4 Simple Tips In Planning An Epic Family Road Trip With Kids


4 Simple Tips in Planning an Epic Family Road Trip with Kids


Now that you're a parent, road trips are not just about exploring and seeing places  or checking off your bucket list. 

They're about making memories with your kids and helping them become more  aware. 

Most parents dread road-tripping with their kids because there could be screaming  and crying. 

We got you. Here are four simple tips for planning an epic family road trip that kids  and adults can enjoy it.


1. Decide On A Route And Destination.

What would the kids want to see? What activities would you all like? Are you willing to drive through winding roads? 

Would you instead stick to driving on highways and opt for shorter distances? Which state or city is most suitable for this kind of trip? 

These questions will help you decide where to go. Then, make bathroom breaks  and scheduled activities based on your selected route. 

Know what to expect at your destination. Avoid any potential frustrations on the  road, like traffic jams or heavy rain. 

Include everyone in the family when planning. This way, all have their input, and  there will be no unpleasant surprises. 


2. Pack The Essentials.

What to bring on a road trip with family? Pack your first aid kid, chargers, toiletries,  and medicines. Check out this complete list of necessary items to pack for your  road trip to prepare for what's up ahead. 

Your kids probably have comfort items. You don't have to leave them behind and  deal with tantrums. Packing the bulky items on the roof rack gives you enough  space for their old teddy or favorite blankie. 


3. Food For The Road.

Avoid bringing these kinds of food: 

Greasy food. You don't want the grease all over your car. 

Acidic food. Tomatoes and citrus fruits are bladder irritants that will make you take  more frequent bathroom breaks. 

Salty foods. Avoid salted chips and nuts. Salt can make you bloat, making you feel  gassy and uncomfortable. 

Candies. Sugar can give an energy burst, but you'll also experience a sugar crash  later. 

Bring enough food for everyone. Bananas, peanut butter sandwiches, baked  crackers, baked or air-fried sweet potatoes, and homemade pasta salads are  perfect for family road trips. 

Don't forget to bring water and avoid carbonated drinks.


4. Keep Kids Entertained.

Kids could get antsy and bored during long drives. And you know when boredom  strikes, tantrums are not far behind.

Keep them busy with these family road trip games: 

Guess the artist. Play random music on your playlist and have everyone guess the  artist. 

Ten questions. Think of an object that everyone should guess by asking ten yes-or no questions. Narrow down the choices with categories. For example, type: food,  mystery object: pancakes. Questions could be, "Do you eat it for breakfast?" "Is it  sweet or salty"? 

Word categories. The first player chooses a letter in the alphabet and a category.  Then, everyone takes a turn naming something according to the player's choices— for example, Category: movie, Letter: B. Whoever runs out of ideas is eliminated,  and the last one is the winner. 

Would you rather? The kids will be thinking of hilarious and even weird questions to  ask. And they'll have to spend time reflecting on their choice. It is a fun way to get  to know each other and keep them from asking, "Are we there yet?". 

Best and Worst. Pick a category and have everyone share their thoughts. For  example, the best and worst movies you've watched. This game is another excellent  way to discover things about each other. 

One of the reasons you get your kids out of the house is to spend quality time with  them and keep them away from their screens. Discourage playing with gadgets  while in the car as it can harm their eyes, make them dizzy, and they'll miss the  sights. 

Be creative to make the family road trip interactive. 


Final Words

The best family road trips are planned well and consider the whole family's needs.  It's a terrific way to bond and spend quality time together. Follow these simple tips  to create beautiful memories with your family on an epic road trip.

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