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    If you’re an overlanding enthusiast who values the quality and the effort put behind creating high-valued products then you’ve probably heard about iKamper! IKamper is one of the leading brands when it comes to overlanding gear and there’s a good reason for it. They have been creating some of the highest quality products for quite some time now.

    iKamper makes designs and creates some of the most modern looking and durable roof top tents that can withstand any weather condition and can even be used during all 4 seasons. Their innovative tents have been featured in numerous magazines and have won various awards for the most creative designs and even awards for the highest manufacturing standards worldwide!

    Besides producing highest quality roof top tents on the market, iKamper also has a variety of other overlanding gear such as sleeping bags, annexes, awnings, portable kitchens, and many other accessories that will make your next overlanding trip a whole lot better! In this collection you will see a variety of different iKamper products that we have to offer and we hope that you’ll be able to find some that will suit your needs and your lifestyle!


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    iKamper Review

    What started as a Kickstarter campaign now turned into one of the most famous overlanding gear manufacturing companies in the world. IKampers founder, Soon Park, was tired of having to use traditional tents when going on his overlandng trips, and since he couldn’t find the one that will be suitable for his needs, he started designing the first Skycamp!

    After a few years of testing the new design, the first iKamper Skycamp was born! It was a hardshell roof top tent that would lead up to the newest generations of the Skycamp that we all know and love. With his passion for the outdoors and the love of the likeminded people, Soon Park went on to design a variety of different high-quality overlanding products that will bring joy to the overlanding community.

    To show their commitment to nature and its preservation, the iKamper partnered with some of the leading companies that are in charge of protecting North Americas’s wild places. They also take time to hand assemble each of their product in their state-of-the-art factory in South Korea to make sure that there are no mistakes before sending them to their customers around the world!

    Now the iKamper Skycamp stands as one of the best, if not the best roof top tent on the market and you can even equipp your off-road vehicle with a variety of different items such as 270 awnings, tent annexes, and more. You can even get additional sleeping bags for your iKamper tent and even have a full course meal thanks to the iKamper portable kitchen!

    Browse through our wide range of products and choose the one that fits your needs better. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email to info@offroadtents.com

    Or even better, give us a call at 844-200-3979


    Best iKamper Roof Top Tent Models

    If you are not already familiar with iKamper and their products allow us to tell you a bit about their roof top tents. iKamper has been creating some of the highest quality roof top tents for quite a few years now and have even won numerous awards for it! While they may be a bit pricier than some of the other RTT on the overlanding market, we can assure you that whichever iKamper roof top tent you choose will be the best one you will ever have. With that said we’ve prepared a detailed description for each of their RTT models in hopes that you’ll find the one that best suits you!


    iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Best 4 Person Roof Top Tent

    iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Roof Top Tent

    Let’s start our list with one of the newest versions of the infamous iKamper Skycamp and that would be the Skycamp 3.0. This iKamper roof top tent is one of the most popular choices when it comes to overlanding RTTs. It has a strong and durable construction able to withstand strong winds and other elements all while keeping you and your friends or family safe inside.

    This iKamper RTT is a 4 season roof top tent and thanks to its ingeniously designed fabric, the tent will keep you warm during winter but also provide nice shade and lower temperatures inside during those hot sunny days. The tent canvas is made out of breathable black-out300gsm poly-cotton canvas that will block out the majority of the light so that you or other people using the tent could sleep well past sunrise.

    iKamper Skycamp 3.0 During Winter

    This iKamper tent is also 100% waterproof thanks to its 75D ripstop rainfly that has been coated with eco-friendly water-repellant and waterproof zippers that will keep all the water out even if your Skycamp is covered in melting snow. Speaking of zippers, the iKamper Skycamp 3.0 features upgraded window design that allows you to open both the canvas & mesh windows simultaneously.

    By now you can probably be certain that this roof top tent is able to withstand pretty much anything you can throw at it. But we have yet to talk about its interior and the comfort it’ll offer you! The first thing you’ll notice when going inside this tent is the new and improved 9-zone mattress that is made out of 2.5” thick insulated polyfoam.

    Front View Of The iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Mounted On A Vehicle

    Not only will it provide that comfy pad for you to rest but it also comes with an insulating layer which will reduce condensation and prevent any moisture from forming inside. Not only does the mattress come with extra insulation but also the hard shell case. That’s right, the Skycamp 3.0’s hard shell is lined up with quilted insulation that also reduces condensation and keeps you warm during those colder days.

    There are also plenty of storage pouches inside the RTT so that you can organize your gear and belongings and keep your tent clutter-free! Now, this iKamper roof top tent does not have windows on all 4 sides but rather only on 3. However, you would have an enormous Skyview window above you that’ll give you extra light by day and a view of the stars by night!

    iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Roof Top Tent Mounted And Set Up In The Outdoors

    One last thing to mention is the durable hard shell casing of this incredible RTT! It is constructed out of double-layered fiber reinforced plastic that keeps the shell both lightweight and strong and even features a 1” air insulation. The floor itself is made out of durable insulating honeycomb aluminum panels that will also decrease the weight of the tent while keeping it strong.

    The tent only weighs 165 lbs but it can easily withstand the weight of 4 people. It also has a sleek looking hardshell case that when closed does not affect the aerodynamics of your vehicle nor does it create wind drag or noise even when driving at high speeds. The iKamper Skycamp 3.0 is one of the most revolutionary tents on the market right now and is one of our top recommendations so feel free to check it out!



    IKamper Mini 3.0

    iKamper Skycamp Mini 3.0

    Next up our list of the iKamper roof top tent models is the smaller version of the previously mentioned Skycamp 3.0 and it is the Skycamp 3.0 mini. Apart from having smaller dimensions from the previous one, it shares the same build quality and materials. It is a hard shell RTT that was designed to sleep 2 people and to e used during all 4 seasons!

    This iKamper rooftop tent is designed for all four seasons, offering warmth in winter and cool shade on hot days due to its clever fabric design. The tent's canvas is crafted from breathable black-out 300gsm poly-cotton material that blocks most light, allowing for extended sleep. This iKamper model is completely waterproof, thanks to its 75D ripstop rainfly coated with eco-friendly water-repellent material and waterproof zippers, even when the tent is covered in melting snow.

    iKamper Skycamp Mini 3.0 Covered In Snow

    The iKamper Skycamp 3.0 mini includes an upgraded window design for simultaneous opening of canvas and mesh windows. This rooftop tent is exceptionally durable and capable of withstanding various challenges. Its interior offers enhanced comfort, highlighted by the new and improved 9-zone mattress made from 2.25” thick insulated polyfoam.

    The mattress not only provides comfort but also an insulating layer to prevent condensation and moisture buildup. The mattress also comes with an extra layer of insulation, as does the hard shell case. Indeed, the hard shell of the Skycamp 3.0 mini is lined with quilted insulation to reduce condensation and provide warmth in colder conditions.

    iKamper Skycamp Mini Closed And Mounted On The Roof Of A Car

    Inside the tent, you'll find ample storage pouches to keep your belongings organized and the space clutter-free. Although the iKamper rooftop tent doesn't have windows on all four sides, it features three windows and an expansive Skyview window above for added light during the day and a view of the stars at night.

    Lastly, the durable hard shell casing of this exceptional rooftop tent is made from lightweight double-layered fiber-reinforced plastic, complete with 1” air insulation. The tent's floor is constructed from insulating honeycomb aluminum panels, reducing weight while maintaining strength. Weighing only 125 lbs, the tent comfortably accommodates two people.

    Its sleek hardshell case doesn't compromise vehicle aerodynamics, and it doesn't create noise or drag even at high speeds. The iKamper Skycamp 3.0 mini stands as one of the most innovative tents on the current market, and we highly recommend exploring it further.



    BDV All Season Clamshell Roof Top Tent

    iKamper BDV Duo Roof Top Tent

    Continuing with our list of the best iKamper roof top tent models, we have the iKamper BDV clamshell roof top tent. By now you’re probably aware of the iKamper’s high-quality RTTs and this one is no different. The BDV or (Blue Dot Voyager) is the iKamper’s first DIY roof top tent that takes on a completely different look than their other RTT’s.

    You can set it up effortlessly in a matter of minutes thanks to its struts, and all you need to do when setting it up is simply lift the latch! It is a 4 season roof top tent that is 100% waterproof thanks to its durable 75D ripstop rainfly that has a protective eco-friendly water-repellant! The tent itself is very durable and can withstand various weather conditions thanks to its durable hard shell and rugged canvas.

    iKamper BDV Duo Mounted On A Truck

    Like all the other iKamper roof top tents, this one also has breathable, black-out, 300gsm poly-cotton canvas that will block out most of the light outside so that you can and your friends or family can sleep well past sunrise and get that well-deserved rest! The tent is well insulated and will keep you warm during colder days and months and will also create a pleasant, low-temperature environment during those sunny days!

    This iKamper RTT also comes with one of the thickest mattresses on the market. It has a 2.75” thick insulated high-density polyfoam mattress that’ll allow you to rest peacefully after a long day of overlanding. On top of that, the iKamper BDV also has one of the largest windows out of all iKamper tents and will allow you to enjoy the scenery around you to the fullest!

    Side View Of The iKamper BDV Duo Mounted On A Vehicle

    One of the more revolutionary things about this roof top tent is the universal channel mounts on all of its sides that allow you to mount your off-road gear, overlanding accessories and other recovery gear! It has an aluminum floor and a scratch & UV resistant FRP hard shell that when closed only has a height of 7” making it one of the lowest profile roof top tents on the market that will not affect the aerodynamics of your vehicle nor create noise when driving at high speeds!

    This very affordable 2 person roof top tent only weighs 175 lbs and can fit the majority of vehicles out there thus making it the perfect overlanding RTT for you and one more person that decides to embark with you on your next adventure!



    iKamper X-Cover 2.0 Softshell 4 Person Roof Tent

    iKamper X-Cover 2.0

    Here we have another iKamper’s soft shell roof top tent and it is the X-Cover 2.0! Like all the previously mentioned iKamper roof top tent models, this one is also a very good example of their dedication to creating some of the best RTT in the overlanding industry! This is yet another 4 person, 4 season roof top tent with incredible features to offer so let’s get to it and see what it has!

    As we already said, the iKamper X-Cover 2.0 is a 4 season roof top tent that can withstand strong winds and various weather conditions while being 100% waterproof thanks to its incredibly durable rainfly and rugged tent canvas that’ll keep you warm even during the coldest of nights and create a breathable environment during those hot sunny days!

    Person Sitting On The Entrance Of The iKamper X-Cover 2.0 Roof Top Tent

    The tent features breathable, black-out, 300gsm poly-cotton canvas that blocks out light and will create a dark environment so that you can get more sleep even during the day! Unlike all the previously mentioned iKamper roof top tents, this one has mesh-covered windows on all sides, giving you that 360-degree view of the nature surrounding you while keeping all of those pesky critters out of your tent! It even comes with a Skyview window that gives you the ability to sleep under the stars!

    The iKamper X-Cover 2.0 has plenty of room inside that can fit up to 4 people on its incredibly comfortable 2.75” thick high-density, insulated polyfoam mattress. The interior of this roof top tent is well insulated and thanks to its insulation it reduces condensation and prevents moisture from forming inside.

    iKamper X-Cover 2.0 RTT Covered In Snow

    Besides having rugged canvas, this iKamper roof top tent also has a very durable high-performance honeycomb aluminum panel floor that reduces the weight of the tent while keeping it as sturdy as possible. Not only that, but the shell of this RTT is made out of Fiberglass fiberglass-reinforced polymer that is scratch & UV-resistant.

    One more cool thing about the shell of this tent is that it comes with integrated cross bars that allow you to mount even more things on top of it so that you can be nicely geared up for your next adventure. This is one of the best soft shell roof top tents on the market and is also one of our top recommendations so feel free to check it out!



    Skycamp 2X 3.0 iKamper Tent

    iKamper Skycamp 2X 3.0

    Last up on our list of iKamper roof top tent models is this Skycamp 2X 3.0. Now while we are all very familiar with the Skycamp 3.0 hard shell roof top tent that is made to fit 4 people, this is a smaller version of it that can fit up to 2 adults. This iKamper roof top tent, like all the previously mentioned ones, uses the same high-quality materials that make iKamper the infamous brand that it is. It comes with many great features so let’s dive in and see what it has to offer!

    This high-quality, all-season iKamper roof top tent was constructed out of breathable 300gsm poly-cotton black-out canvas that blocks out most of the sunlight so that you can continue sleeping even when the sun rises. This iKamper roof top tent also comes with a waterproof polyester 75D ripstop rainfly with eco-friendly water-repellent coating.

    All iKamper RTTs have an incredibly durable hard shell casing that’ll protect you from any harsh weather conditions as well as strong winds and this tent is no different. It has a height of 13.3” when closed and has a very aerodynamic design that will decrease wind drag and prevent noise even when driving at high speeds. Apart from having a durable hard shell, this Skycamp 2X 3.0 also has a very durable floor that is constructed out of insulating honeycomb aluminum panels that will give you that extra layer of insulation and keep you warm even during the coldest of nights.

    Side View Of The iKamper Skycamp 2X 3.0

    The inside of this 2 person roof top tent is lined with quilted insulation that reduces condensation and keep you warm during winter months. It also has 2.5” thick, 9-zone insulated polyfoam mattress that will help reduce condensation even more and prevent mold from forming. Since this is a clamshell roof top tent, it does not have windows on all 4 sides but it does feature a Skyview window that lets you gaze at stars at night and gives you extra sunlight during the day.

    All of the mentioned windows have a mesh screen on them to prevent any insects from going inside your tent. What’s also cool about this iKamper 2X is that it offers more storage space than any other iKamper roof top tent and that way it lets you organize your gear and other belongings to keep your tent clutter-free.



    iKamper Awning Models

    While having a good and reliable roof top tent is one of the most important things when it comes to overland camping, there are a few more things that you should consider getting in order to have a more complete and more enjoyable adventure. Having a good awning can make a big difference as it allows you to upgrade your camp spot and have something under which you can take cover from the scorching sun or even rain.


    ExoShell 270 Awning

    iKamper ExoShell 270 Awning

    First on the list is one of the biggest awning models that iKamper has to offer and it is the ExoShell 270 awning. It is the first of its kind 270 degree awning that features a hard shell anodized aluminum case for unmatched durability and protection. It can also be used as a freestanding awning making it a breeze to set up on your net trip.

    This reliable iKamper awning has been tested in some of the harshest weather conditions to ensure its durability and even comes with a unique bracket design that gives this 270 awning more flexible tensile strength that will prevent breaking even under the heaviest winds! Even though this is a freestanding awning, we do recommend that you use the built-in leg supports on those windy days.

    One cool thing about this hard shell 270 awning is that it has channels on the hard shell casing that allow you to mount a variety of accessories to it such as shoe pouches, extra lighting to better illuminate your camp site and variety of other overlanding and off-road accessories that will be of great use during your next adventure!

    iKamper ExoShell Freestanding 270 Awning

    Simply unlatch the hard shell case it comes in, unflod the frame, and you are ready to unwind under it while enjoying the view around you with your friends or family! The shell itself and the poles are made of black powder coated aluminum so that they won’t erode in muddy or snowy conditions. The awning itself, or should we say the awning canvas, is waterproof and there won’t be any leakage points even during the heaviest of rainfalls.

    Speaking of the awning canvas, it was made out of waterproof, 45D ripstop polycotton with eco-friendly water-repellent coating and has blackout feature like all the iKamper RTTs. That means that it will block out most of the sunlight so that you can take shelter under it on those obnoxiously hot and sunny days. It is one of the best 270 degree awning models on the market and we highly recommend that you check it out!



    Awning 3.0

    iKamper Awning 3.0

    Next on the list of the iKamper awning models is the iKamper Awning 3.0 which can be used on your Skycamp 3.0, 3.0 mini, BDV Series and even the X-Cover Series! This huge awning provides you with 167 ft2 of coverage which will be more than enough for you and your friends and family to hide under on those sunny or even rainy days!

    This iKamper Awning zips right onto your iKamper roof top tent so that you can go into or even out of your RTT without getting wet from rainfall. It is constructed out of durable 250D ripstop polyester with 3000mm PU coating. It is also waterproof and all-around weatherproof and it can withstand various weather conditions including strong winds!

    Installation is quite simple and setting up this iKamper awning wouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. It is also very lightweight and will storing it is easy and it will not take up much space inside your off-road vehicle. Take this Awning 3.0 onto your next adventure and unwind under it while enjoying the nature that surrounds you under the shade it provides!



    Awning Canopy 3.0

    iKamper Awning Canopy 3.0

    This may in fact be one of the smallest and simplest products that iKamper has come up with but regardless it is still very useful and will be a great addition to your next overlanding adventure! This is a pretty self-explanatory product but it is a canopy that attaches to the previously mentioned iKamper Awning 3.0 and provides you with even more shelter from outside elements!

    The awning canopy is easily attachable and will not take you more than a couple of minutes to do so. Just attach it on the from end of your Awning 3.0 and take cover behind it! It is constructed out of waterproof 250D ripstop polyester with 3000mm PU coating so you can be sure that it won’t leak anywhere even if it's pouring outside.

    It easy to store and carry with you wherever you go! You can even have more than one of these canopies and attach them to all of the awning sides so that you create even more coverage if the weather outside is really bad or you just want to extend your already existing iKamper awning!



    iKamper Annex

    Now, after you have acquired your iKamper roof top tent maybe you’d want to expand it even more and create even more space that you can use for storing extra goods or even just as an extra sleeping quarters. That’s where an annex comes into play. IKamper has a variety of tent annexes that fit onto their roof top tents. Keep in mind that not all iKamper annex models can fit onto any iKamper roof top tent model!


    Annex Plus

    iKamper Annex Plus

    This is by far the most popular iKamper annex model as it can be attached to the most recent Skycamp roof top tent, the Skycamp 3.0. It has a huge footprint of 149 ft2 that you can use as extra sleeping quarters if you have more people with you then your tent can sleep. It is a versatile addition to your iKamper roof top tent that shelters you from any outside elements and even critters that want to get in.

    Whether you require a dressing area prior to your upcoming journey, a convenient spot for meal preparation, additional sleeping space for more campers, or a refuge during inclement weather, this product fulfills all these needs. Further enhancements can be made with accessories such as the Inner Tent, Canopy Poles, and Footprint, allowing your creativity to be the sole boundary.

    Just like the previously mentioned awning, the annex easily and effortlessly zips onto the entrance of your iKamper tent. It is also a freestanding annex meaning that in case you need to move your vehicle you can just leave your annex in place and it’ll support itself! It is very lightweight, weighing only 25.5 lbs and you can store it easily inside your vehicle for your next off-road trip!

    iKamper Annex Plus Deployed In The Outdoors With People Around It

    It is made out of waterproof 150D riptop polyester with 3000mm PU coating that is able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions all while keeping you safe and sound inside it! You don’t have to worry about water coming inside the annex from beneath it as it has a base layer that will stop any water from coming in and it even provides better heat insulation.

    Keep in mind that the mentioned base layer comes separately from the annex. This iKamper annex is also upgradable with a variety of accessories that you can add to it to better customize it an adapt it to your needs. It is one of the best roof top tent annex models on the overlanding market right now and is also one of our top recommendations so feel free to check it out!



    iKamper Accessories

    As you already saw, iKamper has a wide variety of overland camping gear that’ll improve your next adventure. But that’s not all. They also have a variety of different overlanding accessories that you can use to upgrade your already existing camping setup. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a closer look at some of the best iKamper accessories!


    iKamper Sleeping Bag

    iKamper Sleeper 1 Person Sleeping Bag

    If you feel like you need that extra layer to keep you warm during your camping trip you can always take a look at some of the sleeping bags that iKamper has to offer. Now these sleeping bags or the RTT Sleeper models can be used in pretty much any roof top tent of your choice. Just place it on top of your high-density foam mattress, unzip it, and you are good to go.

    The iKamper RTT Sleeper can be used during all 4 seasons and will provide unmatched comfort and warmth during those colder days. This sleeper was thoughtfully designed and made with RDS-certified down filling out of which 60% is concentrated in the top of the bag to keep you warm from the top down. The cool thing about this iKamper sleeping bag is that it comes with integrated pockets on the inside of the sleeper which you can use to store away some of your smaller personal items.

    iKamper Sleeper DPL 2 Person Sleeping Bag

    Thanks to their amazing stitching that keeps al the down filling lofted and secured in place you won’t experience any heat loss whatsoever. The interior of this RTT Sleeper is also lined up with soft and comfortable 30D Taffeta Nylon while the outside uses DWR coated 30D ripstop nylon for increased durability!

    The sleeping bag itself is also treated with water repellent so you can just wipe it down clean whenever you need to! Another cool thing about this RTT Sleeper is that it has small neck warmers on the top side of the bag which help retain heat and block drafs to keep you comfortable. This iKamper sleeping bag was also designed to be used with iKamper RTT blanket but do keep In mind that they come separately.

    The RTT Sleeper comes in different sizes, for a single person and for two people and you can take a look at both of them just below this text!




    AIOKS Portable Camping Kitchen

    iKamper AIOKS Portable Camping Kitchen

    Don’t you just hate when you have to bring a ton of kitchen supplies onto your camping trip and on top of that you also have to find a reliable container that will keep them safe during the time you get to your camping spot? Yeah, it can be annoying at times especially if you bring your burner with you and some tables where you can place your food so you can prepare your meal.

    Luckily for all of us, iKamper has come up with a solution for that. They made this All-In-One Kitchen System that comes with two-burner cooking system, and even 3 foldable surfaces that you can use to cut up your food or just use them as one big table where up to 4 people can sit and eat at the same time!

    All of that is packed up neatly into a suitcase-sized box that you can wheel around wherever you go, even on your campsite! Now the case that holds everything together is constructed out of built-to-last stainless steel and powder-coated 5052 aluminum while the surfaces that you can eat on are crafted out of furniture-grade, waterproof birch plywood.

    It weighs only 20 lbs and comes with adjustable legs that’ll help you setup your iKamper kitchen system wherever you go, even if the ground is rocky or uneven. When this AIOKS camping kitchen is all packed up, you still have enough space inside the box to store away some cooking utensils or other cooking supplies that you have!



    iKamper Disco

    iKamper Disco Camping Kitchen

    We already mentioned one of the iKamper portable kitchen models but there is also another unique modular kitchen system that was inspired by generations of farmers in the Southwestern United States. This is the iKamper Disco, a portable kitchen system that was inspired by the improvised cooking surfaces from plow discs that were traditionally called “Discada”

    It is a lightweight, portable, and powerful camping kitchen setup made from cast iron with anodized aluminum legs and rubberized feet for better stability. Unlike other cast iron skillets, the Disco skillet is easy to clean with just soap and water. The cast iron skillet is also coated with enamel for a naturally seasoned, non-stick cooking surface

    As we already mentioned before, this is a very modular portable kitchen to which you can add a variety of accessories to make your next camping cooking experience a whole lot better. You can add the Disco Table and attach it to the tripod and it will hold all of your ingredients while you are cooking. It also comes with a burner stove that you can place on the mentioned tripod or even use separately as it has its own legs.

    Another cool thing about iKamper Disco is that you can also have a pulley system with which you can embrace the tradition of campfire cooking and attach a pot which you can hang above the camp fire and that way be able to cook for a number of people. With a weight of just 12kg/27lbs this easy-to-carry camping kitchen will be a great addition to your next adventure.



    iKamper FAQS

    Who owns iKamper?

    iKamper is a South Korean company that is owned by Soon Park, a South Korean engineer, guitar player, and outdoor adventure lover!


    Are iKamper roof top tents waterproof?

    Yes they are! All of the iKamper RTTs are waterproof and all round weatherproof as well as all of their other products such as awnings and annexes!


    How much does an iKamper roof top tent weigh?

    That all depends on the roof top tent model you are after. You can see the weight of each iKamper roof top tent in this collection!


    What is the iKamper warranty policy?

    iKamper offers 2 Year Limited Warranty from the day you have made the purchase!


    What is the iKamper roof top tent weight capacity?

    iKamper roof top tents have a weight capacity of 900lbs which is more than enough to sleep even up to 4 people!


    Can I mount an iKamper roof top tent on my vehicle?

    That all depends on the weight capacity of your roof tack and the weight-bearing capacity of the roof of your vehicle. Before making the purchase, please check if your vehicle can support the weight of your desired tent as well as the weight of the people who will be using it!


    Where is iKamper made?

    iKamper is made in South Korea.


    Is there such a thing as an iKamper for pickup truck?

    Yes there is! IKamper makes a variety of roof top tent models that can be mounted on pickup trucks and truck beds.


    All Products Of iKamper For Sale