Overlanding Dos And Don'ts For A Fun And Memorable Trip



Overlanding is one of the best ways to see and travel the world. No fancy hotel rooms can beat the experience of being intimate with nature. Feeling the ground under your feet and sleeping under the canopy of stars could be healing to the soul.

What do you need for overlanding? Learn these overlanding tips and tricks, the do's and don'ts to remember for a fun and memorable trip.


Overlanding Do's


1. Do Plan Ahead.

Research the routes and trails. Know the destinations, when is the best time to go, what activities you can do, and what items you need to bring. 


2. Do Be Flexible.

No matter how much you plan, you're going out in nature, and nature could be unpredictable.

For example, if the weather was not as forecasted, if one of the destinations was unexpectedly closed, or if the information from the internet is not updated, have a Plan B ready. Or at least be open to a change of plans.

Cold weather overlanding tips: layer up and bring extra clothes to keep you warm! The temperature can go down on a whim.


3. Do Follow Your Instinct. 

The adrenaline rush can easily drown out your voice of reason but listen to your intuition. If you feel like it's too risky to go down an unfamiliar trail, turn around or stick to your itinerary. Follow your gut feeling.


4. Do Let Someone Know About Your Trip.

Let friends or family know the off-road places you plan to visit and how long you'll be gone. This way, if - knock on wood - something happens, or if you are delayed, they'd know where to find you.


5. Do Stick To The Schedule.

Especially if you're traveling with a group, be on time—respect other people's schedules. Don't stay longer than necessary.


6. Do Be Kind. 

Be kind to the people you're traveling with and those you'll meet along the way. Be kind to animals and be respectful of your surroundings. Leave only footprints.

Be kind to yourself. Rest if you must. Clear your mind from your problems for a brief moment (you won't solve them while sitting in the middle of a forest listening to cricket songs anyway).

Overlanding Don'ts

1. Don't Bring More Than Necessary.

Bring only the essentials so you can save space and time.


2. Don't Leave The House Without Checking Your Vehicle.

Change your tires or reduce the air pressure for a better ride. Check the engine. Install a high-quality roof rack that can handle enough weight for what you need to bring and is safe for harsh weather conditions. If you already have a roof rack, ensure it's still attached securely. 

An overlanding vehicle in its best condition is key to enjoying the outdoors.


3. Don't Go Alone If It's Your First Time.

If possible, travel with a friend who's also an expert in off-road driving, as some trails require a skilled driver.


4. Don't Pile Everything In One Place.

Distribute the weight of the load. Pack the heavy and oversized items on the roof rack and tie them securely.

Lighter items and those you need easy access with, like food, sanitizer, water, and a first aid kit, should be tucked safely inside the car.

Distributing the weight of the cargo will make your ride comfortable and maintain the vehicle's balance. This overlanding trick is especially crucial when traversing rough terrain.


5. Don't Go If You Feel Like You're Not Up For It.

It's okay to cancel the plan if it means putting your health first, as you'll be more prone to accidents if you're under the weather or too preoccupied.


6. Don't Ignore The Warning Signs On The Road.

They're put there for a reason. This is one of the most straightforward tips in overlanding that can save your life.


In Summary

The success of your overlanding trip will significantly depend on how you prepared before leaving:

  1. Ensure that you and your car are geared up for the challenge. Be mentally ready for the "storm," and have your vehicle conditioned for the unfriendly terrains
  2. Have some off-road survival tips and tricks up your sleeves.
  3. Remember these overlanding dos and don'ts so you come home with a heart full of joy from a fun and memorable trip only overlanding can offer.

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