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    Collection of Car Awnings & Annexes For Rooftop Tents

    You might ask yourself why buy an Awning? What is the purpose? Well, Awnings are some of the most handy items or accessories to have when you are an avid overlander, camper or if you love taking day trips in the outdoors. In less than 30 seconds they set up, and will give you a nice area of shade and protection from water or UV rays. Sit below them, enjoy the view, or a a cold beer whilst not burning completely.

    Off Road Tents has awnings and annexes from different manufacturers and brands so that you can have an even better off road adventure. Awnings and annexes from brands such as: Tepui Tents, TJM, Odin Designs, iKamper, ARB, Smittybilt and HIT Tents are available and for sale online. Use them alongside your roof top tent and set up camp in the best possible way.

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