in colder and rougher areas, then this should be one of the first models you look for!


FSR High Country 80” Premium Roof Top Tent: 

fsr high country 80 premium roof top tent

FSR or Free Spirit Recreation is an Oregon based RTT brand that has been designing very different models than pretty much anyone else in the world.

Their High Country Series kind of mixes the best of both worlds: ease of opening and closing the tent in less than 60 seconds, yet a very large sleeping footprint.

The High Country 80” Premium has space to easily fit 4 adults, and even a family of 5 with 2 adults and 3 children.

With such a great design, opening and closing the tent literally takes a matter of just less than 60 seconds, just like a hardshell, despite being a softshell.

The Premium features include an extra layer of insulation on the canvas, meaning that it is thicker and tougher against colder weather, a true 4-season tent. It’ll keep you warm and dry inside. It has a very soft and comfortable mattress and the best of all are the large windows on all sides of the tent, giving you a great air flow and ventilation, reducing condensation, and allowing you to have 360 views.


Guana Equipment Wanaka 55” Roof Top Tent Setup:

guana equipment wanaka 55 rooftop tent for toyota 4runner

The newest version of the Wanaka 55” soft-shell car tent by Guana Equipment comes with some interesting improvements: a 620D polyester ripstop canvas (thicker than before), which is ideal for less condensation and more breathability.

The tent also has a 3” thick hi-density foam mattress and the tent includes a bunch of accessories with it: anti-condensation mat, an LED light strip, 2 boot bags, a utility net under the base, and an XL annex, the largest in the market.

This particular annex comes with a removable floor that you just zip on or off, as well as 3 awning doors. The 3 entrance doors to the annex room can be opened up and used as 3 awnings, increasing the footprint of your camping setup by a lot. Of course, the tent includes 6 poles to hold these doors.

wanaka roof top tent on toyota 4runner

Other improvements includes a silver coating on the rainfly and inner side of the canvas, providing better shade and insulation. The base of the tent is diamond plate aluminum, the toughest, which will prevent dents or piercings into the tent, and it is now coated in black.

It's big enough for 3 people to sleep comfortably in it. Quality is great, and will not take the whole space over the roof of your 4Runner. It’ll take 2/3 or just half of it. In case you have a platform rack over your rig, then you can use the rest of the space to carry other gear and items, such as MaxTrax, water tanks, RotoPax or other rack accessories.

Needless to say. It’ll be a perfect fit for your Toyota 4Runner.


iKamper Skycamp 2.0 Roof Top Tent:

ikamper skycamp hardshell rooftop tent 4runner

We wanted to mention other iKamper models, and honestly any model they have, from the X-Cover to the Skycamp Mini will work more than fine with your 4Runner.

However, we still think the Skycamp 2.0 is probably the best fit. The Skycamp Mini has a revolutionary design, a smaller footprint, great for smaller vehicles, SUVs or pick-up truck beds. Nevertheless, the 4Runner is a big and string truck, with a long and wide roof that can hold a big tent like the Skycamp 2.0. 

The Skycamp 2.0 can comfortable fit 4 people, ideal for camping with your family. They personally manufacture ALL their tents in their factory in South Korea. The quality is unquestionable, the design was the first one of its class, and all the accessories you can add to the tent (shoe bags, storage shelves, insulation layers), are not only of great quality, but very easy to install onto the tent.

The strong outer shell and thickness of the canvas, make it a 4 season roof top tent, suited to withstand the strongest winds and heavier rains. This is a tent that has been used by overlanders all over the world, from Mongolia, to Australia, from Alaska to Argentina and even in Surinam, right in the middle of the Amazon rainforest.


Eezi-Awn Blade Hardshell Roof Top Tent:

eezi-awn blade rtt


Before you jump into conclusions, yes, the Blade is not pictured over a Toyota 4Runner, but over a GX. Regardless of the picture, this tent is a great fit for any 4Runner.

The footprint of the tent is big: 87" L x 57" W, but that's not a problem for a 4Runner.

The great thing about the blade is the outer aluminum shell, incredibly resistant, durable and strong. The inside of the tent has a taller area in the rear, which allows you to leave all bedding inside of it.

This hardshell roof top tent will fit 2 adults really comfortably. One of the best features it has, is the possibility of adding crossbars to the top outer shell, which allow you to carry MaxTrax, or other gear on top of the tent itself!

Made in South Africa, it has been tested on the toughest off road conditions, and this is a truly high quality tent.


Let’s Wrap It Up:

A Toyota 4Runner is one of the best vehicles out there for off roading, overlanding or testing new trails. These are incredibly high quality vehicles, every single version is excellent. Whether you have a 3rd Gen 4Runner, a 4th gen 4Runner or a 5th Gen 4Runner, they are all more than capable cars for a roof top tent.

We listed different models, from different brands, designs, dimensions and materials. All of them suit different people and different uses in different situations. You might be overlanding in South California, or you might be up in Maine, or in Colorado or North Carolina.

Regardless of where you are, we wanted to cover different types of roof rack tents, that will be great for your 4Runner and your different needs.

Read about them, inform yourself about them, and then make a decision on picking one of them. You can contact us and we will gladly give you some advice.

Don’t forget to equip your vehicle with the right roof racks, as this is one of the most important things about using a roof top tent.

If you own another vehicle and are still looking for tents, here are the best roof top tents.

ALSO, if you would like to share info, pictures or anything roof top tent or overland related, please feel free to do so Joining Our Facebook Group HERE.


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    Do you know what is the brand of the roof rail on the iKamper 2.0 pic above with 4Runner?

  • Posted on by Karsten Koberg

    Hi Evan,

    So, if you’re getting a new 5th Gen and want to get a good rack, you’ll probably have to drill into the roof anyways.

    It won’t matter if it has side rails or not, you’ll still remove them and drill onto the roof to get a good rack.

    All the options we suggested in the article are pretty solid.

  • Posted on by Evan Malone

    Love this article. I have another question, I’m going to get a new 4runner, is there a rack and rooftop tent that would be the best for changing out when I get a new car? I have a 5th gen.
    Thanks for everything
    (I wonder if it’s better to get one without a rack and just get the rack after I get a new car.?)

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