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Many people find a rooftop or car tent on Instagram and straight away think: "Wow! That looks awesome! I want one of those for my car!". Yes, it normally has that effect. However, then they search for them online and realize they're a bit pricey, especially to those who don't really know much about the off road life or camping. Now, we'll explain to both regulars and not-so-regulars of the outdoor life, why choosing a car tent is choosing the real cool tent.

First things first, the biggest advantage is comfort. If you choose a hardshell tent it literally takes you two minutes to set it up. You climb midway to the top of the car with the ladder and just open the tent. Just like that. Lift the top or roof of the tent upwards, and like hatch door it opens. It takes you another minute to set up the ladder in the right position and get inside the tent whatever you want and you're done. With a regular tent you need to first put the poles in the tent, stick them in the ground, set this and that up, making it frustrating and time consuming!

Nevertheless, it's not just that type of comfort. Rooftop or car tents have more into them than just setting them up in two minutes, they also add comfort to your vehicle. What do we mean? Simple, the tent is on the roof, which means you don't need to carry it inside the car, creating extra space for a few extra gadgets, accessories or groceries. Are you afraid that you won't have space left on the racks? Do you seriously prefer carrying the groceries on the racks or inside? Having to tie them up to the roof and being nervous they might fall down? I think we get the answer.

There's a third advantage! It won't get wet. You choose a hardshell rooftop or car tent and you're dry for the entire night. The hardshell is pretty self-explanatory, but in case you're missing the point here, it's made of a plastic, lightweight roof, which makes it pretty much waterproof. Yes, there's still three or four walls depending on the design, but they're made of the same waterproof materials as the majority of the tents in the market, with the difference that you don't need to add the cover to avoid waking up all wet. Hence why rooftop or car tents are simply more comfortable.

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Another reason why they're better is that on the roof of your vehicle, you're safe from any creature sniffing around, but you're also safe from a lot of insects and spiders crawling in and out.

On top of that, you sleep in a truly leveled surface, a completely flat surface. Not like on many other occasions where there's that small bump in the ground that you can even feel through the mattress. 

Finally, you can brag around Instagram with your fantastic pictures of your rooftop tent, becoming one of those that influenced you to buy one in the first place.

If you are still looking for a roof top tent, please read this article about the best roof top tents.


  • Posted on by Edward Cabrera

    My car is a Jeep Wrangler JL 2018
    And I had two crossbar attach to the gutter of the roof do any body know is the gutter are strong enough to handle the weights from the rooftop tent,
    And two or three persons. Thank you…

  • Posted on by Karsten Koberg


    Unfortunately we don’t sell used tents at the moment, and $100 is a very cheap price for one, even for used ones. If you’re lucky you might find used ones for close to $400.

  • Posted on by Thomas Bulmer

    I looked at the page you have of your tents is there more? Maybe at prices of $100?
    Do you sell used?

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