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    Zarges Storage Aluminum Cases

    Zarges is a German brand that was established in 1933 and has more than 87 years of experience developing the toughest aluminum cases in the industry.

    It is the worldwide market leader manufacturer of aluminum cases for all types of uses and we're very proud to be their distributors. 

    These are weatherproof, rugged & durable aluminum stackable cases, which you can find on different sizes,

    This K 470 universal box series offers 25 sizes with capacities that range from 13 L to 829 L. You can choose the one that best fits your need on the variants of the product above. 

    They are built to be stackable, extremely lightweight, impervious to UV, wind, rain, water, corrosion and very strong. In fact, they are so strong that Zarges has a IGBC Grizzly Bear Resistance Certification! Crazy but true. 

    Inside this awesome looking boxes you'll be able to safely store from cameras, drones or guns all the way to clothes, food or water on all your car camping adventures without having to worry about the elements along the way. Basically the perfect overlanding storage container.