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Do you have a Jeep and you want a Roof Top Tent? Then this article might help you decide just which model is suitable for you.

Roof top tents have become a very trendy product amongst those who like camping, overlanding or simply have a passion for the outdoors. With spring already with a foot in the door and summer just around the corner, it’s normal to see many pictures, comments or better, rigs showing off their car top tents around.

Not only that, but knowing the great love and respect there is in America towards Jeeps, you can see many asking around which are the best jeep tents for sale, or which Jeep rooftop tents they should buy. 

We decided to give a hand to them and write a short article with some useful information about the different models out there that look well with a Jeep. Of course, most RTTs have been designed to fit most off road or 4x4 vehicles, meaning Jeeps would be fine with most tents, from softshell to hardshell ones.

Nonetheless, a piece of advice can always be appreciated. We’ll name the models; give you the specs and a brief description of how good they are and the Jeep models that would go well with the tent, then it’s up to you to evaluate, choose and why not buy the type that you like the best.


Overlander Roof Top Tent - Smittybilt:

Smittybilt Overlander rooftop tent

This is likely a no brainer choice for anyone in the US who owns a Jeep. We all know Smittybilt is pretty much specialized in Jeep accessories, and it’s not a surprise that their rooftop tent is ideal for any Jeep, especially if you own a Wrangler. 

Now, you might want to read this article comparing the Smittybilt Overlander to another car top tent just in case, however we’ll give you a quick overview.



Size Open

Size Closed

Person Capacity


Overlander 2783 


95” W x 56” L x 51” H

47” W x 56” L x 11” H


132 lbs

 Mattress, Travel bag, aluminum sliding ladder, rainfly, interior LED, mosquito net, shoe bag, cigarette lighter adapter.

Overview: The body of this rooftop tent is made of 600D heavy-duty ripstop poly, and it is waterproof. It has a sunroof, which you can cover and uncover, and it’s protected by a mesh mosquito net, the same that is used in both windows and the access door. The bottom is made of an aluminum sandwich base, and it comes with a 2-inch thick foam mattress that will help you have a great night’s sleep. It also includes an additional waterproof rainfly for those rainy days.

The price is one of the best and most affordable out there. That makes it very appealing for many off road enthusiasts or overlanders. The RTT itself is good, but not exactly the best. This is not an expedition-grade model as some Tepui or CVTs out there. It will still get the job done, protect you from heavy rain or strong winds, and it’s easy to set up. Plus it will fit great with any Jeep, from a Wrangler to a Rubicon and such. We recommend this model instead of the Overlander XL as it’ll fit smaller Jeep such as the Jeep Wrangler Willy JK.


Simpson III Series - ARB:

simpson III series carb roof top tent for jeep

Everyone knows ARB; the Australian giants are one of the best-known manufacturers of car parts, accessories and other off road items in the world. Their Simpson III Series roof top tent is another great choice for anyone who owns a Jeep. 



Size Open

Size Closed

Person Capacity


Series III Simpson

$1537 (Includes Annex)

94.5” W x 55” L x 51” H

47” W x 55” L x 11” H


154 lbs


Includes: Annex, aluminum ladder, mattress, mattress cover, PVC travel cover, and rainfly

Overview: As said above, everyone knows ARB, and the Simpson III is an excellent tent. The price is good and you get an Annex included with it. For those who have used roof rack tents before, you all know how comfortable an annex can be to be used especially as a changing room. Ladies will appreciate it a lot.

On top of that the features include a high quality poly-cotton rip-stop canvas, 100% waterproof and guaranteed to last very long. You will not have any trouble under rain or strong wind, and the tent itself is very easy to set up. It’s not expedition grade, but probably a step up to the Overlander by Smittybilt. And of course, it will go in smoothly on any Jeep, over the crossbars, or SRC rack.


Ruggedized Series Kukenam 3 - Tepui Tents:

kukenam ruggedized series 3 car top tent by tepui tents

We are big fans of Tepui Tents at Off Road Tents, and especially of the Ruggedized Series, which are expedition-grade car top tents. We’ll explain a it better below why we like them so much, but especially why the Kukenam 3 is a great fit for couples or even a small family owning a Jeep truck.



Size Open

Size Closed

Person Capacity


Kukenam Ruggedized 3


56" x 96" x 52" 

56" x 48" x 12"


180 lbs


Includes: 2.5” thick foam mattress with removable cotton cover, a travel cover for the tent, aluminum ladder, and rainfly.

Overview: Let’s start with the basics: this is a Ruggedized Series from one of the best roof top tent brands out there. The Kukenam is a great model; it will comfortably fit 3 people, so a couple, or a small family with a toddler or even a couple with a pet.

This tent is what we like to call a beast, built for 4 seasons with strong and durable materials and available in three colors (expedition orange, olive green and gray). The canopy fabric is a 360g Poly-cotton, with 600D ripstop fabric. Add to all that a 420D rainfly and you’ve got yourself a strong and extremely reliable roof top tent.  That’s why they are called Ruggedized Series, for being rooftop tents suitable for the 4 seasons, so even under the snow your tent and your Jeep will be more than fine.

We highly recommend this model; it’s once again a step up from the two we mentioned before. As like the other two, this RTT fits perfectly with any Jeep and most roof racks, so no need to doubt it, this is a softshell that will exceed your expectations.


Skycamp 2.0 - iKamper:

skycamp roof top tent by ikamper for Jeep Rubicon

The Skycamp 2.0 is the newest model by iKamper. A beautiful RTT with some features that turn it into a sort of hybrid between a hardshell and a softshell, and hence why many prefer it. Now, it’s a bit bigger than the other models, so not all Jeeps will be the best fit, make sure to take a close look at the measurements.



Size Open

Size Closed

Person Capacity


 Skycamp 2.0


 85.8” L x 82.6” W x 43.3” H  

 85.8” L x 82.6” W x 12.5” H 


 155 lbs


Includes: Hardshell locks, mattress, aluminum ladder, rainfly.

Overview: The Skycamp 2.0 is our favorite for many reasons, first the comfort that it offers. First of all in 30 seconds you will have it set up. Second, the space inside of it is quite large, fitting 4 people and even 5 if you’re traveling with kids or pets. You also get a better ergonomic design for a better sleeping area.

Quality, durability and adaptability are out of question. This expedition grade hardshell is a top of the line roof rack tent. It’s a 4-season tent, and fits most Jeeps. At Off Road Tents we recommend you to use it with a 4 door Rubicon or Wrangler, however take a look at the dimensions and decide yourself.

Overlanders truly enjoy it and we can see why, comfort, ease of use, durability and quality. Everything you want and need on a Jeep.


Wanaka 55" Roof Top Tent - by Guana Equipment

wanaka jeep rooftop tent

Picture courtesy of Petra and Jim Harding

Guana Equipment certainly has surprised more than one with their Wanaka model. A well designed, well built, and incredibly handy roof top tent. Pictured here opened on the back of the Jeep, this roof top tent features a huge annex, with a 100" x 100" footprint, allowing space to even sleep two adults in it!



Size Open

Size Closed

Person Capacity




56” W x 122” L x 49.5” H

56” W x 48” L x 12” H


139 lbs


Includes: Aluminum Sliding Ladder, 2 boot bags, 2 LED light strips, anti-condensation mat, hanging net on base to store items, XL Annex.

Overview: One of our favorite models simply due to what you get for the price you pay. This Jeep RTT was conceived as a roof top tent setup, that means it'll hav everything you need to actually consider it a whole camping setup.

Ot comes with an XL annex, one of the biggest in the market, which includes a removable floor, giving you the flexibility to either store things in it, sleep kids' adults or pets, or even store a table and chairs to cook and eat inside.

The annex has 3 awning doors which create a massive shade footprint all around your vehicle.

Plus, the tent itself has many extras like anti-condensation mat, boot bags, lights and many more. Not a surprise that it has quickly become a preferred choice by many.


Adventure Series M55 Jeep Edition - Free Spirit Recreation: DISCONTINUED!

m55 jeep edition car top tent by free spirit recreation

Unfortunately, a discontinued model. The M49 is a pretty good tent, but we think there’s a better one out there, and it’s the M55 Jeep Edition. We are talking of the older brother of the M49, the M55 is a larger version that fits 3 people, making it a better choice for small families or those couples looking to travel comfortably.



Size Open

Size Closed

Person Capacity


Adventure Series M55 Jeep Edition


58” W x 85” L x 48” H

58” W x 85” L x 9” H


118 lbs


Includes: Aluminum Ladder, black neoprene Jeep branded ladder pads, 2 hanging shoe and storage pockets, 100% waterproof PVC Cover, rainfly, 3” thick mattress with removable cover.

Overview: The M55 Jeep Edition by Go FSR is a still extremely lightweight, at only 118 pounds. This car top tent includes a lot of features that Jeep users will find attractive. First, the body canvas comes with the Jeep logo, as well as the rainfly and the PVC travel cover. However, details are what make something really special, and this RTT comes with an aluminum ladder with black neoprene Jeep branded pads. Every time you climb into the tent you’ll be reminded of what you bought.

The tent itself is pretty comfortable, with a 3” thick mattress and enough space to fit 2 adults and a toddler. The opening and closing is really easy, thanks to a patented feature that allows you to open and close it in seconds.

The quality is also outstanding, with a thick enough canvas to stand the 4-seaons, and double stitched seams that guarantee you this roof top tent will last for a very long time, and it won’t disappoint you with a quick wear and tear. The inner features, such as the hanging shoe pockets and other storage pockets are very handy at night, and the built inn air vents make this one of the best models to take out on hot summer days. One of our favorites!


Wrapping Up

There are plenty of roof top tents that will fit the different Jeep trucks out there. From softshells to hardshells, the options are vast and are not limited to the models we presented you. We simply wanted to give you a summary of some of the models, makes and brands we like the best.

m55 jeep edition rooftop tent

Nonetheless, the choice remains a bit of a subjective one. We have heard of people that drive an Unlimited JK Jeep and prefer the Overlander XL. We’ve heard of others with a Rubicon tell us they like Big Foot Tents or larger Tepui models. As we said, the choice is down to you.

To wrap it up, we believe the 6 roof top tent models we presented you are excellent options for any rig, but in particular for any Jeep. That said, if you have any questions, comment below, call us (T: 844-200-3979) or shoot us an email (info@offroadtents.com). We’d be happy to help!

***If you're not sure whether your vehicle has the right roof rack, please take a look at our roof rack collection, most of which will be able to support any roof top tent.***

ALSO, if you would like to share info, pictures or anything roof top tent or overland related, please feel free to do so Joining Our Facebook Group HERE.


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    Frank, as to the racks for your Jeep, I’d recommend this: https://offroadtents.com/products/rhino-rack-pioneer-platform-72-x-56-rlt600-ja7697-ja8213?pos=1&_sid=93daa8dc4&ss=r&variant=19515366408249

    Or this: https://offroadtents.com/products/rhino-rack-vortex-rlt600-backbone-3-bar-roof-rack-ja6389-ja6390?pos=1&_sid=2fdee30d4&ss=r&variant=19518440603705

  • Posted on by Frank

    Just a quick question, if I’m looking at one of the larger roof top tents for my 2015 Sahara JKU, what kind of roof rack should I be looking at getting for a static load of almost 800lbs for my hardtop?

  • Posted on by Karsten Koberg

    Hi Lynn,

    About your questions, well, if you want an annex, a hard top from Smittybilt might not be the best fit.

    All tents can withstand rain. All softshells come with a rainfly, and hardshells don’t need one.

    As to the rack, yes you need one. You can get crossbars for your Laredo!

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