5 Signs You're Ready To Start Overlanding & Tips For Beginners


5 Signs You're Ready to Start Overlanding &  Tips for Beginners

You heard about overlanding, and it piqued your curiosity. 

You love nature, long drives, and adrenaline-pumping adventures. Now you want to  start your overlanding expedition, but you have reservations. 

Is Overlanding for me? Where and how to begin? 

Well, are you ready to start driving to thrilling remote trails? Do you want to  discover beautiful destinations, travel over land, live in your vehicle for days, and  see the world on your own terms like never before? 

See if you're manifesting the following signs to know if you're ready to start  overlanding, and remember these tips for beginners. 


1. You Don't Like Being Restricted.

Traveling by plane or with a tour group is good, but you're seeking something more  exciting. Something more natural and unrestricted. 

You'd like to discover hard-to-reach, unpopular destinations. Places where  "tourists" will not dare visit because it's too inconvenient. 

You'll hike, trek, and be where the locals go. 

You'd want to see hidden, unpaved, untouched nature's beauty. Well then, you're ready for overlanding. 

Overlanding tip for beginners: Don't go alone and don't choose complicated  terrains. It's best to start with a buddy with outdoor experience and drive to safe  and tested territories.


2. You Love Your Vehicle So Much You Can Live There.

Everything you need for days you can put in and on top of your vehicle.  

You've got your car emergency kits, your tent, basically everything you need to  survive away from the convenience of stores and hotels. Your roof rack gives you  enough space to mount your gears and kits safely. 

When your car is well-equipped, that's a clear sign you can begin overlanding. 

Overlanding tip for beginners: Ensure your vehicle is vamped up and prepared for  anything. Check if all the parts are in place and functioning, your tires can drive  through water and mountains, and your overlanding vehicle can carry all your  essentials


3. Obstacles Excite You More Than Scare You.

It's time to start your overlanding trip when you consider hills and slippery slopes,  muddy trails, rivers, rutted paths, divots, and rocks as things to conquest and not to  retreat from. 

Overlanding tip for beginners: Follow the road signs. Use driving techniques and  your intuitive knowledge in maneuvering through challenging trails. If your instinct  tells you it's time to turn around, be smart and listen.


4. You Can Afford It.

You have the resources and the supplies. You can afford to go away for an  extended period, or you can bring your work with you. 

With work-from-anywhere capacity today, you can continue to earn a living while on  the go. 

Bring your food, cooking tools, and sleeping bag so you don't have to pay for  expensive accommodations and restaurants. They may be far in between anyway. 

Your overlanding expense depends on your choices. How long do you want to  travel, where to, and what will you need in such places?

Overlanding tip for beginners: Take your time in planning your trip. Research the  routes and destinations and estimate how much you'll be spending. NEVER  purchase low-quality car parts and equipment. For example, buy roof racks that are  solid and high-grade. 


5. You Have The Skills To Survive Outdoors.

Driving skills are obviously a prime and vital factor for overlanding. Because you  might encounter unforgiving trails and terrain, you need to know some tricks and  techniques for such tracks. 

A basic understanding of the road signs, laws in the destinations you're going to,  and car repair should be part of this skill. 

You'll have to tend to your needs, prepare food, fix your tent, and overcome  obstacles on your own. 

First aid knowledge is of the utmost importance as well. You should know how to  care for your or your friend's injuries. 

Survival skills are essential because you might get stranded, encounter a sudden  weather change, or face unforeseen difficulties. Your instinct and resilience will be  significantly needed in such situations. 

If you're confident that you possess this knowledge and skills, then you're ready for  overlanding


Final Overlanding Tip For Beginners

Keep calm when things don't go as expected. One thing to remember before  heading out to start overlanding is that anything can happen. So do your research  and be prepared for whatever you might encounter. Are you seeing these signs?  Congrats! You're ready for your overlanding journey!

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