Overlanding Hygiene Tips


The preparation for an Overland trip is often focused on the vehicle and equipment. One quick search will reveal getting the car ready with enough fuel, installing roof racks to secure your things, and a long list of safety and recovery equipment. Before you get swept away by all the car and gear preparation, don’t overlook this essential part: taking care of yourself. 

Looking after your well-being can be challenging when several amenities are taken out of the equation. 

How do you answer the calls of nature when you’re camped out in a remote area? How do you deal with hygiene when you’re on an off-road trip?


Easy-To-Follow Hygiene Tips When You’re Overlanding 


Basic Sanitation

Overlanding Hygiene Tips

Practicing hygiene must be seen in the most basic things, such as how you keep your things stored and organized. 

When you go on off-road trips, your car is both your transportation and your storage area. You can’t keep your shoes, dirty clothes, and food stowed in the same space. 

It is crucial to optimize the space in your vehicle so you have options for storing different types of things. This is when getting a roof rack comes in handy. Roof racks are car modifications that come with several uses and benefits.

Getting a tent with an annex room, such as the Ranger Roof Top Tent, will give you the ability to separate your sleeping quarters from the area where you keep your things. 



Bathroom Breaks 

Portable Changing Room & 5 Gallon Portable Toilet

How do you go to the toilet when you’re on an off-road trip? You have these options to keep in mind: 

  • Pitstops: Grocery stores, gas stations, and community centers provide bathroom facilities. When you pull over for breaks at these pitstops, make sure to use the toilet whether you need to or not. You never know when you’ll get to another bathroom facility again! Remember to bring your own soap, sanitizer, and toilet paper. 
  • Cathole: If there are no pitstops nearby and you really have to go, dig a cathole instead. Make sure to bring a shovel and dig an 8-inch deep and 6-inch diameter hole. If you have to use a cathole at your camping site, it has to be at least 200 feet (70 paces) away from a water source. 
  • Portable toilet: There are portable toilets specially made for Overlanding or camping trips, such as the Tuff Stuff Camping Toilet. The upper basin can hold up to 2.6 gallons of clean water that can be flushed, while the lower basin can hold up to 4.8 gallons of waste. It has a detachable and storable spout and a smooth high-gloss surface that is designed for rapid, effective cleansing and disinfecting after use. 

Used toilet paper should be disposed of in a trash bag and securely buried in a cathole. Never throw toilet paper on the ground without digging a cathole first. 




Overlanding Hygiene

Having the ability to wash up and get clean seems like a luxury when you are on an off-road excursion. Here are ways you can shower while you’re on an Overland trip: 

  • Outdoor shower: Some camper vehicles come with a water tank, shower hose, and shower head attachment. Be careful to use this sparingly to conserve water. 
  • Campsites, gyms, community centers: Do a thorough research before the trip and locate the different campsites, gyms, and community centers that you will pass through. This will help you plan out your route so you can squeeze in some shower time along the way. Some Overland or camp sites offer hot showers, electricity, and wifi for a small fee. 
  • Sponge bath: Pack a small towel or sponge so you can get clean even without a shower facility. Wet the towel or washcloth with water, lather it up with soap, and wash yourself.

Apart from soap, here are other cleaning essentials you should bring:

  • Dry shampoo to get the oil out of your hair and scalp. 
  • Deodorant and antiperspirant to keep you dry and prevent odor.
  • Wipes to cleanse your face and body quickly. 
  • Sanitizer for quick but effective disinfection.


Final Thoughts 

You are bound to have a more enjoyable time on your off-road trip when you don’t worry about something as basic as hygiene. Stay clean and stay healthy by following these easy Overlanding hygiene tips.

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