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Hummer H3 Slimline II roof rack

Staff is amazing and Super knowledgeable.. I called the company to make a return because I thought I had a wrong part. I spoke to a Karston Koberg and never thought I could call a business 1(800) number and talk to an expert on my specific roof rack and roof top tent. Karston explained exactly what I needed to do, what parts I needed, and exactly how to do it. My rooftop tent is now installed and ready to go! I plan on doing all my future camping business with Off Road Tents. Thanks again!

Load noise and vibrates in wind

Currently it is unusable. We will have to take it off of our LR4 if we cannot get a resolution to the noise and vibration. The company OffRoadTents is helping us out today but I'm not sure they can resolve this issue.

Great Tent

Seems to be well built and well insulated. Looking forward to spending a lot of time in it.

Very nice. Need printed instructions

Very nice rack. Good and sturdy. Took a little while to figure how to put it together. Not hard. But would be quicker with printed instructions

I am very happy with my Tent and roof rack hope to do business with you again

Great products and customer care

This Nosara is a great roof top tent for budget minded folks or someone just getting into vehicle camping or overlanding. There’s no compromise to the materials and upgrades here. And compared to many competitors, I don’t think you’ll be displeased. Set-up and installation is rather easy for someone with very limited resources and experience. A project two friends or a couple could knock out in just a few hours.

Excellent Bed Rack

Love this bed rack. It has all the makings of your perfect set up, more possibilities than any other rack on the market. Glad I made this choice!

Front runner slim line 2

The rack itself was everything I expected and then some. The service from roof top tents crew was top notch also. Thank you guys.

Portable Dual Battery System by National Luna, Thumbs Up

If you’re building out a vehicle with no additional space for a dual battery under the hood, this is the perfect solution. Place anywhere inside the vehicle and use the supplied wiring to set-up fairly easily. The multiple USB, 12v and Hella Plugs are perfect for any overland or camping adventure.

Great RTT that functions great

The Tuff Stuff Overland Roof Top Tent is a great product. Installation was fairly easy following the instructions. I had help to get it up on to the racks but other than that it is mostly a one person set up. It was nice to have a second person there to help flip it when drilling the holes as well. after getting it set up on the racks we opened it up and it was easy. I would definitely get this product again and love how easy it is to set up and take down. I have it on a Chevy Colorado with bed racks and that is a bit short for the annex to hang down fully. A rack that went over the roof would be better for that but I don't currently have that. I also ordered the anti-condensation mat and those slide around quite a bit. When folding and unfolding the tent it slides through the opening in the middle and that is an issue. I have not been able to find a good way to keep them from sliding around when opening the tent. Love the tent and the service from Off Road Tents. They were great and I would contact them again if I needed anything. Thanks

Love the tent... BUT...

The tent is great. Easy to deploy and break down. Super warm in the winter and decent foam mattress (a tad bit too firm for me). Overall seems to be of solid construction. Nice and large enough for my family of five. There are a few quality control issues... lots of loose string on stitching inside the tent (had to trim it myself) and one broken zipper pull cover. I contacted FSR about getting a replacement zipper pull cover (a rubberized piece that slips over the zipper handle) and the response I got was “I don’t believe this is covered under warranty since it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of it happening.” WTF! I paid $2500 only to discover that a broken zipper pull isn’t going to be covered And that was before ever using the tent. After several emails without a response, I gave up. That was NOT cool - poor customer service on the company’s part. Again, great product, but much to be desired in the customer service end.

Frontrunner slimline 2 rack

Offroad tents had great customer service and got me what I needed in a quick manner, responded to all my emails right away... the rack is built really well and has sleek design in f150...I had shop drill holes cuz I was sceerd ! Lol... but other then that everything went on good.. use a straight Allen to tighten bolts instead of one provided you’ll thank me. Plan on rtt and awning up there.. looks great would buy again. Especially from this seller.

Top Tents - up and away...

We had a great time using our new Bigfoot roof tent on our Texas roadtrip. Mounting was a little task because of the weight. A hoist attached to a stout limb finally worked well. The tent itself was easy to use. It takes 30 seconds to set it up, a minute to take it down. The mattress is made of very dense foam and could be a little softer, but we finally got used to that. A soft mattress topper helps a lot!
Performance on the vehicle: on our 2001 Isuzu Trooper we didn’t notice it. Wind noise practically was nill and the gas mileage didn’t change. Considering the increased top weight we drove the car more conservatively.
Over all we are very satisfied with the tent and would definitely buy it again. The staff at Off Road Tents was fantastic. Ordering process was effortless and delivery was perfectly timed. Highly recommended!

Life saver!

This Tepui liner was such a great addition to my Guana Equipment Wanaka 3. I am so pleased to have been steered on to it from the guys over at Guana Equipment. I highly recommend this for fall and winter camping.


Excellant idea and product

Excellent tent and accessories

Very satisfied with this rooftop tent. The guys at off road tents were very helpful. Initially I was looking at other models, but what convinced me were the accessories that came with it. The shoe bags are really useful, the tent materials look great and it's spacious. Thank you!

Great Budget-Friendly Awning

The Morpho 270 is a great budget-friendly awning. It stores and deploys easily and the legs the support the arms are sturdy. The included guy lines keep the awning stable in winds and the awning fabric is durable. The hinge is constructed of metal instead of plastic like on some other awnings which adds to the overall quality of the awning. For $360 it’s a great buy!

Strong sturdy mount

RTT held very well with mounted Front Runner Slimeline ll rack system ..with the option of extended height legs which aloud more height in cargo bed area .

RTT mount kit

Added an extended addition to the Front Runner Slimeline ll cargo bed load rack . Now my RTT sits up higher in the cargo bed area .. more space to get to items loaded under the tonneau cover .

Great!! It's done just what

Great!! It's done just what I've expected from it!

Great tent, mediocre customer service

I love the tent after using it a few times now. I think the tent is a great value in RTTs. There were no major problems with my purchase, but Off Road Tents needs to up their customer service game. 1 - Every time I tried to reach them by phone I was greeted with a Spanish language message and no answer. I was able to communicate with someone after a few tries, but they really need to get a proper phone service. 2 I sent them a message asking about a technical feature of the tent and never received a reply. Off Road Tents may be the least expensive option for purchasing this tent, but you may wish to spend a bit extra if you want responsive customer service.

Excellent Camp Light(s)

It's an excellent camp light!

Although it's a small package, it's bulky for folks unfamiliar with dedicated, ambient camp lighting. It's small to those who are familiar. It has an excellent flood pattern, and it does a good job of lighting up a camp area approx 30*30ft in size. It can spread light on a wider area, but it'd show a better view by being raised higher up (think hooking it to a tree branch) to spread over a wider area. It's a cool blue white light, however I'm a fan of warmer lighting, It does a good job of lighting up the camp site, and when it's miserable, dark and cold, nothing beats it.

Great Roof Top Tent ..

Great 2 person RTT very comfortable to sleep in . Ample space to store things with side pockets . It’s rated as a 4 season RTT will be trying it in colder weather

Keeping it dry ..

Condensation mat has kept the underneath foam mattress and tent floor dry .. no moisture to be found .
FYI .. I even recommended the condensation mat to a friend (Texas) who also has a TEPUI RTT