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Fits like a glove

I needed some extra storage space for our drive north and my wife give the ok to look and buy. After looking around I found the one I wanted at Off Road Tents. Place order and it was delivered on time, and it installed very easily.

Bad Fabrication

The passenger front bracket for the cross bars is about 5-10 degrees different from all the others. This makes the bracket face down at an angle

Overall we're happy but there are some disappointments

Overall the quality of the tent is good, and when it is's great. The problems lie in the overall packaging, and some quality issues that leave me a little disappointed. 1) Biggest complaint is the the window awning prop posts. The holes for these where they stick into the tent frame a just very roughly drilled. The problem with that is the metal grabs the prop posts when you try and remove them. It is a royal pain for take down. 2) Getting the annex floor zipped to the annex was a nightmare. It took us forever. The zipper is YKK so should be quality, but it was not easy. 3) We have such a hard time getting the tent packed back up with the rain fly on, that I think we'll just never bring it. It just creates too much material to strap the tent down effectively. Overall just zipping up the tent is a challenge. 4) The feet of the ladder are going to do damage to the annex floor. They are sharp 5) The elastic straps on the inside of the tent that are designed to help pull in the sides when folding up the dent do not stay in place. Product improvement suggestions - 1) The velco straps that help hold the tent down when folded up are in the wrong place...there should be staps on the opening/closing side in order to sinch the tent down. 2) Ditch the plastic windows...I think all they do is make it harder to fold up the tent 3) Come up with a better way to hold the area above the annex open other than the bar that has to be manually removed and shoved inside the tent. This is a pain the butt. There has to be a better way.

Guana Nosara with annex

Tent was delivered 2 days ago and so far I would never buy another one. First issue: The tent came damaged. Two holes on the floor on 1 side and multiple dents on the other. I am sure this is from the machines that have to move it around, but it is not packaged securely enough to move it around without it getting damaged, imo. The company tells you to check the box, no one was home when it was delivered. I have submitted a claim, but have no idea what will occur with it.

Getting it on the roof of our cargo trailer was no easy task. We had several additional steps because it goes off the back, not the side. We have ladder racks on the roof and the bolts aren't long enough to connect the tent - so we had to buy an additional $15 in hardware.

If you are going to put it on something tall, like a cargo trailer, keep in mind that you have to zip the cover off on 3 sides, unhook straps on all sides and then pull it open by the ladder, which doesn't give you enough leverage from the ground. We may get better at the process but so far it takes at least 2 adults on ladders on each side and it isn't an easy task.

Next was the annex. I have found zero information about the annex or how to attach it, despite many searches. The back side doesn't go through the channel. As far as I can tell, the expectation is that you remove the cover out of the channel to put the annex in. There is nothing convenient about that. The corner of the channel is plastic. Where the metal and plastic meet, the annex fabric gets caught up. We spent entirely too much time trying to get it hung properly and finally gave up. I had hope that it would serve as a roof and walls over the back of our cargo trailer. The door of our trailer folds down to make a floor and the kitchen is across the back of the trailer. The zipper part of the annex on the back isn't large enough to make this work - our design error, not theirs. The annex is also not long enough because the tent is so high on top of the cargo trailer. We may end up hacking it up and then attaching it with velcro since the channels it slides into are useless in spots and extremely time consuming. If I had to put the annex in the channel everytime I set this tent up I would never use it. Time will tell if we are able to adjust it to make it usable. If I did this all again, I would build a platform on our roof and put an easy up tent on it when we needed it. I could have done that for $300 or so. $1659.00 later, this certainly wasn't the most cost effective route and has been frustration after frustration.

We haven't used the tent yet, but it appears stable and comfortable once you get through the hassle of opening it. It would be cozy with 2 adults. We plan to use it for the kids. The tent appears well made and sturdy. The metal rods used to put the awnings over the windows and doors aren't very user friendly so far, but it is possible we get the hang of them. They are difficult to get in place to begin with, but with our set up you have to do it on a ladder, which is an added challenge.

I hope this review is helpful and stays posted. Everywhere I have read, this tent gets a 5/5 stars. I can't imagine I am the only disenchanted customer.

Unfortunately I didn't take a picture once we got the tent on the roof, but added the picture of our cargo trailer for a visual of where we put the rtt.


It's sad and upsetting to hear that the tent was delivered with damages and the carrier company just dropped it off without you being there. We spend hundreds of $$ paying carriers and then hearing they damaged an item, is very frustrating. Please, email us pictures of the damages and we will gladly handle the claim for you, so you don't have to go this frustrating process.

As to the annex, thanks for all the feedback. There are improvements that must be made to the annex, we will make sure to forward these to Guana Equipment so they know what to do and how to craft a better tent in the future.

As to the height it's installed, and the fact that it's complicated for you to set it up and close it, unfortunately there isn't much we can do. I hope you get better at it with practice, which I'm certain you will.

CBI RTT Bed Rack

Great service!

Great customer service

The trust they give their products and the care they show towards their customers is top notch. The managers took care of my needs unselfishly.rare trait nowadays!!!

Worst company ever

The product didn’t work with my rack and they charged me a 18% “restocking” fee plus shipping cost. $50 to open the box try the bolt with my rack and notice if wouldn’t fit. Return are part of owning a business. Will never buy from them again!


I'm sorry you had a bad customer experience and had to ship the item back and pay a restocking fee. However, indeed the Quick Release by Front Runner, only works with Front Runner racks. I know it's a bummer to purchase something and find it doesn't work with what you have, but we are here to assist before any purchase and we might have advised you better if we knew beforehand what setup you had. We even knocked down the restocking fee a little bit to try and help out. We have to charge it as stated in our Terms and Conditions when the box has been opened and the item has been manipulated.

Garbage, Don't Waste your Money

This system flew off my vehicle while I was on the highway.
Lucky no one got hurt.
I got a replacement and the front rack starting slipping off again. I reinstalled it and performed some trouble shooting. Then the plastic liner on the clamp melted off...surprising since I live in San Francisco and it doesn't get above 75 degrees on rare occasions. This was a total upset, waste of money, hazard, and just really frustrating.

Great Customer Service

I purchased a Tuff Stuff 6.5 Awning. Upon delivery, the box looked like it went through a war zone. With NO cooperation from UPS, I notified OffRoadTents and pics of my damaged awning. The communication was excellent. They shipped me a new awning. The 2nd delivery was in perfect condition. In fact, they shipped my replacement even before I had the chance to return the damaged unit. I'm sure I will be a returning customer as the need arises. Thank you for being a great company who really does put the customer first.
Linda & Corson

Sleek, sturdy, strong

Thule motion XT alpine was easy to install - less than 10 minutes.
It was shipped in a huge box with plenty of padding.
Really sleek and tight to the roof rack


Best tent next to heavy canvas i have ever owned. Will take some time to dial all the small details down, but my first two nights have been exceptional.

Don't waste your money on Route Protection

I only ever heard from Route once. The tracking never came into play at all. The delivery driver took better care of the situation than anyone else involved. I didn't know the shipment was arriving until the delivery service called to coordinate delivery. When I checked the Route app, that I was later informed I needed to request a refund, there was no shipment details. Honestly, if I had it to do over I would skip the service and save the money. Also, I never received my complete order so there's that. So as far as I'm concerned Route didn't protect me at all.

Quality Counts!

Few things live up to my quality expectations in today's marketplace. But this Odyssey RTT does. It is well designed, made from substantial materials, and functions exactly as advertised. It is everything it is said to be. With a price point well below comparable tents. Best purchase I've made in some time!

Even the little things count.

The awning shade is a good heavy material. Havn't gotten a chance to use it. My grip is it only came with 1 ground stake. So far every item I have ordered from tuff stuff had issues. I will not be a loyal tuff stuff customer.

This thing is Bad A$$

This rack is awesome, it was easy enough for my wife and I to install it with basic tools and really changes the look and feel of the Jeep. Shipping was fast and everything was there when we needed it.

Amazing service

Ordered a tent from here on Saturday and it was here literally just 4 days later! Couldn’t be happier to with the tent it’s amazing! Went camping in 15 degree weather and the tent for sure kept us warm we actually woke up hot. We love our tent!

Amazing service

Ordered a tent from here on Saturday and it was here literally just 4 days later! Couldn’t be happier to with the tent it’s amazing! Went camping in 15 degree weather and the tent for sure kept us warm we actually woke up hot. We love our tent!

Front Runner Slimline II - 2015-19 Subaru Outback

Terrific customer service. Product was packaged well and delivered quick. Decided to go with the Front Runner over the Prinsu because of the easy installation. Looks great!

Slimeline 2

Awesome rack, and awesome customer service.

Excellent customer service

I love the trailer does what I wanted it to do, I do think it’s over priced a bit and the extra gaurd pieces that you can buy for an extra cost I think are really outrageous so I Belieave fsr could improve on that one, as to off road tents as a company they have the best customer service I have ever come across. Great job and thanks again for everything.

Peace of mind

I put it all together and now I’m taking it all apart and having it color matched to my jeep. Once it was installed I can say it’s a very sturdy rack. Looking forward to putting my rooftop tent on it . I feel confident it will handle the weight of the Ikamper sky camp 2.0 with no problem. It makes sense to me to use a rack that mounts to you’r roll bar instead of your roof gutter. Gives me peace of mind no you can’t pop off the gutters.
Thanks guys

One in Million Company

Best communication, ever! Quick response to emails. Top quality service and products. If you bypass this company, you will miss out.

very needed!

It definetly makes a difference! loved it!

Sunset for two.

Never imagined we would love a chair so much. It's truly remarkable, it's everything you said it would be, and more. Light, compact, well built.