9 Amazing And Surprising Benefits Of Overlanding


Benefits of  Overlanding

It may be nothing but a frivolous recreation for an outsider, but overlanding is  beneficial and more than what meets the eye. 

There are many benefits of traveling over land for days and chasing offbeat tracks  that may surprise you. 


1. You'll Get Your Much-Needed Break. 

People travel to hard-to-reach routes, climb the mountains and be in nature to  escape the noise and stress of the city.

Nature encourages you to slow down. You're not trapped and dictated by hectic  schedules, and you don't rush to avoid traffic. 

9 Amazing and Surprising Benefits of  Overlanding


2. You Get A Good Dose Of Sunshine. 

You get ample vitamin D synthesized by the sun outdoors. Sunlight on its own has  many benefits to offer. 

Sunshine helps regulate your circadian rhythm or natural cycle, so your body knows  when to produce melatonin, a hormone that initiates and maintains sleep. 

Remember to apply sunblock as too much sun can harm your skin.

 Benefits of Overlanding


3. Amazing Mental Health Benefits.

Immersing yourself in nature is exposing yourself to negative ions, which are  abundant in the forests, beaches, and waterfalls. 

These ions improve your mood and well-being, regulate your hormones, reduce  anxiety and stress levels, and give you the feeling of gratification. 

Nature in itself is visually splendid and awe-inspiring. You don't need science to  explain the benefits of watching the sunset or the cascading waters. 

Benefits of Overlanding


4. Physical Health Benefits.

Like any physical activity, overlanding can be beneficial for your body. 

Breathing fresh air increases the level of oxygen in your blood. A healthy supply of  oxygen means healthier organs, an active brain, improved lung function, and  regulated hormones. 

Driving through rough roads keeps you alert and active. In addition, your cognitive  skills improve by taking on mentally challenging and unfamiliar activities such as  going on unknown and unconventional trails. 

Your muscles develop and heart rate increases due to excitement and the uneven  path when driving off-road. 

It helps you focus on the present, improving your concentration.

9 Amazing and Surprising Benefits of  Overlanding 


5. You Can Travel Without Overspending. 

A practical benefit of overlanding is that it offers a budget-friendly way to travel.  

You avoid paying for expensive hotels. Instead, you'll bring and cook your own  food, so you don't have to buy it at restaurants. 

You only bring your essential overlanding kits and gears, and mount them on your  roof rack.

The chances of finding shopping stores are minimum, so you don't need to shop for  unnecessary items along the way. 

Benefits of Overlanding


6. It's Liberating.

You become self-reliant, self-sufficient, and confident when you step out of your  comfort zone. It gives you that sense of freedom you won't get from sitting at your  desk forty hours a week.

If you're lucky, you'll be woken up by the sweet songs of the birds or the relaxing  sound of the stream nearby, not by your annoying alarm clock. 

Benefits of Overlanding


7. You Become More Mindful Of Your Surroundings. 

Having nature as your home and shelter for days makes you more aware and  concerned about it. 

You become more responsible for your actions. You'll realize nature can be an  excellent friend, providing everything you need, or an awful foe when you abuse it. 

Benefits of Overlanding


8. You Develop Your Character. 

No matter how much you plan, some things can go awry. However, dealing with  unforeseen circumstances can make you patient and resilient. 

Being away from the little luxurious you enjoy, you become more grounded. 

You learn to be flexible as you adjust to all weather and conditions and drive slow  or fast when needed. 

You learn to go back to the basics and appreciate what you have.

 Benefits of Overlanding


9. You Get Better At Driving. 

To begin with, you have to be a good driver when going off-roading and  overlanding because you will not be driving on smooth, even roads 98% of the time.  But overlanding will develop your driving skills even more. 



Final Words 

Anyone can enjoy the incredible benefits of overlanding. As cliché as it may sound,  you'll see life and the world differently after overlanding. You'll have an open mind  and perspective. You'll realize how vast the universe is and how significant your  impact could be, regardless of how irrelevant you think your actions are. You'll have  more grit, improved physical strength, and better mental health. Once you go  overlanding, you'll never be the same again.

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