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    Front Runner Outfitters is one of the most well-known, important, and famous brands in the overlanding and off-road community. Their roof racks, bed racks, load bars and all accessories are of the highest quality in the market.

    It's not for nothing that their Slimline II roof rack kit is one of the most sought after worldwide, thanks to the great design, durability and reliability.

    Their slogan, "Travel. Dream. Design. Build. Test. Evolve. Repeat." truly encompasses the values and ideals behind the brand's work ethic. 

    This South African company started out thanks to a group of friends around a campfire in Botswana (Africa), near to a beautiful Baobab tree. They were tired of failures in the gear they had brought with them whilst traveling in a 1988 Land Cruiser and a 1992 Mercedes G-Wagen, so they decided to make new and better gear.

    As to us, at Off Road Tents, we're proud to be able to partner with this giant and be able to offer their products, from all of their racks, to storage gear such as drawer kits, camping accessories and their Roof Top Tent. The Feather-Line rooftop tent is one of the best models out there. An affordable price, the lightest RTT in the market, and great features difference it from competition.

    If you want to give an awesome variation to your rig and take your overlanding adventures to a whole new level, then Front Runner Outfitters is just the brand for you. Whether it is for a road trip into the woods, mountains, deserts, or beaches, Front Runner will be fit for all our true outdoor lovers.